Canada facing ‘strong resurgence’ of COVID-19: modelling

Canada is on track to see a 'strong resurgence' of COVID-19 cases across the country if the more transmissible variants continue to spread and become more commonplace, and if public health measures remain at current levels, according to new modelling.

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  1. We are ” fortunate ” that everything is repeated en français with English translation in the event we did not ” take in” the English speaking portion.

    1. Similar beach property to Obama’s 15 million estate on waterfront property (and he was afraid of rising water levels)?

    1. Greatest thing I did for my self is never have a kid. Especially in this country. That and my personality is natural birth control

  2. So, all your fancy, overbearing measures didn’t work. The only solution is more fancy, overbearing measures.

    1. Drives me bananas. It is bad enough that we have to hear it in one language, but then to have it repeated again🙄🤦‍♀️. Ugh

  3. Blah blah, obey, blah blah ,case count, blah blah variants blah blah blah
    Numbers blah blah obey blah

  4. Modeling isn’t science. It’s pointless. Canadians, do not take this nonsense seriously. Zero models so far have been even close to correct.

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