Stand-off Over Mining in Gibraltar Jamaica - Nov 30 2021 1

Stand-off Over Mining in Gibraltar Jamaica – Nov 30 2021


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  1. Hey a bumbaat civil war ago gwaan ya eno …see how much guns deh pon d island already them leaders ya better Tek sleep mark death cuz when the ppl dem rise up like chief tacky alot more blood ago shed and buildings ago burn…👀 Mi seet from far

  2. What is the prime minister doing why are they not proud of their country why are they selling out our beautiful Island where are the money I don’t see them used that money in Jamaica so tell me something is the money going into the pocket of the government of Jamaica I want to let them know all the money you have in the world cannot give you life you are going to die and leave it the greatest thing in life is to loved others and care for other that will bring you fulfillment and peace when you are dying and looking back the good you do will bring peace

  3. Lickey lickey Jamaican government 🤣😂😂asking this question for a fren why Jamaica don’t want to let go of the queen?🤣😂sweets easy money to thief

  4. We don’t care if their mining company go out of business. These mining exploits are not in the best interest of the poor residents! Land preservation should be the main priority not destruction of our resources only to benefit big foreign entities!!

  5. No mined out Lands can be properly restored the lands won’t be the same it will become a eye sore of deep precipices and gullies and will be prone to earthquakes etc.

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