Michel Boyer breaks down Canada’s new COVID-19 travel restrictions | Here’s what you need to know

Soon fully vaccinated Canadians and some foreign nationals will be able enter Canada from abroad without having to quarantine.

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    1. Over 70% are half way there and 20% are all the way. The other 50+ are now just waiting for their turn

    1. @Don Kee another quality reply by the Don. Thanks Don.

      You input is invaluable.

      What would we do without ya?

  1. Wait so these bans aren’t racist? Also why are they even allowing flights when their talking about the “delta” virus LOL. Why is he saying approved vaccines? Approved by whom? By Doug LOL

  2. So anyone 12 and under is pretty much screwed.. If you’re under 5 forget it.. what’s wrong with Canada these days??!
    To Trudeau: ” *What is wrong with you?!* ” a bit of irony 4 you!

    1. @Don Kee there we go.

      Theres that 2 liner.

      What should we fly with Don? And examples?

      Giant Eagle maybe?

  3. If the test actually work why the quarantine? It’s almost like they give false positives or something

    1. Because you might have just picked up the virus on the plane, so it won’t show on the test, but it will show up in the next 14 days. So safer to wait before you go out mingling.

  4. Welcome to sneaking across the border to escape.

    Sounds like another country i just cant remember right now… Hmm. the Democratic Peoples Republic of Canada?

    Mm. Not quite.

    1. @Don Kee just hopping through the replies with these poor quality one line responses huh?

      Ya know.. There was probably a bunch of germans like this ” The ghettos arent that big a deal, its for everyones safety, youll be able to just walk out soon”.

      But then things changed, a bit, unexpectedly huh?

      Is too bad they weren’t thinking in advance. Having conversations about being prepared to react to their government.

  5. How F—ed up is this? So your 12 and under kids are stuck in a hotel for 14 days while you go galivanting around? Ya right.

  6. There are no restrictions between Pakistan and India so what’s to stop any Indian from flying out from there?

    Your logic is broken Canada.

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