Candidates on their parties’ plans to fight climate change

Liberal, Conservative NDP and Green candidates' debate and discuss their parties' plans to help combat against climate change. #cdnpoli

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    1. Because the Right wing party ran a scare campaign got elected and got rid of it.
      It was working Carbon emissions were falling.

  1. 350,000 new carbon consumers per year…
    AAA Canadian farmland, forests and wetlands bulldozed to support…
    The great Canadian population surge, 2030 population 100 million…
    Blah, blah, blah environment, pollution, global warming, extreme climate…

  2. I’m not particularly a fan of Max and PPC but why is his interview not on here yet? He was on this same program. Normally I think Evan does a fine job but in the interview he attacks Berniere like he’s done to no other. He at times ridiculed his platform. The Liberals NEVER answer a question on your program and you NEVER are attacking them like this.

  3. Marco is a lying treasonous thief who covers for his leader at any cost. I can’t stand listening to his voice…he’s always full of it.

  4. Any climate change policy with a carbon tax or legislation to curtail transportation of oil is a non starter. I don’t care what any politician says. Go away.

    1. Do you want to pay now or more later? It’s going to cost everyone to mitigate climate change because we all contribute to it.

    1. Simple. They are going to fling the cash into the atmosphere and block the harmful rays of the sun in order to cool the Earth thus ensuring that the climate will never change again.

  5. Carbon tax works in British Columbia? Is that why there’s line ups at the boarder to fill their tanks in the states because they save a small fortune with each tank and Jerry can!

    1. we’re gonna increase the carbon tax and you’re gonna pay for it Michael, its time to pay up and do your fair share for the environment

  6. Are you serious? I have not seen a Liberal MP answer a single question directly or honestly in four years. The election cannot come soon enough.

  7. Nuclear and carbon capture is all we need. This would be better deployed in China where it will have a bigger impact.

  8. This is ridiculous. Canada’s emissions are 2% of global total. It’s a global issue and should be treated as one. Taxing Canadians does not solve anything, even if we go to 0 emissions and back to living in underground caves, the impact on the globe will be inconsequential. We need politicians who are more strategic. Either we go big into emissions tech and then export that tech globally to both reduce emissions at a meaningful level and create a new industry or we implement only the policies which will reduce emissions without being detrimental to our existing industries and personal wealth.

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