Capitol Officer To Jan. 6 Committee: This Is America

During his testimony before the Jan. 6 committee, Officer Harry Dunn answered the question, “Is this America?” Adam Serwer and Barbara McQuade join Chris Hayes to discuss the way race hung over the first hearing. 
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    1. Because Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, etc would lose their ability to make pounds of cash through their political bribes.

    2. I agree 🇷🇺Moscow Mitch McConnell🇷🇺 and 🇨🇳China Lorraine Chow ( Mitch’s wife)🇨🇳 have collected millions and sold out America.

    1. @Taylor Stanley Another strawman fallacy that has zero connection to anything I said.

      The US funded Al Queda, financially/politically support the Saudi Oil barons that led to 9/11, and have been responsible for destabilization in much of the third world for decades. Does any of that have anything to do with Jan 6th? No but it’s a nice deflection to prop up when you don’t have an argument.

      Also worth mentioning plenty of then-GOP figures and media moguls (Murdoch singlehandedly pays for most misinformation in US media) funded, planned, and participated in Jan 6th. But y’all don’t care that many absolutely powerful individuals are largely paying for radical extremists to plant bombs on our nation’s capital, but instead parrot some uncited claim that a single woman active in the 70s singlehandedly funds an organization decades later. This isn’t even remotely the same issue, if BLM did this on Jan 6th then you’d have a point to bring it up.

      I like the fact that suggesting “violence bad” really riles up “patriots” into instantly pivoting to blaming legitimately peaceful (93% of all protests were, this is established fact) police brutality protestors. Stereotyping ALL police brutality protests is just MSM conditioning at work, please turn off your TV.

    2. @bernie weber and I just pulled up the video in like ten seconds so you must be really really stupid.

    3. @Courtland Northam it has everything to do with what you just said. Because the same people who call January 6th a terrorist plot, literally support an organization propped up by convicted communist terrorists who literally bombed the Capitol, that serve the EXACT SAME FUNCTION as Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army in the 70s and 80s. So why should we care about ANYTHING you have to say, when the things you support and defend are 10,000 times more extreme?

      I’m pretty confident you support one and not the other because you feel it’s morally justified. So your argument is certainly nothing objective like “violence is wrong”, it’s simply, “I’m wrong and you’re right so it’s okay when we do it but wrong when you do it”. So why would we care at all what you have to say?

      “93% peaceful” is a meme. 7% of 7,750 is 542.5, between the dates of May 26th and August 22nd. That means there were 5 violent demonstrations every single day for the reported quarter of the year, let alone the rest of it. That includes fire bombing federal buildings, destroying police stations, attacking and intimidating political dissidents, and many other things that are traditionally associated with the word “terrorism”.

      In fact, if the ONLY thing that resulted from BLM was similar to January 6th, it would’ve been tens of thousands of times less severe in nature. Jan 6th constituted 1.5 million in property damage, much of which was just antiques and art work. BLM pushed far into the billions, and that’s just according to insurance companies who will do anything they can to avoid paying out, so I’d multiply that number by at least 20, and that does not even begin to cover the lives impacted by the subsequent skyrocketing crime and destroyed infrastructure.

      If the situations were reversed you would be screaming that the Nazis are taking over. Absolutely no question about it.

    1. @Jeff Hunter got my knives and machetes sharpened and pistols loaded…” Dont tread on me”

    1. Because there are zero ww2 memes. I guess ww2 wasn’t a big deal now that Pepe has a mustache.

  1. Wheres all the footage from that day? FBI confiscated ?
    *Referring to the 4,000 hrs or so of security camera footage. There’s gotta be some interesting stuff in there.

    1. @amber ridenhour right wingers dont go to dem rallys and knock out dems, threaten dems, or attack mothers alone with their babies. i saw blm do that. they are a joke. racist violent hate group. our top officials are bought out and we are under attack. it’s hitler all over again except they are being steathly and manipulating. you are extremely dumb for not seeing it. i could sell you a pile of dog sheet you are so idiotic.

    2. @Karie truelove Why isn’t it viral?Because it’s f*cking bullsh*t, that’s why! His conscience?? Give me a break!

  2. “This Is America”


    1. @Scott Butler You have a point, but the authors of those affidavits declined to appear in court, probably because they didn’t want to perjure themselves by lying under oath to a judge in a court of law. You go to court with the evidence to prove your case. You don’t go to court to get the judge to do your investigation for you. The investigation occurs BEFORE the case is heard in court. Are you getting it yet?

    2. @Strom Thermos Negative, they were BEGGING to be allowed in court. The cases were dismissed prior to the evidentiary stage…so no testimony was heard.

    3. @Strom Thermos Negative, wrong again…the electoral system gives voice to every state, not congress. Our “national” election is actually 50 separate elections…this is why the constitution gives the power of overseeing and making laws for elections to each state.
      If we were not 50 states, then there would be federal elections.
      But since we are 50 states, we have 50 results that coalesce into a single unit with state electors casting the votes for each of the 50 states.
      *50 STATES*
      *United States* not *United State*

    4. @Scott Butler evidence was presented, especially in the case of Nevada. The evidence is under seal to the public, but the judges and attorneys from both sides saw it. Nevada District Judge James Russell agreed with the state attorney’s saying that the “evidence” was “equivalent to hearsay” and that the testimonies of an expert witness was “of little to no value”. Do I really have to scour ALL the court records of ALL the failed court cases Dopey Donny and pals had filed to correct you on every single case here? Cuz apparently I’m gonna have to do it regarding the election and electoral college. You don’t have a very good track record so far.

