Retired colonel has theory why so many unidentified objects are being spotted

Retired US Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton says that the US and Canada have stepped up their surveillance and awareness of the unidentified objects entering their respective airspaces as a reaction to the suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down near South Carolina. #CedricLeighton #CNN #Newsroom


  1. Objects like these have been seen and monitored for some time, all that has changed is the policy of neutralisation since the Chinese Weather balloon incident, which was first reported by a member of the public..

    1. Before we identified anomalies, but we weren’t always able to explain their origins. Now we know they’re all connected to Chinese surveillance, that’s why we’re shooting them down.

    2. Lol yep making the president look weak and blowing his reelection prospects. I’m sure the new orders were to shoot anything down that was in us territory that could be foreign spies etc. In this case Sounds like they are shooting down ets because of it lolllll

  2. I’ve been seeing things in the sky quite often since 2015. I live in a big military city, so I figured it was either us or visitors. Either way it’s all very fascinating 🖖🏾

    1. Good you point it out because THIS admin is OFF GUARD … It takes ordinary people to tell them what is up there… Weak

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    3. @Edwin Ortiz Vista ca me and my friends watched about 10 or more white orbs the day time make multiple formations etc it was blue skies they where way up there

    1. Deepstate has invested in a ballon deception to draw attention. If they are all talking about it, then its false. Only facts are avoided in the DS and media.
      Epstein list – phizer – joeclone docs – big tech investigations- etc etc

    1. @Carol Morris If you think I missed the point, then please elaborate on what his theory is.

      It’s probable that they have information that they’re not authorized to release. After all, how hard would it have been to send a drone up there to get a close-up look before shooting it down?

    2. @Independent Voter …. I could not possibly care less about what you have to say. My comments stand and it’s boring dealing with lesser intellects.

    3. @Carol Morris That response leads me to believe that you don’t have an answer as to how the interview was informative. Nowhere in your original post or the comments did you elaborate on that.

    4. @Independent Voter …I need not elaborate for you. You seem to lack basic understanding of the language. I was informed. You weren’t because you choose not to be. That’s all folks! 👋🤫👋

    1. @Luke Quigley From what I’ve seen recently, the average American can’t handle the truth, facts or common sense.

  3. I chuckled when I hear commentators saying that it will be easier to recover the third balloon because it was taken down overland…. They obviously have no idea what the terrain is like in the Yukon. The retired colonel here was spot on. It is wild, rugged, remote and beautiful land.

    1. they would hopefully use helicopters, so wouldnt be bad unless there was a storm. atleast i assume and hope they would.

    2. Was it not silver and cylinder in form? There’s more than one that are as big as a car. They’re not balloons y’all why are we not seeing pics??

    3. Plagiarism! American military swindled their comedy show from French police with their Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres (1979)

    1. My guess They probably already are talking to the bees, trees, mycelium and large sea mammals. We are ignored.

  4. A man with a factually based mentality. What a breath of fresh air. Able to say why instant results aren’t possible.

    1. Their covid hysteria/safe vaccine narrative has completely disintegrated, now they want us looking at the sky for Chinese spy balloons instead of on the ground for Pfizer criminals.

    2. Deepstate has invested in a ballon deception to draw attention. If they are all talking about it, then its false. Only facts are avoided in the DS and media.
      Epstein list – phizer – joeclone docs – big tech investigations- etc etc

    3. I was just saying how you far entrenched in the matrix that you have to be to believe anything this guy is saying, and here you are, bot. Are you sure that you even need fresh air?

  5. Going waaaaay out here, but all this “testing” of the US air defense system seem to coincide with missing classified documents.🤔🤣 We need more people like this gentleman for interviews. He was so calming, deliberative and informative. Thanks!

    1. This is all deepstate using this as cover to keep the sheep looking in the wrong direction(s). So much info being released, so much evil in the government being exposed and soon to be tried with convictions.

      Think- top secret docs given / sold to China by HRc and the Bidens ( and others ), Ukraine and Taiwan the heart of bio ( weapon ) labs. Origin of c-19, moderna had vax ready before the release of the virus. Athletic Young men and women dropping from heart complications. Project veritas expose of phizer. Joeclone biden is corrupt beyond mosts intellectual capabilities ( at the moment). Time to #wakeup

      Ps- you bots that will attempt to discredit lol!!! You know you are complicit and your end is near. #WWG1WGA

  6. Airborne intruders 2 and 3 were cylindrical shaped objects. Were they similar to the tic tac shaped UFOs that are spotted by US Navy ships and intercepted by F-18s? The ones in the ocean could travel a lot faster and turn at 90 degree angels and descend and ascend suddenly. Perhaps these new intruders didn’t detect the F-22 it has the smallest radar cross signature of all the stealth fighters.

