Trump Talks To Putin As U.S. Hits 4,000,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With the nation hitting over 4,000,000 coronavirus cases, Trump says it will all work out after speaking on the phone to Vladimir Putin and the Saudi crown prince. Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Trump Talks To Putin As U.S. Hits 4,000,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Silly old man. Who do you think those children go to after school! He doesn’t care about people.

    1. When the kids parents are dead who will take care of their children, this thing has snow balled like no other, all because of poor leadership.

    2. That the point , If kids are not locked away at home in your world they are going to interact with each other. So why not go to back to school.

    1. What they aren’t showing is that Donnie found another use for duct tape. It’s under the doctor’s mask.

    1. @Tf2knight and Trump and Kushner covered for him. Trump is under the command of Vladimir Putin to destroy this country. And very soon there will be proof positive about Trump’s real relationship with Putin.

    2. putin knows how deal with his country and another country because he was former spy who know world geopolitics

    3. @Zulharriansyah Syamsul and all putin has to do is threaten Trump with all the dirt he has on him and Trump will do whatever Putin commands. I will bet any of Trump’s supporters that Putin is paying or black mailing Trump to destroy the United States. Putin is in Office till 2036 and Trump thinks he can use his Russian Goons to intimidate citizens and voters. But Trump there are some people in this country that will not allow you to remain in office. And Trump’s supporters better wake up or they will be beaten down.

  2. Hey Trump supporters is it okay that he consults with Putin and disregards the advice of the American Medical Teams?

    1. Trumpvirus is the true name of this man his disease has infected the Republican Party and most likely killed them

    2. Deep state Dems They actually usurped the sovereignty of the country through bribes and blackmail and hitched their wagon to the Vatican and Rothschild world bank cartel. They saw the value of radicalizing the disenfranchised workers covertly and eventually overthrow the US government at the right time to form “the New World Order”. side note (BUSH FAMILY HX: You may not know there was a coup attempt preWWII to join forces with Hitler. See Prescott Bush Coup attempt YouTube)
      See video. These early radical Americans remained in the shadows and plotted a long range “infiltration instead of invasion” tactic that found footing during the Vietnam Era. See videos from IPOT 1776 -In Pursuit of Truth(Q -Anon). 3 part documentary series below
      Weatherman part I
      Infiltration instead of invasion
      Re:early radicals in America 60’s 70’s 80’s. Vietnam,
      Weatherman II
      re:Obama , Muslim Brotherhood, Clinton’s
      Current day Deep state, BLM, ANTIFA, riots in Minneapolis

    3. Aha good one it’s no long the coronavirus or China virus it will forever be known as the trump virus do to this man’s stupidity how did he even become president

  3. So his son’s school will not open entirely because of Corona BUT other schools must reopen?!? WTF!!!

    1. Yeh wonder what was in the Republican emails & data bases. The Russians kept that information to themselves.

    2. Because he always chokes when he has to give any negative news about himself. He strutts around and screams in delight when the crowds around are cheering him adoringly, but when he stands on that podium alone and HAS to say that his convention has been cancelled, he is dying from the inside. Because this can never be turned into his praise, AND because he knows everyone is laughing at him – now even his vilest Republicans don’t want to be seen with him. He has bungled the whole Corona response so badly, that he is now too toxic even for them. And they are too many to attack them in tweets. So, he talks like then – the Uneeshed Shtates of Amerrrishah. Everyone is abandoning poor Bunker Boy – the bad Jyna virus, the treasonous Republicans, the Antifa, the Lincoln Project, his voters, and even the Fox loyalty is wavering! So cruel!

    1. @Dotty Powers His biggest nightmare is a replay of his Tulsa rally where he plays to a nearly empty arena.
      When his people on the ground in NH reported to him that they couldn’t assure a full house, the coward immediately canceled.

    2. @Baron E How prophetic…
      I almost forgot what a real President sounded like.
      Covid 19 hit us about four years too late.

  4. Trump can’t even communicate with long time allies anymore, look at who he’s calling to have a talk with.

    1. It’s really sad about what you just said is he probably did, can’t wait for November 3‼️‼️

  5. Why do Trump followers believe him? He was so adamant on doing his rallies just last week. I’m glad I live in Canada.

    1. He doesn’t really know that guy, he heard good things about him but never really met him. He heard he wrote a few books and built a lot of…… builds…builtings ?… buildilings…. he wishes him luck….

    1. “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” ~ Donald Trump, Feb 26, 2020

  6. He can’t even read! And his son is not going to school, but Americans should send their kids !

    1. How obvious! Kids must return to schools, except his kid. All schools must open except his son’s school.

    2. he is reading more and more because the topics he picks when he goes off scrip are all cancers to his campaign. He is a terrible reader because he never does it, Biden also reads but it night and day compared with Trump, a couple stumbles is great compared to a monotone of someone struggling with the task of reading. His reading puts you to sleep and resembles the campaign style of a challenger in a mayors race, he is just a plain terrible campaigner when he reads.

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