Woman eats apple left behind in the office before COVID-19 pandemic started

The Atlantic's Rachel Gutman found an apple that had been left behind in her office before the pandemic started, so she ate it.

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    1. It is entertaining , but also I feel myself bored enough to actuallyactually clicked in and check this out.

  1. If she had dipped that apple in orange juice, it would’ve lasted much longer, since the ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) acts as an antioxidant to stop enzymatic browning

  2. Finally the hottest new superfood craze we’ve all been waiting for; Instagram influencers get your iPhones ready

  3. repeal the state of emergency powers the province is abusing these powers and the must be repealed in order for this too end once and for all……..

  4. Why is this a news story 🤔 and why would you even eat something that has been sitting out so long. Gross 🤮

  5. guess there wasn’t anything important going on today, go to any hoarders house and you’ll find tons of these

  6. • “338 days … 14 months” 🤔
    • 2:50 – “It was probably pretty clean” – It still has the sticker on it, so nobody had washed it yet. Enjoy your e-coli. ¬_¬
    • 3:27 – Why _did_ they leave drop everything and leave in such a rush? It wasn’t an emergency like war or fire. 🤨

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