Canadian in quarantine hotel says he's forced to live with bags of garbage | COVID-19 restrictions 1

Canadian in quarantine hotel says he’s forced to live with bags of garbage | COVID-19 restrictions


Some travellers returning from one of the countries under Canada's travel ban describe living with bags of food waste in the rooms of their quarantine hotel. 

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    1. Colonial Reservations for Whitey ?
      the Government did it to the Indians to sell the land to others .

    2. @homer simpson And it’s clear that Canada has a much bigger problem than covid – IT HAS A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS‼️ NO NORMAL, RATIONAL PERSON WOULD EVER THINK LIKE THAT‼️ SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY‼️

    1. @Aspect lol. Basically for most of 2020. Including Randy Hilier in the Ontario Legislature was laughed at on the news when he mentioned it.

    1. @Jody Percy There’s only one party that is not going with the dictates of the WHO and they weren’t even allowed in the debates even though they got more votes than the useless Greens. The PBC are the only “other” choice in reality.

    2. @Kevin Dean I support mandates and quarantine. PPC are a literal joke. Canadians made that pretty clear in the last election.

    3. I’m proud to have voted liberal. The conservatives can’t even govern themselves and the NDP are a joke. Don’t like the rules when traveling then stay home until all governments get a better on this virus.

  1. Soon this will become a lifestyle not only at airport hotel but at homes. At your own residences. You are all subjects of the Corporation.

  2. any rights the government isn’t saying they are willing to take away right now can be enjoyed from the comfort of a prision cell. you can keep your lgbtq, your climate ideas, equality of outcome, everyones equal ideas while your in prision.

  3. I would guess this exemplary service comes with a price tag of around $1000 per night. I would imagine Trudeau’s kickback is about 30%.

    1. our so-called ‘leaders’ are having a spectacular laugh at all of the compliant dodos. to be among one of the awakened who can clearly see through this deceit while still so many others continue to struggle with this ongoing IQ test is absolutely mind-boggling.

    2. they knew what they where doing when they booked a flight/holiday in the midst of a pandemic lol id make them stay in a prison for 14 days so that hotels can house the homeless who have no choice 🙂

    1. On a tax payer funded private jet none the less. That’s what Canada gets for voting in an entitled trust fund kid.

  4. Canada is prominent for leisurely behavior, being unequipped and/or stating they will get a job done and failing to do so. My neighbourhood parkette is filled with stacks of traffic cones (also on the pavement) in which has been sitting there for the last seven months from a street art festival back in May of 2021. I’m also sure there is a price tag to all this. No, one doing their job yet someone is getting paid.

  5. The covid quarantine hotels operate at the same level of efficiency as every other Liberal Government undertaking. This country is falling apart.

    1. @Scott S. im not close to being a brain surgeon, yet i can tell you that there would be no rattle if your brain was shrunken due to cerebrospinal fluid to stop the brain hitting the outer skull. you should look at going back to school and do basic science/anatomy 🙂 x

      you should go get your brain rattle looked at ..its not normal:)

  6. Then LEAVE. They cannot hold you. Fight your fines in court. There are numerous Orgs. willing to help you do that.

  7. Quarantine is based in the practice of sanitization. To force a person to occupy a room filled with food waste, is unsanitary, potentially meeting “cruel and unusual” treatment?

  8. Well, “logistics” in Canada; I could write the book. Up until Amazon and UPS started telling Canadians what to do and how to get your butt organized, the entire country wore proudly it’s “deliberately not doing our job” mantra.

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