Can We Trust School Reopening Guidelines From Trump’s CDC? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The CDC's new guidelines for reopening schools heavily emphasize getting students back in the classroom, but is that wise as the coronavirus pandemic rages? Dr. Vin Gupta joins to discuss. Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Can We Trust School Reopening Guidelines From Trump's CDC? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Trump, the most tested man for Covid 19 in America, told his people to slow the testing down for the rest of Americans.
    Think about that…

    1. @Hector Perez Ya and Dotard added to that he will cut off all federal funding if they don’t open the schools.

      Where do you get your info from?

    2. Another uniformed citizen, don’t u know he has the so called ‘supreme authority ‘ over governors

  2. You would be a fool if you did. My suggestion is to look at the social distancing guide lines for other countries…and compare.

    1. OK here you go “case studies from France and Australia but wrote that, “So far there have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in Swedish schools,””

  3. Florida senator rick Scott wants school opened and yet when he was asked if his grandchildren would be attending he said ” no they won’t be attending for safety reasons” ” they will be distance learning…..hmmm…America your children are going to be used as Petri dishes……

    1. Devos said it’s only 0.02% of kids who will die, which works out to 15,000 kids.

      No biggie, really. Republican stock portfolios accept their small but noble sacrifice. Trump 2020!!!!

    2. And it looks like Barron’s school won’t be fully open. I guess he won’t be attending school either.

    3. They are willing to sacrifice your babies. This scenario is literally prophesied in the Bible.

    4. Missouri Governor says the kids will catch it and get over it. Please let them all just resign as soon as possible.
      They want the country to go into an economic depression and blame (Men, Women, TV) when businesses can’t open because parents are homeschooling their children.

  4. These are trump’s guidelines. Do not put your children in school. Vote straight Blue November 2020.👍🇺🇸



    2. Opening the schools can be detrimental but being a father with a kid that has to stay home
      All the day long can be detrimental too. I have to work I can’t just stay home all the time to take care of my kid who need help on the computer

    3. @RioDoesThings 19 How would you like to be dead because your kid brought you home a nice case of covid 19, then what will your family do for the next 3 months while you get better or DIE?

  5. No. He’s been wrong about so many things… and people still listening to him? Man. Women. Person. Camera. Tv. Is all I have to say.



      Philly block party with thousands and no masks cops join in. But you cant go to church or a funeral or school or work or a wedding or the gas station without a mask and distancinh ! Different laws for the Democrat marxist blm racists.

      Queens new york
      Same sh** different day. No masks no distancing. Do you see where this marxist agenda is going ?

    1. Lex K – he’ll probably try the “just following orders” thing too. Oh…right…he is…

  6. Does the CDC or the Trump administration wants to see the children get increasingly infected only to realise their mistakes?? Just like how the administration opened the economy too early only to realise the population got what it had today???

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think they care right now until it’s too late, just like the reopenings. I am relieved, although only slightly, that we still have *some* local leaders who are following the science and trying to do what’s safe for their commnities by opening schools slowly even though they are under incredible political pressure to do otherwise.

    2. Don’t forget: one of the president’s favorite phrases is, “We’ll wait and see what happens.” Works well as a stalling tactic; not so much as an action plan.

    3. That wouldn’t materialize till after the election. Its the most disgusting kind of politics, rush the fake return to normal before election so people are back at work, less able to protest, less free time, and say “look see?!?! We fixed it all, were the best!” then if it explodes in their faces either they’ve won an election and can lie for another 2-4-6 years depending on the office about it being everyone elses fault and if they lose they can say everything is the democrats fault.

  7. Trump wants schools all open, yet none of his administration’s kids are going to be starting school.

    He’s politicized the CDC and that alone has cause more infections spreading and more people dying. 140,000 + dead, wth is going on here?

    1. Doing Putin’s bidding. 140,000 Americans dead, not 1 Russian bullet fired. Best investment EVER by Putin the mastermind.

  8. No one should trust anything from the CDC now. Trump is clearing forcing the CDC to manipulate the number bers in order to save Trump’s re-election. This is Genocide of his own people by the President of the United States

  9. Sorry ,we can’t do the rally in Jacksonville , its way too risky with covid……… oh yes , its fine for kids though.

  10. “America must send their children back to school”, while Bounty Hunter Trump tries to force this upon America, his sons’ school has announced it will not open and do online schooling. Very convenient. I say if his son does not attend, neither does anyone else. What’s good for the Gander is good for the Goose.

  11. The sad thing is they really don’t care about the kids getting their education. If Republicans cared about education, they wouldn’t be putting so much effort into dumbing it down and restricting access to advanced education.

    No, this is about money. Schools get paid when kids go to school. The higher the attendance rate, the more they get paid. Virtual learning doesn’t cut it. Hence they are forcing kids back to school with zero effs about their safety.

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