    1. Or… a “tic tac” shape just happens to be an efficient aerodynamic design. Airships have been more somewhat tic tac shaped for a hundred years. go look at pictures of the Hindenburg for example.

    2. @zix zix zix depends on what they know. you have to consider that aliens way more advanced than us most likely dealt with a different environment compared to earth or something more in-depth like stealth technology or differences in their version of radar. just remember theyre not us. you cant assume that an alien race will think and act exactly like us.

    3. @Steve Burke Why? Are you saying we should not know the origin of these craft?
      If you think its another country shouldn’t we know who is violating air space?
      This is national security
      in WW2 Japan sent Balloons to America with explosives hoping to set fires as a distraction and drain our resources
      Some actually made it to America
      One landed in Oregon and killed a family on a picnic
      So there is a precedent

    4. Any intelligent object coming from space would see us as extremely primitive life forms. We would never know of its presence unless it wanted us to and more importantly, the capabilities of this type of object would be akin to humans fighting an ant

  7. They’re sending trivial floaters over Alaska intentionally knowing that F-22 stealth Raptors will be scrambled to intercept. They know where these aircraft will be departing from and their destinations. With that information they are likely testing ways to triangulate and track stealth aircraft by methods other than radar. I’d guess with satellites and using audio, visual, and thermal means, or attempting to crack the signature by which the USAF track their own aircraft.

  8. When I was first married 20 yrs ago, we moved to a new house in the middle of the woods backed up to the national forest, we saw a huge spaceship go over our house. It had a projection of the night sky on the bottom of it but you could still see the outline. It was amazing and one thing I will never forget

    1. I haven’t seen anything like ufos but I really do think it is primitive to think there is no other life out there and that we are it 😂 …how egotistical lol. As the Russians and Chinese are constantly observing us here, what is there to say that there is no other life form doing the same? It is good to keep an healthy open mind.

    2. @Jeanette Bernal 
      Let’s hope we are not the smartest living thing in this universe. And let’s hope they are friendly and will teach us. If there is any hope of us learning. After Trump showed us how gullible and stupid a large part of the states is. Can we be taught, or are we too far gone to see and learn the truth

    3. I believe you. Its amazeing the number of people who have seen things like this. I think there has been something very strange in our skys for a VERY long time. I dont think there is a simple explanation here, and I dont think anyone should jump to any conclusions. This is wild but I think that its (although unlikely) it’s just as likely to be another advanced species from earth, than it is to be from another world. Or from another dimension or even humans from another time. Shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

  9. Second two are not balloons according to Canada, as they were cylindrical in shape. Nice to know we are so friendly to possible alien technology just checking us out, or maybe even trying to help. I note no one has called them “Chinese” at this stage, unlike the weather balloon last week.

  10. Of greatest concern is that if all 3 instances are products of increased surveillance,, it could indicate a prelude to some sort of adversarial action.

  11. Could you give a report as to where these objects are launched from? I would guess that they are launched from a ship in the pacific ocean. and not from mainland China. Also I would think that ships could be better observed, than these objects launched from an enemy land base.

  12. Will somebody PLEASE ask one of these military guys to explain 2 things:

    1) why do you expect us to believe that you can track space debris no matter how small yet you can’t detect a “Chinese spy balloon or ‘object’ at 40-60k feet altitude until it’s virtually or completely within our airspace?

    2) If what you say is true, or even if it isn’t, what justification can you provide for expecting continued funding of hundreds of billions of dollars taken from the people who earned it? In other words, it we are to believe what you say then that’s more than enough to fire you for incompetence, if not prosecute you for theft, fraud, among other crimes.

    I’m sick of the waste, corruption, disgusting back room deals and center stage theatrics.
    All I see is a bunch of BAD actors and bad ACTORS.
    Moral, ethical, and common-sensical deficiency across ALL departments having to depend on theft from the fruits of another’s labor to exist.

  13. The problem is that we yet don’t know exactly why foreign powers like Zeta Reticuli are doing reconnaissance over our territory.

  14. it would be interesting to see what they found on the spy balloon that they recovered off the coast of SC. It probably won’t be declassified in my lifetime though.

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