Canada’s federal budget: Ottawa will introduce surtax on Canada’s banks

Canada's federal budget: Ottawa will introduce surtax on Canada's banks 1


  1. This is designed to please the typical Liberal/NDP voter who will rejoice at government taxing big business while unaware said big business will pass on the added cost to their customers.

  2. How about the politicians who have continued to get pay raises throughout the pandemic….
    Are you guys going to pay a new tax as well?

    1. Yes. The banks must do so by law because they are responsible for protecting the interests of the shareholders.

  3. The shareholders, the customers and the employees of the banks will pay. That means all Canadians will be taxed by the NDP-LIB government more heavily.

  4. Taxing bank/corporate profits is like squeezing jello, the costs of doing business are passed along to consumers.

  5. I wish the government would come up with a way to prevent these corporations from passing these costs down to customers. Maybe set fee standards or freeze fee rates? Companies shouldn’t be allowed to avoid paying their fare share.

    1. They do pay their fair share. The business pays taxes, payroll taxes and licensing fees, and their employees pay taxes, and everyone including businesses pay carbon tax. How much more can you tax someone or a business before they just leave or close up shop?

    2. @Lizzie Zelaya And where do you think those profits go? The banks are all publicly traded as are most of the corporations that the general public has deemed as big bad guys in the last few years. That means that the public largely owns them. If you have any mutual funds or stocks in your RRSPs or mutual fund portfolios then you likely own shares in the banks. If you have realized investment gains in the last year, that’s your share of the profits.

    3. @Kurtis F Yes. We should slap a surtax on all Canadians who own bank shares, directly or indirectly even through CPP. AMEN

    1. We need an adult in there, not a part time drama teacher who has never paid a bill in his affluent life

  6. Thanks for making everything more expensive!! You’re doing this for the poor and middle class obviously.

  7. An other tool to increase inflation as it will be transferred to consumers.
    Instead: better policy on the control of inflation with the interest rates and stop speculation by accepting AUCTIONS for a simple need for all: housing.

  8. How about the politicians who have continued to get pay raises throughout the pandemic….
    Are you guys going to pay a new tax as well?

  9. Any tax the government wants to tax finds its way down to the average Canadian. More efficient spending is needed not more taxation.

  10. Oh banks won’t have to worry together we can all chip in and cover that!! They most likely will end up better off im sure 👍

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