1. What in the world is going on with all of these mysterious flying objects, balloons, etc??? Spooky to say the least. Hopefully, they will be able to find out what’s going on and resolve the matter.

    1. @KingMapleSeed it’s well known that the governments were fully aware before civilians started blabbing about it. Canadian and American governments were tracking it since it entered their airspace.
      The same object was spotted during the last Admin in America. But they were too busy trying to destroy the western alliances and democracy at that.

  2. Thank you to the American military as well as Canadian military. The internet has really been helpful to the folks who tend to be conspiratorial, but I appreciate our hard working folks who are defending us!

    1. @Lucyanne Lundberg Proof of what? It seems pretty clear to me.

      Your implication in your posts is that the people in charge aren’t asking the important questions that need to be asked, but you are. When I ask how you know that, you say that you watched some news reports and they didn’t ask those questions that you would have asked and that you believe they aren’t asking, but should.

      So I asked you how you know they aren’t asking those questions at all, anywhere? What proof that only you are and no one else?

      People will pick up on those implications and ask how you know what you know.

    2. @Candle Bright American and Canadolian military already “helped” Afghanistan they left in ruins. Ukrainians understand the nature of “helps” to Ukraine. Couple of perverts appearing in Canada “free” news representing voice of Ukrainians or saying whatever their handlers are telling them to say are not in fact Ukrainians. Some of them are Jews, some are Canadolians with Ukrainian last names representing moneyed interests of Canadian banksters and oligarchic clans. They care less about people in Ukraine. Do you think that Ukrainians are idiots who do not understand that?

  3. I don’t think there are any clouds or obscuring weather at that altitude , so the pilots would have had a clear view of the object in question

    1. ​@crunch crushly That would be like a race car driver trying to grab or photograph a turtle on a race track at peak speed.

  4. I’m from Canada and I’m all for taking control of the skies in North America, there is a weather Radar station that is 30 miles from where I am and it used to be part of the DEW system that was for detection of hostile missiles and planes , they need to show other countries that we are paying attention and quit screwing around. Great to see these forces get a little real life target practice !!!

    1. @Patriot I’m a relatively good mood so I don’t feel like getting into a big brouhaha. I’ll just say that we vehemently disagree. Is this the first time I’ve sent you one of these? ✌

    2. Ummm ya the dew weapons are used for much worse things on the public rather than defense. You left that part out …

    3. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat are you really trying to push the same false narratives ? They weren’t true 6 years ago and they’re still not true today, regardless of how many times you repeat them.

    4. You should have lines of early warning radars and then built the control infrastructure inside a mountain in Colorado and it should be called NORAD!

    1. @ramzy a Believe it or not you don’t have to be old to not by into whatever foolishness gets on the internet. Just not as dumb as the vocal minority.

      Little green men don’t come and fly around playing hide and seek with us.

    1. I believe all these UFO sightings near United States naval operations, some of which have been caught on gun cameras from f-18 fighters, I have always believed these are balloons and drones meant to activate the AEGIS system on our ships so that adversaries can take electronic measurements and learn how to jam or counter (MIJI) AEGIS systems.

  5. I appreciate we didn’t all study for a doctoral degree at an Ivy League college, but do broadcasters need to speak to their viewers as if we hadn’t yet begun kindergarten? In this segment we were told precisely the same thing 14 times in 10 minutes.

    1. It is frustrating, but a scroll through the comments on these news video clips could give them the impression that a lot of dumbing down is sadly necessary😒

    2. It’s also a downside of 24 hr news. Lots of hours to fill. Plus, speculation & repetition are inevitable when an investigation’s barely begun, but people demand instant details.

  6. The weather up there was 30 below zero yesterday (and that’s at ground level, not counting wind chill) but unlikely it was snowing at 40,000 feet. Between the pilots and the radar, they should have gotten a good look at it.

    1. Dropped it in the middle of the Yukon Rocky Mountains in winter after several big storms went through. It will be awhile before they find it, buried under 30 ft of snow or hung up on a mountainside cliff. idiots

    2. These jets have cameras right, if not then they should be, since we have different description of this craft from both pilots involved.

    3. @gary grant You know that is probably the 100s of aircraft engineers and designers forgot to have in a combat plane, a camera. you should e-mail somebody about that.

  7. I snorted when the former government official tried to claim that a flying cylindrical object with no discernible means of propulsion could have many explanations, like a dirigeable. In the Artic and at that altitude. A dirigeable. SMH

  8. I was sure last year would end terrible for me but I think Amazons AMM77X is spot on with what they do and how they do it. Can’t say for how long it’s going to work and for sure it is overyhped right now but even if just half a year or something it would be smart to ride the wave and then jump away eventually, but the reason why this is smart right now is because it’s so cheap, won’t ever find a better entry than now

  9. 2023 is really surprising me now that Amazons AMM77X hit the road. After all these years of barely reading anything good I was usually just shutting down any type of media influence as much as I can but this brings back good lights and it should give hope to some of you that no matter what is going on in the world at the end something good comes to surface

    1. impressive bot activity – at midnight GMT/UTC sunday/monday / this apparently has 1k likes and 6 comments – wtf

  10. With almost 60 years of age I kept my doubts on the current environment. But Amazons AMM77X is seriously smart, it doesn’t matter how old you are, this will provide for you and your family which is my only goal in the last years I have to make sure the children are fine

    1. Amazon does not have a digital currency. This is a scam coin. They’re placing multiple comments on popular videos to try to get you to buy into a scam coin that is not worth anything. They also have a fake YouTube channel called CoinMarketCap which is not related to the real website CoinMarketCap. This is an attempt to scam you so beware.

    2. if ya gonna imitate a 60 year old at least have a username that doesnt make ya look like ya merlin getting back from bermuda you git

  11. I love how the US is shooting down random objects with one of their most advanced fighter jets while Russia is in an actual war and isn’t using its Su-57 because it’s scared of losing it.

  12. Very interesting, object similar in shape to what I encountered forty years ago, my object was approximately 100 feet long 30 feet wide like a blimp but made of all metal watching it I notice some lights on top edge and no noise after about twenty minutes it flew away very fast to now it’s in clouds instantly. The object was hovering just above the trees so I had a great view of it. wish I had pictures, but I was driving and pulled over to look at it,

  13. I love Canada ,they seem to help us when crisis occur, like 911 . They accepted our planes and cared for your citizens.

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