Canadian Hurricane Centre update on storm | Hurricane Fiona heading towards Atlantic Canada

The Canadian Hurricane Centre provides an update on how and where Hurricane Fiona is expected to hit Canada.

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    1. @Fungamer Maritime weather stations around the world use nautical miles (2.2km) and it’s more practical to translate into MPH for reasons specific to the field, the interface makes the translation into KPH automatically but in this case it was not working.

    2. @Fungamer The coast guard makes 24/7 broadcasts of the weather stations input but they also provide an API for weather forecast, it might have been malfunctioning at the time they made that report.

    1. It’s absolutely wrecked the Caribbean so far: Puerto Rico has been trapped in a blackout for days due to the damage

    2. No. It’s only likely to make actual landfall over NS and the tip of Newfoundland, but the storm will be felt throughout the 4 maritime provinces as well as the tiny islands, Magdalen and St Pierre et Miquelon. PEI for example will see winds 100-150km with intense rain and storm surge. There is likely to be a large amount of damage and erosion to the coastlines unfortunately.

  1. Fiona? Whoever names these storms is a gamer obviously. XC3 is a recent game and Fiona is a character in it lol.

  2. Ok we got time make them know about this give them safety please don’t start doing stuff after the storm we got some time so no one gets hurt

  3. why is he speaking like a newly arrested crime culprit?

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