Six men arrested over the assassination of Haiti's president | Ambassador says country needs help 1

Six men arrested over the assassination of Haiti’s president | Ambassador says country needs help


Haiti's Ambassador to Canada Weiburt Arthus discusses the instability in the country after the assassination of the president.

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    1. That’s a great point. It was Haiti they were smuggling children out of for the sex trade.

    2. Yeah, and this time GHW Bush is counted ‘in absentia’ but only because he’s dead 10.5 years after the DARPA earthquake.

  1. He spoke out about children being kidnapped in his country and then Americans were like

    “Hold my beer”

  2. borders ? there is only one border between haiti and the dominican republic on the island of hispaniola .

    Primero el presidente de Burundi, luego el de Tanzania. Hace poco Mcafee, y ahora el de Haití.
    El estado profundo no descansa.

  4. Theres video of one of the assassins speaking in a north american accent saying ” this is a DEA OPERATION”

    1. @hadaway colton hear hear hadaway. You must be in your study drinking cognac in your snifter as you go over your South American dea infiltration notes. Hear hear sir.

    2. Do you mean Canadian Accent? Because I live in upper corner of America and we do not have a accent of any kind, new Yorkers have a accent, and the South has a western cowboy style accent. Btw I think this is a terrible thing to happen and I hope you get these beasts that did this.

    3. @Eddie Wheeler I did not know they were world wide 😲 thanks for sharing that information

  5. i smell alphabet agency. same goes with 2 african presidents who mysteriously died of “heart problems” i believe it was namibia and tanzania.

    1. Ya didn’t they say the one guy was an anti-vaxxer who they then tried to say died of covid so they could scream “told you soooo!!” Seems awfully convenient.

    2. @Ben Reynen yeah, i believe thats the one who used a PCR test on a fruit and a goat and they both came back positive

  6. No offence to the Ambassador but asking the most corrupt government this country has ever had the misfortune of dealing with is like asking the mob for money.

  7. ISAD IO in effect until September 16, 2021

    The Minister of Health-approved interim order to import, sell and advertise drugs during COVID-19 took effect on September 16, 2020. This interim order, known as ISAD IO, provided a temporary emergency authorization for COVID-19 drugs to address the pandemic.
    The ISAD IO introduced temporary regulatory tools to expedite the authorization and licensing for importing, selling and advertising COVID-19-related drugs and vaccines without compromising standards for patient safety.

    1. Wrong place amigo, Haiti’s last concern is your New World Order paranoia and even less Covid.

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