1. @Brenda Imlay I fart only on odd days now. That way I figure I’m cutting half of my personal green house input.

  1. Elizabeth May said Canada is today emitting 21% more than in 1990. But once again there is no mention of the impact of mass immigration on today’s emissions excess. Had we adjusted immigration to hold the population at 1990 levels we would be today be emitting 12% less than we did in 1990.

    Instead we are adding 400,000+ per year to our population by mass immigration. At this rate immigration alone will add 50 million tons to our emissions for the year 2030. We are never going to meet targets unless we deal with population growth.

    1. @Lord Protector What is your problem with Muslims??? There have been Muslims in Canada since confederation!!!

    2. And what is she doing at this BS2021?.. You can bet we are paying her way because… TwinkySocks spends our money like he is entitled to it.

    3. @James Henry _lol imagine a boomer clamoring for mass immigration for muh capitalist over lords, just can’t stop ruining the west after raping and pillaging all it has to offer._

      And imagine thinking governments are a solution.

    4. @Robert McAree and how are we going to get the raw materials to build those and their batteries without oil ?????

  2. May she soon be irrelevant. Or at least quiet. Love the succession job she did for her party though.

    I’m sure that she brings that level is insight and ability to all of her endeavours.

    1. @The Supreme Veggie Burger means* . It means you asked what I was doing. I was eating meat. Now I’m eating bacon.

    1. @GNR 1978Forever Oil and gas is so busy you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. You enjoy not being able to afford electricity for your house this winter with all your carbon tax

    1. @Canada Firstdog you can be from anywhwere and still run for office in canada , its part of the constitution…
      That being said her political call to action is truly honest and insipiring , if you havent read her book you really should , ya know just for some backstory about the charecter you choose to vilify

    1. And I’m Maureen walked there was only one dead person on the street from the pandemic but I put that on YouTube

  3. How does someone that lives in a very temperate climate and flies more than most Canadians have the gall to lecture to other Canadians? What has she EVER done to lead by example?

    1. Her and the green party have provided a highly important voice to accountability in parliment , and has brough GHG emission reduction and climate change into our legislation, without their constant presence we could easily lose track of what matters.

  4. Why is she there? She’s there on our dime I’m assuming? Leading by example would be a great place to start elizabeth

  5. Ever since I was in elementary school in the 80’s I’ve been told the world was reeling from one climate disaster or another with many dire predictions having past their dates long ago, forgive me if I don’t drop everything and ruin my way of life for this nonsense, of course the climate changes, very slowly over billions of years with aberrations along the way.

    1. I must be a decade older than you because they were telling me in the seventies that we were gonna have ayah get this a new ice age and were all going to die 🤣😂🤣😅

  6. Justin has again given a Big finger to Albertian, their resources as has Quebec. SO why should Alberta continue to fund equalizer bucket – Quebec has been the main recipient for the last 30 yrs and most has been the main haters for Alberta oil pipelines.

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