    5. @T Bear All you people do is say “THERES HUGE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD!” and then either A) have no sources, or B) point to sources that lack any credibility or facts

    1. Doesn’t take much to upset these pansies. So sensitive it’s sickening. I guess this is only allowed to be said by blacks.

    1. @Vanta Why did Piglosi who has command of the Capitol Police give them stand down orders? Can you say ‘Reichstag fire?’

    2. @Dk Ks Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of The Capital Police Department… It’s okay to criticize things you disagree with but you have to be reasonable and use facts. Not conspiracies.

    3. @Dk Ks They have a chief of police. He took accountability for choosing not to properly prepare for this because he didn’t take the threat seriously or expect this from “these people” whatever that means.

    4. @Dk Ks So let me get this straight. She “called off” protection for herself and colleagues against a bunch of people that want to murder her and her colleagues and to help them help a man she wanted impeached? Wow.

  3. They should interview the cops locked into their station by BLM who then set the station on fire.

    1. @Taino Rosario who has the big tech companies in their pockets? The companies that are taking away free speech. You know, the first amendment? Guess free speech only matters to you sometimes

    2. @THE TAPELOOPS Exactly. We must keep looping the what abouts until the Hate Based media like CNN and MSNBC and the censors like Twitter, Facebook, and Big Tech finally collapse under their own greed.

    3. @Taino Rosario Yeah, it’s all Russia, even though that Big Lie went on for years and years without proof. Now, we have Biden, who is sponsored by China.

    4. @THE TAPELOOPS because it shows the hypocrisy? Because they (politicians) no longer serve us, as is their job. It’s ultimately racist that they turn a blind eye to one group and not the other. Which has always been the Democrat play, but now they tempt you with benefits instead of locking you in shackles

    1. @IronskullGM This isn’t even a true conservative party anymore! Trump created a Frankenstein.

    2. @Jennifer Warner very good but the brain washed GOP can’t accept truth. They are nothing more than a nationalist populist movement now with their orange haired leader as their god.
      The see themselves as being victims and they are constantly told they are victims. The are told to fear blacks – brown – socialism – atheist – science- – any firearm restriction – black voting -. It is a party that loves being a victim now. That is the key element necessary make a fascist government attractive to the GOP.

    3. @noemi gonzalez kind of like the ‘central park five’ was asking trump for proof when he took out four full page ads in NYC newspapers calling for their execution? kinda like that?? lol. oh, and there is your proof! ironic, right?

  4. A year and a half of riots, totalling 500 mill in damages and hundreds of lives, and this is what’s worse then 9/11?

    1. @Jonathan Mendoza Attacking corrupt oligarchs is morally good, unless you’re a deranged bootlicker. Then terrorizing private citizens is a good alternative apparently. Such a warped worldview you have.

  5. This is the first time that I’m hearing that the 1-6 incident was because cops were black. Thought it was because Trump lost.

    1. @C Mc they were all objective statements. They reported what was said and done followed by how it made them feel. Clearly, you have defined certain statements as “subjective” in your head, but to these officers, it’s something real that happened, and had a great effect on them.

    2. @Saba Z a feeling is always subjective. How are you gonna say they’re feelings are objective yet I’m being subjective? Slow your roll and look in a dictionary before stating what you want a word to mean.
      Edit. Although this still rings true you’ve changed what you originally wrote and I wonder if it was to make yourself appear better or failed attempt to.make my statement irrelevant.

    3. @Shelia Farmer Traitors are being dealt with. We voted one out, and dozens are going to court. We also have a committee going on in the Congress that’s investigating the traitors of January 6th.

  6. I find it ironic that this is happening at a time when we are learning that the ” Big Lie “…is a ” Big Lie “

    1. @Mark Norwood these people don’t care about the truth that’s why they continue to eat this bull crap up.

  7. Just read the script. stop looking around. You could feel the Bull Crap in that room. Looking down is a sign of suspicious.

  8. “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”
    — George Orwell

    1. @Cantdid candice How does following the same election integrity laws as literally every other Western democracy (including places such as South Africa) “suppress minorities?”

      How hard is it to get a free Voter ID and then remember to bring it with you on election day? And why would Coca-Cola boycott the state of Georgia over those laws?
      Again, EVERY WESTERN DEMOCRACY ALREADY HAS THESE LAWS IN PLACE. Only America and the American media say that voter ID is racist or discriminates, because they are intentionally trying to divide us.

    2. Orwell was a committed socialist, who fought *against* fascists, and was wounded for his efforts. And he’s likely spinning in his grave, to see fascists, and fascist-wannabes, using his own words, and misappropriating his writings, to support an incompetent authoritarian, like Trump. I’d say “shame on you”… but you people are clearly incapable of it.

    1. So it was all okay, I guess. Good to know what the rules are next time Libs want to riot, eh?

    2. @BigBoogookie They’re going to riot anyway, and they won’t face any consequences, because BLM and the anarchists are state department backed militias.

  9. We should hear how the police on duty at the “peaceful protest”. You know witnessing their police station burn being called names. Smh the hypocrisy is real

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