Calls to cancel Canada Day grow after unmarked graves found at B.C. residential school 1

Calls to cancel Canada Day grow after unmarked graves found at B.C. residential school


After the remains of children were found at a residential school in Kamloops, calls are growing in some communities to cancel Canada Day festivities.

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  1. Get over it already . Ask the irish, Ukrainians, Scottish and everyone else about genocide. Enough already.

    1. We don’t know if it genocide or not. Why is this article saying unmarked graves and other articles are saying a mass grave? There is still an active investigation so we will know the truth eventually.

    2. Maybe I should apologize for all the pillaging and murder my Viking ancestors did?!

  2. This has nothing to do with Canada’s great history. I’m celebrating Canada twice as hard this year.

    1. @Sam G Justin Trudeau saw how Canada is portrayed on South Park and decided to emulate it in real life

  3. This is why the Americans will never pay reparations. You pay once and it’s never enough. Shameful

  4. Stop pandering, its time to get back to the life we all miss dearly. Enjoy your Canada Day long weekend everyone!

  5. you DON’T CANCEL CANADA DAY..we learn the TRUTH and make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN…thats what we do..

    1. Exactly Toni learn the truth, discuss it and then celebrate our great country. Happy Canada Day Toni

    1. I find it interesting when they say calls for canceling Canada day is growing it’s also a few that apparently decides what the rest have to do

  6. If lefties hate Canada so much; perhaps Congo would be better. Despite travel warnings and it’s grotesque reputation, it’s very friendly

    1. It’s about respecting a large number of our founding peoples who are grieving have respect please

  7. How many kids still play “ Cowboys and Indians”?
    I did when I was a boy and I always wanted to be the Indian…….and I always won.
    But please don’t cancel Canada Day because of the past.
    Be proud of Kanata

    1. And sometimes the cowboys and Indians traded with each other and helped each other out.

    2. I grew up doing the same sort of things. But nowadays that’s called Rachel and they’ll take your court guns away but guns away

  8. How canceling Canada Day could educate our children the history? I do not mind to create a new holiday to recognize the past, but teaching our kids to be proud of their country is equally important.

    1. @Jesus loves a Shovelhead If I say Corn Flakes are great and someone asks why, I can describe why I think they are great. I can say they are great because: they are nutritious, delicious and are part of a healthy, well balanced breakfast.
      Things like that. Not just: “They are great because whatever”.
      Try it out.

  9. Why should I have to pay for my ancestors wrong doings? As far as I’m concerned this is all way beyond my time. Enjoy Canada Day everyone

    1. The last residential school closed in 1996 and was still operating up until its closure. ‘Ancestors’ is pushing it.

    2. @Lin Z. Thank you for putting that forward.. My thought exactly… This is very fresh.. No time like the present for change

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