Unvaccinated tourists won't be welcome in Canada for 'quite a while,' says Prime Minister Trudeau 1

Unvaccinated tourists won’t be welcome in Canada for ‘quite a while,’ says Prime Minister Trudeau

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  1. And how about professional athletes? When will the Raptors or Blue Jays play in Toronto again if this continues?

    1. @Heinz Schmidt yes they do have an exemption. They’re used to distract the general population from the government taking our freedoms away.

    2. @Heinz Schmidt No they don’t. The Jays are in Buffalo. The exemption has to include every MLB player.

    3. @Rick professional athletes absolutely do have exemptions and special rules to follow… you can google search it and you can find a link to the governments website detailing the exemptions.

    4. @Venture Ontario That may be true in some instances like the Stanley Cup. But no MLB players are allowed across the border for games at this time. The Blue Jays play and live in Buffalo. There are no cross border sports of any kind at the moment. Even the Calgary Stampede has no American cowboys.

    1. @Stacy Thompson Yet somehow they’re were 1point away from getting the right result. Curious.

  2. Why the hell is he in Coquitlam ? he sure likes to travel during a pandemic, cant wait to vote you out

    1. Maybe Justin Trudeau returned to revisit the PICKTON serial killers farm . didn’t Willie say Justin Trudeau was there a lot ?

    2. He was there to announce a raise in funds for child care… again, this is like very very easy to find out… you can literally type in “Trudeau in Coquitlam” and it shows an article explaining tho.

    1. @Klipsis I can give you an example. Small business grants, during lockdowns required a written consent to the liberal pledge in order to qualify for a grant. If that is not political manipulation through economics. Basic he used an illegal doctrine to force closure than held money over their heads and told to submit in order to receive it.

    2. No but I use it for you as a citizen of Canada but my term for you would be trash it suits you better

    3. @chris mathers That’s government grants in a nutshell. Have you ever looked up what it takes to get a grant? Canada hates grants, we prefer loans. So we make you jump through hoops to get free money.

    4. @Klipsis that’s not the point. The point that you have to put in writing that you will follow the liberal policies, not government law in order to receive funds. This is how dictatorship works not democracy.

    1. As opposed to doing what after hundreds of thousands were laid off? Looks like you’re the clown here buddy.

  3. But I`m sure that the “irregular immigrants” will still be allowed in through Roxham road!

  4. What support have you given to airline employees? I was forced into furlough without possibility of a callback. I guess I will apply for a comfortable government job. No wait? Those are reserved for new immigrants not Canadians born and educated here. What a farce of a government!

  5. “Unprecedented support for small and large businesses” – most large chain businesses stayed open (fully in some provinces) while mom & dad shops closed doors for months on end.

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