More than 1,300 people arrested in Russia after Putin’s latest move | War in Ukraine

Protests broke out after Putin announced the call up of reservists to fight against Ukraine. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports.

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  1. all the others leaders watching are like:
    “dam we won’t be able to force everyone to fight.”
    guy off screen:
    “But sir, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to become involved!”

    1. @Tobito why? They’re right? You have to have never faced true adversity in your entire life to be so sheltered that you think these things are even comparable let alone worse in Canada.

  2. So it’s crazy the russia does this
    But last yr,the same news was calling justin a hero for what he did to the truckers.

    What a f joke
    F canada is lost

    1. @DerpingTurtle I don’t mean to say this, but I have to, our Nurses should be loved and respected, those Truckers do not care about their health cause they only care about themselves. That’s the truth!

    2. @Tony Chen Like the thousands upon thousands of nurses that got fired? Seems you only love some nurses.

    1. Seems like they only had to arrest 1300. Here they would be called extremists and or conspiracy theorists. A threat to democracy.

  3. GIven the lack of supplies for the troops sent to the Ukraine already what ww2 weapons will Putin give the new recruits…Salute to the public who are fighting against war and Putins corrupt regime

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