Canada seeing ‘explosive’ growth, now in fourth wave, warns Dr. Juni | COVID-19 cases surging

Dr. Peter Juni says that Canada has entered the fourth wave, and urged anyone who remains unvaccinated to get the shot.

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    1. It’s okay Joey, Mommy will tell you whether the milk is spoiled or not either way. Are your tendies ready little guy?

    1. You do know that there is at least a months delay between outbreaks and hospital admissions and deaths don’t you?

    2. @1258stdavid and how many weeks has Delta been around. Take a look at the death rates since last August.

    1. You might as well listen with your gut becuase you certainly don’t seem to have a functioning brain. I would be interested as to wher you actualy get your information?

    1. Ridiculous isn’t it? My family physician is more qualified than most of Canada’s “top doctors”, and I certainly don’t think he is qualified enough to carry the position. This is all a joke and Canadians are hilariously naive.

    2. @Judy Rilley I’ll save you the trouble, they have tried to assist government in dealing with the pandemic and were denied. Awful strange, we’d listen to a GP over someone specialized in that field.

  1. Guy can barely speak english. Liberal Government —-> “Listen to this guy to tell you how to live Canadians!!”

  2. Then why are you opening schools, the boarders and relaxing restrictions?? You do realize that you’re appearing completely irrational and incompetent‼️

  3. Get ready for explosive indifference when even Canada’s stupidest covidians get fed up with this kabuki theatre.

  4. So, anyone have plans for fall 2037? Better cancel them cuz “the 312th wave is hitting Canadians hard”. I hate society

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