1. Amen Rogan Amen!!!!!!! it’s been honestly incredible seeing Acts 2:17 come to life!!! God has poured his spirit out on his children and they are prophesying in his name, men are seeing visions, old men are dreaming dreams, there have been amazing wonders in the heavens above…Keep living within your gifts brother. I’m praying for Gods voice to roar loudly through his people, In Jesus name.

  2. Here is some food for thought sir Why is the cycle threshold for the PCR
    test set to 40-45 in the testing labs when DR Fauci said “if you get a
    cycle threshold of 35 or more the chances of it being replication
    competent is minuscule”. What do you think about this? if the cycle
    threshold is 33 the chance of the PCR test being accruate is only less
    than 20% but the labs everywhere test people at the cycle threshold of
    40 to 45? strange huh how cases are going through the roof. By the way
    if you didnt know to count as a covid death you dont need to die of
    covid you just need to test positive for it. look up “kary mullis” he is
    the inventor of the test and he said never to use HIS test the way its
    being used right now. If you dont think for yourself and use critical
    thinking you give others the power to think for you.

  3. Now if only Biden could sign an Executive Order to FREE the 20,000 ill eagle a lien children being held against their will and forced to sleep jammed together like sardines on concrete.

    1. please How do I contact Mr dangred am so tired of our government allowances I need to make my own money now

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