Can Justin Trudeau convince Mark Carney to run in the next election? | TREND LINE #shorts 1

Can Justin Trudeau convince Mark Carney to run in the next election? | TREND LINE #shorts's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down the speculation around Mark Carney's political future.

Nik thinks that the former Bank of Canada governor would give the Liberals more 'credibility' but warned that many other high-profile candidates have fallen short of expectations.

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  1. Promise the world over pay with tax payers money, of course it will happen with a big fat pension to boot but keep your benefits

  2. The finance Minister before the current one had a business background too. Did that help him? That pesky WE scandal got in his way! There’s the door!!

  3. Carney’s employer, Brookfield Asset Management, is doing a bang up business investing in O&G pipelines while at the same time promoting use of government funding to guarantee their return on green energy. Carney sits on the board that approves all those investments. Could be open for plenty of criticism. Personally, I find a banker, central banker no less, entering politics to be disconcerting.

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