Juni contradicts Ford: Ontario doesn’t ‘have the staff’ to add more ICU beds | COVID-19 in Canada

Juni contradicts Ford: Ontario doesn't 'have the staff' to add more ICU beds | COVID-19 in Canada 1


  1. It has nothing to do with how many beds there are. Nor, a staffing issue. Ontario healthcare workers are too busy playing, Rock Paper Scissors.

  2. I wonder how long mRNA vaccines will be used to temporarily boost spike antibodies and what is the cumulative risk of adverse event after 10 years of boosting.

    1. I wonder how long we’ll have to deal with covid infections and what the cumulative risk of that will be after 10 years of infections? I mean, when we look at covid and we look at vaccines, covid is a lot worse. I’ll take my chances with the vaccines.

  3. You’ve had three years to add to the health care system and instead they had an election that cost tax payers over 600 million. They also fired perfectly capable staff because of their personal decisions. These staff put no one else at risk from the virus and most of them had natural immunity. The public sector is always miss managed.

    1. You do realize health is provincial right ? Not federal. As for natural immunity chances are unlikely

  4. Didn’t they fire a whole bunch of staff for ridiculous reasons? Or are we just glossing over that?

  5. Oh look Juni don’t want to lose that 5minutes of fame Funny they do this when a holiday is coming lol

  6. They’ve been “following the science” all along.

    …too bad they can’t perform simple math.🤣

  7. Did you fire a bunch of staff for not taking part in a medical experiment? Is that one reason why they don’t have enough staff?

    1. If Jumbo is so smart, how many were laid off, and which positions? Or does Jumbo just love incompetent leadership?

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