Canada lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers starting July 5. Watch the full update 1

Canada lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers starting July 5. Watch the full update


Federal officials announce Canada will be lifting travel restrictions for fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents as of July 5th.

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    1. Musta been just after nap time and a bottle of apple juice. Lots of nappy time for grampa joe these days

    1. how have government civil servants been flying around all this time when they only got saline shots? power fiends.

    1. Nobody is forcing you, we are just taking your rights away because of choices YOU made.
      Dont complain.

    1. @BlueNgreen new direction from new information. What new information was presented to change from the initial projection?

    2. @Primmakin Sofis did you pose the question “none”? And then proceed to answer that it isn’t “none”?
      What about after April 2020? Information stopped? Stayed the same?

    3. @Max Weinbach The information was already present in early April of 2020 that the panic around COVID was not supported by the data.

      The powers-that-be promoted panic anyway.

    1. @Mark Green Not everyone can take the vaccines…the reasons being unknown. This is plain discrimination.

    1. @Max Weinbach Nuremberg Trials 2021: A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Fuellmich. Can’t wait!

    2. @VR lol, the claim has to be submitted based on merits. However the argument is they are not trying to gain scientific knowledge, they are trying to prevent a spread of a disease. Lol.

    3. MrKeven486 – Maybe you should do a little basic research on the powers the Govt of Canada has over it’s citizens when they invoke the “Quarantine Act” or similar measures before you waste all your money hiring lawyers.

  1. Can we go Home yet heading back home to Los Angeles anf and overseas need to get out of here

  2. What about travellers from Canada leaving country? Is this for air travel or land border as land border said July 21

  3. Everyone stay home and stay safe…while our Prime Minister vacations around the world…Heil Justin!!!

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