Capehart Challenges ‘Hot Mess’ GOP Leaders To Redeem Themselves Via Impeachment Trial | MSNBC 1

Capehart Challenges ‘Hot Mess’ GOP Leaders To Redeem Themselves Via Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


The Donald Trump impeachment trial in the Senate could be a chance for Republicans who have been acting like a ‘hot mess’ many believe to redeem themselves. Jonathan Capehart hopes for this outcome, in this week’s ‘Bye Line.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Capehart Challenges ‘Hot Mess’ GOP Leaders To Redeem Themselves Via Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


    1. @Eric Graham we’ll need them to do something illegal like the trunp insurrectionists first fortunately, maybe if the coup worked they could lock up all dissent aw shucks

    2. Including the 147 who went back into the chamber and STILL tried to overturn the election after all the violence.

  1. Same Cheney appears not to have issues with MTG. Kinzinger appears to be the only consistent person here…

  2. They wanted to overturn the election and install Trump as president indefinitely. I think that makes them something other than republicans.

  3. “Humans are credulous animals. From credulity, there is often but a short step to hostility.” – Mark Rowlands, 2008.

    1. Such a “classic” line.

      Like something a rebellious child might say knowing that it’s not going to be bought by any responsible adult.
      Just another attempt to claim being “victimized” while pretending to be a super-patriot.

  4. GOP was scared shirtless that day but now all forgotten and don’t have guts to right the wrong. Sheep baaaaa


  6. Cheney did what was right and the House Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Republicans have become the party of lies and they will be forever known for that.

  7. I’m all for supporting consequence culture (as opposed to the popular term “cancel culture”).

    Responsibility has consequences. Leadership has consequences. Holding a political office, its responsibilities and leadership, has consequences. Abuse the responsibilities and suffer the consequences – imagine that.

  8. know why Kevin McCarty rubs his eyes when he wakes up in the morning? he doesn’t have any balls to scratch.

    1. @Michael Hoerig God they’re embarrassing, aren’t they? Really all right wing hate organizations are pretty embarrassing, though.

  9. If the impending impeachment vote in the Senate were a secret ballot, the GOPQ would overwhelmingly convict Skid Mark 45.
    I guarantee it!

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