Canada's foreign affairs minister, immigration minister give an update on situation in Afghanistan 1

Canada’s foreign affairs minister, immigration minister give an update on situation in Afghanistan

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau provide an update on the situation in Afghanistan.

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    1. Just for lice, then they’re off to grow opium poppies to help Canada’s job crisis.

    1. OToole platform clearly states he will defer to a Phac doctor like Tam. He’s being sneaky,read the platform see what you think? Ppc is a nothing to lose vote. The cons and libs suck.

  1. Sure the liberals would love to work with their Taliban “brothers” as the equality minister called them.

  2. I Can’t wait to have new government in CANADA!!!! I’m ready for adults to take back over. Bye trudeu you did a stank job. Couldn’t expect or anticipate more. I’m in favor of any party but liberal. I have children to set a example for. I’m excited for election day in Canada weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Isnt the whole point of this to make sure Afghans are safe? Why are we taking Afghans from the United States? Aren’t they safe there? Aren’t there more to get from Afghan where it’s not safe? This is just the Liberals playing politics to claim they did something when they failed.

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