1. Everyone take some time and go back and re-read these 150 are so remarks. Note that many are just making knee jerk comments and a lot are filled with the same kind of hate and disjointed logic that would make any racist or killer of anyone proud. When you try to place any group republican or democrat as being less that moral or less than intelligent than the rest of society, then you are do different than the worst racist out there. That is what they do. Pick a group and demean them for no logical reason. I disagree with a political party for policy reasons. Or I try to.

    2. @Evan M I’m glad you said that Evan about getting my teeth knocked out because you just showed your Neanderthal behavior when it comes to solving problems. You love violence instead of debate ! I think I’ll report your statement to You Tube

    3. @N Listen to you. I have no choice but to believe the cops. Keep drinking the CNN kool-aid

    4. @MalteseCat I’m watching CNN to make comments against all the brainwashed that watch them

  1. If the seditionist were so peaceful for the Republicans Mike Pence should have greeted them for their tour

    1. @Gary Rumain .. Do you doubt any of this? Do you think they were just “peaceful protesters” taken a stroll through the Capital?..

    2. They were peaceful at first, but some idiots decided to act like savages. Alost of Trump supporters left when they saw all the violence. Did CNN report about the arrests of the antifa learders posing as Trump supporters? They got caught. Did you know that? Did you also know that the attack was planned by democrats to blame Trump? “Make them pay” was one of their quotes. I bet CNN didn’t report that. Why would they? All they care about is hating on Trump and protecting the left. They lean left. People need to get away from the media, too much brainwashing. They are responsible for alot of the violence in this country, they should be held accountable. According to democrats and the media Trump incited violence because he used the words “fight like hell”? Can you believe those morons. He used those words as a metaphorThey would say anything to destroy the guy. All of them have used thlse same exact words. They are hateful and hypocrites. They have democrat/left privilege they have a pass. The left always try to erase, give a bad name to people who want to do the right thing. Trump isn’t perfect but he gets things done. They want corruption to rule. You’ll need to wake up. Brake free from the chains.

    3. America is perverse & it’s just going to get worse. People’s minds have been taken over.

    1. You know what’s hard to watch abused animals, women and children and men crying.

      These things are not normal and hit you hard.

      The Republicans broke these men and they need to fix it or the next time their protections could be very selective.

      And if you are one of the 225 unrecognizable Republicans out of 250 that’s not going to going to work out so well for you when the mob breaks through.

    1. Not sure if that’s an option. What would be the cause of action? Filing a lawsuit because a commission wasn’t formed? As disgusting as it was to not form one, not every bad decision has a remedy.
      Outside of some disability or injury claims what do they have against the government? Going after Trump, other instigators and the insurrectionist themselves might be a case.

    2. Somebody WAS killed by the police that day. An unarmed women, standing in a crowd, including police, was shot in the head and killed. Why Hasn’t there been any news coverage on that?

    1. They are talking about having him testify at the trial for the Shaman to state under oath it was a peaceful tour. I bet he changes his tune.

    2. @theodore roberts

      You are so easily DUPED!

      You believe that ensuring ONE LEGAL vote per LEGAL citizen as opposed to any number of ILLEGAL votes per any number of ILLEGAL citizens is overthrowing the Constitution?

      Try again!

    3. @theodore roberts

      What’s your PROOF that Republicans are trying to OVERTHROW the Constitution?

      CITE the statutes they are trying to erase!

      Then when you’ve finished providing that proof, do the same for what your beloved DemonRATS are trying to do.

      I won’t hold my breath because we all know you won’t be able to this.

      Or are you just another CNN parrot?

    1. @Eric Matthews or they could do what those left wing terrorists did in Seattle and try to cement the door shut after lighting the police station on fire with police inside

    2. Those of us in the public watched it on TV for hours. It was horrifying. Especially was the vocal looking for Congressional members by those assaulting. The shock of them putting up the guillotine to hang people will forever remain in my mind. It is evident that a Republican will never be a positive – especially Trump and Pence, their Cabinet, and their Administration. They no longer will ever be held in esteem.

    3. @Zachary Starkiller

      A few dead, a few illegals, a few fraudulent ballots?

      You certainly have a bizarre definition of the word few.

      Wait for the results for all the forensic audits.

      If you can’t wait that long, take the time to watch and research Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” series, for a more concise definition of the word “few.”

      That’s of course if you possess the intellectual integrity to do so.

