Extreme weather will happen more often, Canadians should start preparing now, warns meteorologist 1

Extreme weather will happen more often, Canadians should start preparing now, warns meteorologist

Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says that Canadians need to prepare for more extreme weather events.

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    1. Meteorologists are generally the most trustworthy experts as they don’t guarantee it will rain. They just give you the odds so you can decide if you should take an umbrella with you.

    1. @Cat in the Hat every human being on the earth agrees with that sentiment. What the world is not realising is that the upper echelon climate cultists think that abolishing cheap effective energy in a heartbeat is the answer. No matter what the cost of life is.

    2. “If I just keep taxing Canada’s poor….. it will change the climate” — Justin Trudeau

    3. @Go Cro No one has ever said fossil fuels would be abolished overnight. They’re just saying we have to at least start getting serious about it. Plus fossil fuels are anything but cheap. If you factor in the ecological and subsequent economic damage they are causing, they are in fact, ridiculously expensive.

    4. @Jackie Paper Check out Michael Moore’s newest movie.
      Massive ecological damage inflicted by windmills and solar panels.

  1. Reporter: The heat’s really not supposed come this bad at least until July..
    Me: checks calendar, July 2 today..

    1. you don’t need to control the universe. What’s happening with the climate is being caused by humans and that we can control.

    2. @Jimmy See one of the volcanos that erupted last week spewed more greenhouse gasses in 20 minutes, than we have in over 100 years. Go yell at a volcano.

    3. @Jimmy See so climate change has never happened on earth before? Climate scientists are studying the last 2000 years tops and saying were the sole cause of climate change. The earth has cycles, ice ages, warming and then melting periods. Look at deep history of geology and any big changes to our climate is never going to be directly our fault.

    1. @Reckless Ron you should know that Jesus Christ always win and always lose, if you don’t want Jesus Christ then is your new ugliest monster father!

    1. You know what, Vegas in desert area but Vancouer is on Pacific. Such comparison is just a nonsense and it is ridiculous!!

  2. The world is battling with severe pandemics crisis, protests crisis, refugees crisis, now even worst climate crisis.
    Can we just take a break?

    1. @starshapedstar Actually we will always need some fossil fuels to make certain, irreplaceable, plastics. However we do need to stop burning all fossil fuels.

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