Major milestone: 20 per cent of eligible Canadians are now fully vaccinated 1

Major milestone: 20 per cent of eligible Canadians are now fully vaccinated


Canada has hit a major milestone with 20 per cent of the eligible population now fully vaccinated, Dr. Amy Tan on what this means and what's next.

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    1. @Beth S _Get the lard out._

      We’d love to, but Ford doesn’t face the voters in an election until next year.

  1. Ooooh the Delta variant, sounds great. I can’t wait to get all the latest vaccines every few months. SCIENCE rocks!

  2. I’m sorry, what does she mean by “some sort of normalcy?” Didn’t this all start off a promise of 2 weeks to “flatten the curve?”

    The next steps are to get back to NORMAL. Not “some sort of normalcy.”

    1. You’ll be returning to a “new normal” as per Justin trudeau. You will never see normal again. Giving away your freedoms is easy, getting them back not so much.

    2. @DAV3TV – oh please, Justin doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you, and you’re just jealous.

    3. You need “some sort of normalcy” before true “normal” returns. Canada could be COVID-free, but that wouldn’t change that most countries aren’t and thus that a few measures (even if they’re just travel restrictions) may be necessary for a while.

    1. @C7777 X That is OK we all have that stupid friend. We still love you C7777 x. and hope you bring your education above the 3rd grade.

  3. I have the incredible super ability to juxtapose seemingly unrelated concepts and phenomena to forge entirely new paradigms… there.

    1. I really hope you will never have to lose a relative because of this evil virus. For those who did like me, I sure do care because no one wants to be next in line to lose its life. Wish you the best! Cheers,

    2. @M Mans Take care M Mans sorry for your heartbreak. Take heart there are true Canadians that care and we will get through this together. TJ is just that ignorant friend, no worries.

  4. i already stopped wearing my mask while driving alone in my car on grid roads in saskatchewan. feeling confident. hahahahaha

    1. I went a step further and stopped wearing my mask outdoors if the nearest person is 6 metres away.

  5. Don’t forget your numbers though. 15% of those 20% of Canadians who have received both dosages can still contract the virus. lol.

    1. @Dallin Bissett you can still catch covid and transmit the various. The only thing it may do is that you MAY NOT have severe case of Covid.

  6. Ah yes “trust the science.”

    Even though science is the reason we’re in this mess.

    Thanks Wuhan!

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