Canada honours the lives of 215 children found buried in a mass grave 1

Canada honours the lives of 215 children found buried in a mass grave


he discovery of the remains of 215 children at a Kamloops residential school has prompted memorials across the country.

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    1. @Lucas We estimated that tuberculosis caused nearly a quarter of a million deaths in children younger than 15 years of age in 2015. More than 80% of these deaths are in children younger than 5 years of age, which would make tuberculosis a top ten cause of death in this age group that is missing from all previous analyses.Sep. 1, 2017 Hmmmm we have medicine.

    1. @MasterIronfist If u have studied Canadian history, and the history of the Catholic Church they did this in Ireland too to children of unwed mothers, stole them, sold them for profit & many were dumped in mass graves.. b/c they’re a religion of peace & love… LOL

    2. @Jonathan Edward I have read about this in detail.

      You should also understand the governments of the day DIRECTED this to happen. Both are responsible for these vile things. Canadian governments then wanted to forcibly assimilate them into Canadian culture.

    3. @William Okpara so I said the Canadian government, that was a European based power when the residential schools started.

  1. Who is Responsible and why they were executed , if this is Crime it needs Justice.

    1. The church ,government, law enforcement, medical staff , and the public !!!
      That’s who did it !!! All in the name of progress

    1. @MasterIronfist You must be a child. The 90s is about 30 years ago. FYI: There are many adults who are older than 30 years old. Many are even older than 60 years old 😮 and would easily be old enough to have worked there when this was happening!

    2. The Catholic Church has worked to bury the evidence as they have done globally. What caused their death was the desire to exterminate their culture. These children were stolen by the Crown & by Clergy. How they died is beside the point. They died after being forcibly kidnapped . Look up Bishop Grandin words on residential schools.

    3. Do you seriously believe any institution callous enough to dump dead children in a mass grave would keep accurate records? If there are/were records, I can guarantee these children were listed as “runaways”.

    4. @lacteur1 It is even worse…it is not a mass grave….just dozens of childrens bodies buried at random on the grounds. 🙁

  2. Over 6000 children disappeared from 150,000 in concentration camps in Canada.

    1. How many Uyghurs have disappeared in China’s re-education camps, in the past couple of years?

    2. @Resologist none. As a matter of fact their numbers is growing. Stop deflecting yt boi, just recognized that your ancestors and the Catholic church are criminals.

  3. I want to know how this happened and who is responsible for this atrocity or do we just try to sweep a mass burial site under the rug? Will anybody be held accountable?

  4. All the more reason to to dissolve the catholic church criminals and expose the collaboration between government and church institutions.

  5. Rush to judgment? Canada has already spent millions on a flawed TRC report that ignored the positives.

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