  2. I don’t think most people, myself included, fully comprehend just how screwed up we are as a country right now. It’s like trying to wake from a bad dream. Half the damn country is OK with sedition based on lies a 10 year old could see through

    1. @Black Sand made me think, and just like today they’re trying to take away the 40 acres and a mule, just like Johnson. Coincidence Johnson, Andrew and LB. Lincoln and Kennedy were going to do good and bring us together. LBJ didn’t do from the heart, he did it to qualm the storm. R. Kennedy, Dr. MLK Jr, Evers, X

    2. Exactly man, I don’t see how we really are a country, we definitely are not a United States lololol

    3. It’s as mentioned and more……it’s the constant harangue. George Orwell knew in 1984. Sadism Hussein played over loudspeakers top.
      We get it from Fox and others.

      From Wiki, about the thin -voiced hate monger Levin:

      Political views
      A 2016 study which sought to measure incendiary discourse on talk radio and TV found that Levin scored highest on its measure of “outrage”. The study looked at 10 prominent radio and television programs, known for incendiary discourse on political matters, and scored content on the basis of whether it used “emotional display”, “misrepresentative exaggeration”, “mockery”, “conflagration”, “slippery slope”, “insulting” or “obscene language”, and other factors, finding that Levin was the radio host who engaged in the most outrage. The study found that he utilized “outrage speech or behavior at a rate of more than one instance per minute.”[5] In How Democracies Die, Harvard University political scientists Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky write that Mark Levin was among the popular right-wing talk radio hosts who “helped to legitimate the use of uncivil discourse” in American politics, and contribute to the erosion of democratic norms.[68] According to Politico, Levin has a “penchant for hysteria.”[69]. (End of Wiki entry)

      We’ve done this to ourselves by allowing it for so long.

      Nobody thought twice about the evil that Tokyo Rose did…yet we have Fox.

    4. Fortunately, the majority of Americans can see right through the GOP party, Trump and his sycophant inner-circle. We must hold these seditionist leaning GOP leaders accountable and vote them out of office, in order to save our country.

    5. @Hannah Sure. And those that aren’t are more than welcome to come join us before we build the walls.

  3. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell.

    1. @LD hmm yes man the government cares about you and no politician is corrupt, you need CNN for approval of that common sense right?

    2. @LD blm accepts money and donates to corporations while the owner uses it on personal stuff, sorry you got scammed for being such naive mouth breathers. Maybe try NAACP?

    3. @pissanta annadoyle any excuse will do.. So are we not to believe our own eyes.. oh nooo we’re supposed to believe the big lie..

    4. @pissanta annadoyle hey spanky, the idiot I see here is the one that thinks corporations are on anyone’s side but their own… you know, like trump, they only care about themselves and money

    1. @Sean Connors Free handouts are popular to everyone. Especially when many were not allowed to work if they wanted too.
      It has however had the disastrous effect of weakening the currency, and causing shortages.
      As a result of all this spending the USA is now headed for the biggest collapse in our lifetime.

    2. @John Freedman First of all, “They also did a lot of other things.” They absolutely did not. Please tell me, what they did besides the flimsy metal garbage they dropped along a tiny portion of the border.
      To be clear, the tax cuts that went to citizens were either:
      1) Miniscule and temporary breadcrumbs for middle class Americans
      2) Nothing for poor people
      3) Actual cuts for the very rich

      A city offering incentives for a fulfillment center has WHAT to do with discussion regarding the Federal Government? Cities are able to offer what they believe is in their best interest.

    3. @John Freedman the stimulus package has nothing to do with shortages. In case you weren’t present, there was a pandemic. You’re hilariously misinformed on basic things.

    4. @John Freedman Also, spending does not result in a collapse. Intelligent spending actually stimulates the economy. The “Handouts”, which you are correct about being popular, allowed people to actually participate in the economy and survive. Good luck with your paranoia.

    5. @Nack Jicholson Um, yes he did. Just because he misspoke without a stutter, doesn’t mean he didn’t misspeak. Were you able to enter his brain, right down to Wernicke and Broca’s area and decipher what he intended to say?

  4. Now people can see the so called “ party of law and order” for the hypocrites that they are.

    1. @Jacob Calham when they send out dog whistles they call out to the demonic. That’s what responds to evil. Evil draws evil.

    2. @miapdx Of course the old imaginary dog whistle argument. Its true evil draws evil, that’s why Democrats are the unborn baby killing party, to draw evil to it.

    3. @miapdx

      How many KKK members did you IDENTIFY from the crowd on Jan. 6th?

      Or do you just let your pathetic imagination run wild?

    4. @Jacob Calham

      Well done for explaining the ACTUAL history of the KKK!

