Canada needs to prepare for COVID-19 variants in the fall, warns expert 1

Canada needs to prepare for COVID-19 variants in the fall, warns expert


Dr. Chris Labos says that despite the success Canada is having in slowing the spread of COVID-19, preparations need to be made for the fall.

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  1. Better translated – Canada needs to prepare for more lockdowns in the fall, warns ‘experts’.

    1. @apextroll Sure buddy. Go tell that to the government and they’ll bang the table with a big No.

    1. Variants always become benign too . These covid variant stories are just clickbait $$ hype.

    1. And it worked, look at the 2020 summer months before we opened up schools and Karen’s started Karen’ing it up.

      Are you surprised that something that can spread at an exponential rate will start to spread when we relax? Seriously?

    2. @Pokarot please use the original term for a Karen. Theme gas been oversaturated and is now being used by actual Karens to silence non-Karrns from pointing out that they are Karens. It is misused to the point that it has lost it’s meaning. No one will mistake the original term for a Karen and it’s much more effective against Male Karens when used correctly. There will also be no appropriation of the term by just anyone as it’s definition makes it impossible to do so. The word is “Biddy”.

  2. the only curve that is flattening – is our income, while pharma sees a huge third wave in income graphs…

    1. Who needs pesky medical experts with degrees? You can learn all you need to know from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    2. @Jennifer Chase That is exactly what I said. When I have a medical decision to make, I ask my doctor. That is the recommendation at the end of every commercial for medication.

  3. With all the talk of variants out there these days, I am personally looking forward to the Lamborghini variant. …

  4. Oh look, the Fourth wave is coming in the fall. Who could have seen this coming. (Sarcasm)

  5. These docs should have their medical licences revoked and all diplomas smashed over there heads on thier way out..

    1. They are incompetent group thinking frauds. Pharma shills. They are part of the problem.

    1. @jon k I don’t bet with troll accounts, why don’t you use a real account and you are on. No lock down in Alberta till end of the year you pay me, if there’s a lock down anytime I pay out.

  6. They are conditioning you now for more lockdown. It will be blamed on variants and the unvaccinated.

    1. @karen toffan No, I’m just more educated on the topic than you are. You probably get that a lot though.

  7. another clown to add to “Tam”, “Sharma”, “Bonnie” etc. Where have you find all of those?

    1. I’m going to guess it’s in the school transcript records… Under those who graduated with a C-

  8. “In the fall”……… Coinciding nicely with the start of the next flu season.

    “Just two more weeks…”

  9. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  10. Sorry bud even though you may be a Doctor you are far from being a so called expert on the new variants …

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