Rep. Crow: Trump’s Pardon Of Convicted Blackwater Guards Sends ‘Dangerous Message’ | The Last Word

Rep. Crow: Trump’s Pardon Of Convicted Blackwater Guards Sends ‘Dangerous Message’ | The Last Word 1


Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) says the commander-in-chief is meant to set the “tone and tenor” of the military, and Donald Trump’s pardon of four Blackwater contractors convicted in an Iraqi massacre sends the “exact opposite message” of how service members should conduct themselves. He tells Ali Velshi a reset will be needed when Joe Biden is sworn into office “to rebuild some of our norms and traditions that are so critical to defending our nation.” Aired on 12/24/2020.
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Rep. Crow: Trump’s Pardon Of Convicted Blackwater Guards Sends ‘Dangerous Message’ | The Last Word

62 Comments on "Rep. Crow: Trump’s Pardon Of Convicted Blackwater Guards Sends ‘Dangerous Message’ | The Last Word"

  1. Integrity First Service Before Self -USAF Motto

    • Obama pardoned Pvt Bradley Manning after he leaked highly classified documents to WikiLeaks. Of course Democrats can do that and get away with it because the Communist News Network are the Democrats propagandist and brainwash the weak minded into accepting everything Democrat Politicians do.

    • Airforce, that’s funny.

    • @Gino Jones Really? Still pointing fingers at Obama? Move on LOSER. Anything to NOT look at the disaster Trump created.

    • My kid just enlisted as airman with hopes of guardian.

      Killed the asvab and is in great shape @ 21. I think he’ll do fine.

      Any advice?

    • @Claire Deiotte Praying? Kinda lazy and uneventful don’t ya think?

  2. Perhaps they should be brought up on charges of international crimes against humanity and be tried at the Hague.

    • @herbert fields Believe what you will, then get back to us with an update after Biden is declared the official winner of the electoral college votes by a joint session of congress on Jan 6th, and then inaugurated as the 46th president on Jan 20th. Everything else regarding the election is just divisive noise unless judges and congress find evidence and overturn the election results. But grownups in all parties or political affiliations realize that the election and results are going to remain just like the results of the electoral college votes on Dec 14th. Delusion land is an unhealthy place to live for you and the country, so won’t you join normal reasonable folks in the real world before you are too far down the rabbit hole to return. We have enough Mad Hatters running around with all these wingnut crackpot Kraken Qanon conspiracies as it is and need to start reeling in the craziness for the unity of all Americans.

    • @wickednwyld your question is….stupid is stupid does….

    • @Kevin Reagan And of course you have read the 500 page bill?

    • @Pete Melon – Biden is a leftist? That’s freaking hilarious!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Ocean View it isn’t 500 pages, but nice try. Have you read it? (I’m sure you have). Didnyouvpay attention to the formation of the bills? Did you notice how trump was against the last bill payout, but fights against this one, even though he didn’t veto it before leaving to FL to golf?

  3. Stefan Niemiec | December 24, 2020 at 1:11 AM | Reply

    Do not talk about the mercenaries employed by blackwater in a similar way to the servicemen & women of the armed forces. They are merely enforcers employed by profit based companies that will shoot anybody for a dollar.

  4. Isn’t it true that the International community has a treaty that is supposed to prosecute war crimes but the United states refuses to sign and be a part of so that they can continue to commit war crimes without being punished.

    • @donny trumptastic What he’s saying is true, that would allow our president and leaders to be prosecuted by the international community, they’d never allow that. They also wouldn’t agree to the pledge not to be first when it comes to sending nukes that all other other nuclear powers made.


    • SK
      1 second ago
      CNBC had D-NJ Josh Gottheimer and R-NY Rep Tom Reed on and they felt that Trump should have signed the Stimulus Bill giving BILLIONS of our Hard Earned Money to other Countries! Forget about the American People and Small Business! If you live in their States Vote them OUT next time if we get the chance to have a Fair Election Next Time!!! They blame Trump and the Blame should be on Congress – they should know he wouldn’t go along with giving Money to other Countries instead of us.

    • The International court is extralegal and the US cannot be subject to such a court that is no court. Man, when do you learn that what sounds good is not necessarily right and good.

    • Please cite your source or stop rumor mongering.
      Retired librarian, Michigan / U.S.

  5. ORANGE MQNSTER | December 24, 2020 at 5:15 AM | Reply


  6. “Have a reset” 🤔

  7. The End Begins | December 24, 2020 at 7:25 AM | Reply

    Mercenaries. This is why we shouldn’t be paying foreign civilians with our tax dollars endangering our soilders overseas. End tax paid mercenary.

  8. 1:27 I got no more troubles thanks to, *Best Home Jobs Club*

  9. dante devilhunter | December 24, 2020 at 8:58 AM | Reply

    The Great Reset 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  10. The war criminal pardons I do not understand. Other soldiers reported them, produced evidence, and testified against them. It is clear that soldiers on the ground thought these guys were terrible-why is Trump second guessing our soldiers on the ground?

  11. We have no reason to be in Iraq – NONE.

  12. Pathetic, just like his defense of the saudi prince

  13. Marines fought harder than all the other branches why don’t you have one of them on.

  14. I was a gs 12 in Iraq 7years the only tragic thing I seen was rangers lying to America after killing there own men

  15. tRump simply has no “Off Switch”

  16. Simple, pass a law to eliminate lame duck presidential pardons

  17. From the start the illegal regime change invasion of Iraq was never about defending America.

  18. 72marshflower15 | December 24, 2020 at 12:35 PM | Reply

    Seems like the Military needs to step up and do its job before the American people have to..

  19. Taking care of Betsy so Betsy takes care of Donald, Rudy’s not the only one with insurance…

  20. Bryan Manichanh | December 24, 2020 at 2:00 PM | Reply

    1.2k dislikes? a lot of americans must really be in favor of war crimes

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