      Please keep educating these low information miscreants, by calling out their ignorance and hypocrisy whenever you can.

      Stay safe from ANTIFA, BLM and rioting DemonRAT thugs. Cheers.

    5. @miapdx

      WHICH sexual crimes has the “offender” been found guilty of?

      CITE them please. Otherwise you could be charged with LIBEL.

  5. I can’t stop wondering if Americans know that the rest of the world is watching what’s happening in their own country?

    1. Some of us Americans are very aware that the whole world is not just watching but monitoring what is happening here in the USA.

      A sizeable portion of our nation’s populace are either oblivious or simply do not care what outside sources think or how they respond.

      Rest assured that we do know.

  6. “While they were running we held the line” let those intellectually malnourished fools who blocked the commission think about that for a moment

    1. Intellectually malnourished? You’re using that phrase to prove your supposed intellectual “superiority”? LOL.

  7. The capitol riot was a massive disgrace to America. It made me sick, and I’m a republican

  8. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” Are you listening GOP? Your cynical political gambling is threatening your democracy and it’s up to you to take ownership of the lunacy that you think you have control of… you don’t and once enough momentum has been gathered this movement will tear your nation apart.

    1. @Chloe Key so you agree that didn’t hold the line. Got it. Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page

    2. @toy bonnie the bunny and @ChloeKey, you’re wasting your time with @JohnB. When trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and not lose any support, He was speaking of @JohnB.

    3. @Kelvi Kelv john b ? So he was saying john b. said that and not trump ? Who is john b. ?

    4. @toy bonnie the bunny, @JohnB is the guy you’ve been going back & forth with in this thread. You’re wasting your time trying to convince him of anything. He has his own truth.

    5. @Kelvi Kelv

      Wrong. He has the truth that video footage PROVES and supports the argument he is making!

      Lame stream media are VERY selective in the footage they show you.

    1. @John B Well that’s 2, compared to the Trump list it’s pretty small.

      As an Afro-Caribbean I wasn’t offended that was black face paint still not the best move but blackface in the real Al Jolson spirit has white lips and eyes painted on as well and mock African Americans for being lazy, which for the people who built the dam country was a joke in itself.

      The predominant Black population is Canada is Afro-Caribbean for which Blackface was not a thing, there weren’t blackface minstrel troops touring the Caribbean insulting the people.

      They would have been killed on the spot, even in Canada the presence of blackface minstrel troops touring was brief and ineffective.

      Don’t confuse or conflate the US Black experience with that of Caribbeans and Africans and even my own history of freedom dates back to the mid 1500’s as I descend from the Maroons of Jamaica a group same as the Maroons of Nova Scotia.

      Blackface is offensive because of what it means black makeup is in poor taste but the intent of Justin wasn’t to offend.

      Canadian history of Blackface was so short you’d have to seriously research it to find instances or mention of it, I think it didn’t last as long as prohibition in Canada.

      Context is everything and appropriating the experiences of Black Americans isn’t productive here in Canada and diminishes it there.

      This is the Country American slaves ran too and we have different issues here than they do in the US both suck but one leaves but one leaves you disadvantaged the other lease you dead.

      I may feel discrimination from time to time but I don’t feel hunted neither are not desirable and need to be fixed but one is more severe.

    2. @John B OK that’s one Trump has 37 that we know of not to diminish Tara’s experience but the numbers are larger on Trumps side.

      Yes once it too much but 37 is serious predator territory.

    3. @Jacob Calham 100% agreed. He incited an insurrection purely because of his hatred for losing and hatred of anyone willing to speak against him and his textbook cult. Then he was acquitted purely because of his friends in the senate that dont care at all about justice (that was made crystal clear when your turtle Moscow Mitch stood there on the Floor and explicitly said Conald was responsible for jan 6th but then decided he had the authority to just ignore the constitution and his duty as an elected government official to uphold the constitution.

    4. ​@Michael Mcduffee There is a legal definition for incitement and I don’t believe his speech came anywhere near. Why do you say he incited the disturbance?

    1. Trumps need to face the justice system and people are watching and waiting for that to happen. HE should not be allowed to slip quietly away.

  9. “backing the blue” is, for the most part, just an election slogan for the GOP – it gets them votes if they say it

    1. …and apparently some Republican voters care about blue lives only when minorities are involved.

    2. Why don’t you get the police who suffered at the hands of BLM, ANTIFA and DemonRAT rioters all summer long for months on end to tell their stories.

  10. I’m a military vet and it’s very upsetting to watch these people who do not care for what I sacrificed my life for.

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