Dr. Fauci Explains Updated Mask Guidance For Vaccinated Folks

Dr. Anthony Fauci explains the reason behind the CDC guidance that vaccinated people should mask up in indoor settings amid Covid hotspots. 
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    1. It took me years to realise that the lines are face turning into a bird … now you have given me anothaer layer to never unsee XD

    1. @Gabe Dudley that’s all that T shirt does. Also, IF “they” were worried about Corona being so contagious, why wouldn’t a bio hazardous waste be required for disposal?

    2. @Barbi Button Viruses don’t live long without a host. Normally, a couple of days is a fairly safe bet. It’s only contagious while it remains alive.

      So, you could use a mask, hang it on a hook, then use it again three or four days later, without any real need to worry that it was still contaminated.

      Washing them works well too.

    3. vaccine is not 100% effective(the world was told that before the rollout). Everyone knows this… to the point tho, as Fauci said theres an obvious reason to recommend wearing mask indoor again..
      let me dumb it down for the confused… Vaccinated or not, that extra bit of protection like mask wearing will greatly minimize the chance of contracting or spreading covid. (Dont forget the usual hygiene outlines)…
      Just be mindful of where you go, if its a place where cases been poping up, put your flash as mask on or stay away from area.. keep a safe mindset America 🤙

  1. There is not some unwritten rule that a person of “status” cannot lie to you. So many people are being taken advantage of and that’s unfortunate they cannot see it.

    1. No, agree Trump does it all the time so it is natural to suspect everyone. I do think Fauci is not lying, he just isn’t the best representative he did ok in this video. I disagreed with the early lifting of the mask restrictions, it should have awaited a 60% or more across-the-country-vaccination rate. Maybe even a 70% rate to keep the hospital admissions down and closer to heard immunity. Just keep the mask requirement and let businesses figure out how to be open! A dual set of rules was never a smart way to proceed nor is on again, off again.

  2. dude, the spaces between mask fibres are around 5000 times the size of the virus pathogens!! Putting on a mask is about as effective as expecting a chicken fence to stop mosquitoes!! LOL

    1. @Ken Wilson At what point do you say I am not going to believe or watch anything coming from these criminals?

    2. You don’t have to catch the virus as particles, you only have to catch the water droplets that contain them.

      You also don’t have to catch all of them – just aim to catch as many as possible. That means less viral particles escape from an infected person to infect an uninfected one. It’s still a crap shoot, but it makes a big difference.

      You have to stop looking at it in “all or nothing” terms, because that’s not how a virus spreads. One infected person infects so many more. Anything you can do to reduce that number ON AVERAGE, makes a difference to how fast it spreads.

      This has been researched, by the CDC among others. They don’t just make these things up.

  3. “We know that the Delta variant is more efficient at transmission ” …. because we made it. -Anthony Fauci

    1. Can you prove that statement. you just told about Dr. Fauci, who has worked his whole life to prevent disease? I didn’t hear what you did.

    2. @Margaret Shull Can you prove that he’s prevented any diseases versus engineer them and to use the public to try his prototype vaccines on? Don’t you think it’s weird that we have to listen to a guy that doesn’t even treat patients and hear nothing from physicians that are on the front lines treating covid patients? NIH is comprised of a bunch of desk jockey scientists that hand off treatment protocols to real physicians with never seeing a patient yet now control medicine. Physicians should have a seat at the table with science supporting them not vice versa.

    1. This is gonna drag on until next spring in some regard. 1/6 commission and rona coverage to run counter to Trump suing big tech and Trump putting out the data that the election was stolen August 11th.

  4. Last time he said if your fully vaccinated, your fully protected, and no need for a mask.this guy is full of crap

    1. You’re still protected from sickness or at least from any serious illness, however, you can still contract the virus, at which point you are no different from the unvaccinated person who contracts it. In other words, people need to stop blaming the unvaccinated for the virus continuing to circulate. It circulates through everyone.

  5. We know that from animals studies? Huh? 400,000,000 people have caught this if the sources that are familiar with the subject are to be believed thing…..WTF is he talking about

  6. 400 Years ago Paracelsus said;
    “You have entirely deserted the path indicated by Nature and built up artificial system, which is fit for nothing but to swindle the Public and Pray Upon The Pockets Of The Sick”.

  7. So he basically says the vaccine doesn’t work for the delta variant, but the blame is on the people who won’t get the vaccine (which doesn’t work). He must think we’re complete idiots at this point.

    1. You have to take into account that there is literally brain dead sick people everywhere who still worship and follow this crap.

    2. Incorrect. He never stated that it doesn’t work. It is STILL highly effective against severe diseases and hospitalizations. We’re talking about level of transmission. What’s happened is that CDC made earlier recommendations when we were dealing predominantly with the Alpha variant, not the delta variant which is now the dominant strain.

    3. @marcus those “brain dead sick people” are actually the non-vaccinated people on ventilators.

  8. Don’t care what this lying puppet has to say. Feel sorry for all you people who took the jab thinking it would give you your rights back.

  9. Disgusting to hear this fraud Fauci given a tainted podium to articulate his life-threatening analysis. Showing this gain of function operative of bioweaponry, speaking as if he is a respected expert on national TV is an affront to the audience and all decent citizens.

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