‘Canada-style free trade deal’: British PM on Brexit deal

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    1. Countries want to trade but not an all-encompassing bureaucracy like the EU. The EU government needs to be reduced, revamped, streamlined and biggest of all fewer bureaucrats.

    2. @don684 but the EU gov’t isn’t going to “reduce bureaucracy” in this trade deal? Britain will still abide by EU regulations when trading with them since it’s Britain’s biggest trade partner, but now Britain will have zero say in those regulations. So where is the no globalisation? (I’m not British but I’m genuinely interested)

  1. So why did it take 4 years? I think that is why the UK wanted out of the EU bureaucracy. Now the UK and EU can trade and the UK can reach agreements with other countries.

    1. E.U. reached a free trade deal with Canada recently. This E.U.-U.K. free trade deal probably is similar to that one.

    2. @Norman Trแป‹nh I would hope so! We have our queen on our money part of the commonwealth! Really how many things do you ever see made in UK?

    3. @Larry Campbell Not much because most of the foreign trade in Canada is made with the NAFTA (USA and Mexico). With the EU, it has been through the UK mostly. So Canada will have to have a free trade agreement with the UK to sell its products to the UK and the EU separately. The same thing for the USA too.

  2. Blocking aid to desperate American families on December 24.

    Looks like Republicans finally got the War on Christmas they were so worried about.

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