Canada’s premiers call for more health-care funding, but will Trudeau agree? | COVID-19 in Canada

Canadian premiers are asking the federal government to increase health care transfers to cover 35% of the costs of each province's health care system.

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    1. And you have an answer to all this? Also if you’re canadian, why do you love trump so much, he was great for america, yes, but terrible for the prosperity of canada. Move to america if you hate Canada so much.

    1. All the premiers are asking for more transfers regardless of political stripe, they have been doing this for decades.

    2. @Georgina O’Farrell oh come we all know tories l.ove there 2 tier system healrhcare hey health trnsweer so they put into more privatecare!

  1. Just gotta love our Premier here in Alberta Jason Kenney. He gives mutli- billon dollar tax breaks to the mega-rich oil corporations at the same time gutting health care and now goes hat in hand to Trudeau for more money for health care that he’s announced that he’s cutting even more.

    1. @Georgina O’Farrell by kook at yout relply we shouldnt kenny and ford for sall privsate healthcare but public healthcare because right right?would wanna live ford or kenny healthcaere system mostly privateized jump the quene?

    2. @garry w Ford’s and and Kenney’s miserable records speak for themselves, just like the miserable records of wasted tax payer money going to public sector workers and useless projects from Nottley and Wynn.

    3. @Georgina O’Farrell you like ltc privatized to krnny and ford haver done to.maybe you mike harris chartwell living center to

  2. Why is it necessary to claim that they are on the territory of the 1st nation land… It comes across as patronizing and forced. Just shows how leaders pander to the pressure and how sickly political they are is – no spine and no backbone.

    1. Partly true. Ultimately, the pandemic has shown how inadequate our health care system is. Its trash and has literally no capacity.

    2. @Mike R. Partly true. C19 has shown how unbelievably corrupt politicians and big pharma Scientists are. Cheers

    1. yup and ford combine stick thrm private healthcare make them pay the own bills since love privatized everything

    2. Eh I’m from Alberta Kenney’s been alright. Having a pastor in prison is kinda pissing me off though

  3. You know how you pay for health care? Here’s an idea, you start by not f#$%ing over your citizens by respecting Canadian charter rights and letting all Canadians go back to work.

  4. And where, might I ask, is this money going to come from? The federal government is at unprecedented levels of debt, and so are many of the provinces.

  5. Let’s borrow more money. Health Care needs to be redesigned. Fee for service needs to go for Doctor’s in Ontario as it is a disgrace. Had a 2 minute meeting with a doctor today and it was disgraceful. Swipe the card earn your fee. Next. Put doctor’s on a salary. This is how it is done in the UK under a real public health care. There are many opportunities to reform health care.

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