Wildfire risk in B.C. is 'extreme,' over 100 active blazes across the province 1

Wildfire risk in B.C. is ‘extreme,’ over 100 active blazes across the province

B.C. Wildfire Service's Erika Berg says there are 123 'active' fires in the province and the risk of more breaking out is 'extreme.'

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  1. This made me cry, our world is ending while billionaire aholes stuff their pockets with money that will be irrelevant if the world becomes totally uninhabitable. They’d rather find somewhere else to pillage.

  2. Every year we have many wildfires. It’s devastating, particularly considering wildlife, but why does the news always act like it’s the apocalypse, when it’s completely normal and always has been normal?

    1. You’re abnormal and have always been abnormal, more likely. So a huge, record increase in temp builds intense thunderstorms and lightning strikes and fires. Simple.

  3. You have to “put in a request” for help with a fire? Why are you talking about it? Do it!! Hello, Bonjour Service Canada, for service in English press 1…Doo Doo Dee daa dooo do Dee daa Doo doo…that is not a valid response

  4. I actually don’t like living here in the summer any more.
    Last 5 or 6 have been brutal with the weather and tourists lol

    1. Your provinces biggest income is tourism and funds a lot of things you’d have to pay for in your taxes without. It’s not your province

    2. @K R wrong. Foresty and the energy sector creat alot more dough for our province, we could do without tourism no prob

  5. So are they going to now stop the cutting down of the old grow forest in British Columbia. So we can still have air in the the lungs of the earth, probably not. I know it will be bad I guess for lumber jobs. Now they have a lot of burnt trees to clear. No one cares about the environment!

    1. If you harvested the trees, you make a fire break, large fires cannot spread.

      Why do so many of these city raised environmentalists not understand basic forest management

    2. @P D You are so right. It is as if they have never travelled in Canada, and have no idea one can drive highways for days and see little else but trees!

    3. Thats not what I’m talking about. What I was referring to is the old growth forest in vancouver island that is being planned to be cut down. There were protested there last month. I am not talking about keeping up forest maintence. I’m talking about the old growth forest.

    4. @evelyn caceres FYI. According to BC government data: “There are about 13.7 million hectares of old growth forest in B.C. Ten million hectares of these old growth forests are currently protected or not economical to harvest. Old growth forests make up about 23% of B.C.’s forested areas.”

    5. @evelyn caceres Old Growth has the most fuel, it burns the hottest, I am against clearcutting but harvesting the forest, making fire breaks and staging proscribed burns is part of forest management

      Do you live in a city?

  6. Next heat dome already building over the Pacific, you ain’t seen nothin yet. Imagine 65 Celsius. Cuz it’s coming.

    1. @jman22shl 2 weeks ago in texas a release of sulphur dioxide was detected, redirecting a mass of warm green house gases and tropical weather north starting in the gulf of mexico.
      ….you figure it out .
      sulphur dioxide acts like a magnifying glass

    1. You fail to realize how big the Earth is. You don’t just go in and clean underbrush and fallen trees from 1000’s of square kilometers of forest.

    2. @GassySamsquanch lmao funny guy. There is such a thing though that is controlled burning it’s part of forest management. Maybe they weren’t managing it as well this time.

    3. @K Forest Hard to manage forests after years of record heat and drought. No sizeable amount of managed burning can be done or has been done on years for a reason.

  7. “incredibly dynamic” hey how about hiring someone who speaks English that working Canadians can actually understand rather than her euphemistic jibberish. Sorry sir, your house is gone, it got incredibly dynamic.

  8. I followed a long line of “out of province “vehicles and saw many cigarette buts fly out of them…passed plate numbers to police….they didn’t care, so we get to lose our homes and forest. Sad

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