1. Imagine voting against commending the people who defended you. That’s going to be in every attack ad against them for the rest of their careers.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas And the sad thing is that Trump made it okay for the Republican Party & it’s supporters to be blatantly racist out in the open which is disgusting and vile. It’s the 21st century we SHOULD be BETTER than THIS….

    2. @DirtyDeeds The left never wanted to & still doesn’t want to defund the police. That was just another one of Trump’s lies to gain votes from the police & his supporters. Biden in their 1st debate in September 2020 said he did not want to defund the police & that he does supports is the opportunity to deal with the problems they face. And on January 19th as President elect Biden stated in an article that he promises a new commitment to the criminal justice system. He wants to invest $300 million for police departments to hire more police & train them on “community-oriented policies”. He also proposes ways to prevent crime, such as access to funding to mental health & substance abuse (which is needed bc I work in the field & the police don’t know how to handle the mentally ill, they are very helpful but could use training), as well as creating a competitive $20 billion grant program in an effort to encourage states to implement crime-prevention policies. So you can’t say the left wants to defund the police, that would be absurd we would have no law & order whatsoever. Biden wrote the Crime Act of 1994 and about TWO YEARS later the REPUBLICANS changed a perfectly good crime bill for all Americans to fit their agenda. With almost any job you’re in you have to go to trainings & keep you your credentials and that’s part of what the left wants. There are so many more good cops out there serving & protecting our communities than bad, my cousin is a detective & I’m very proud of him. It’s just another one of Trumps big lies bc he hates the democrats even though he was one almost his entire life but knew he could never win as a Democrat.

    3. @Kev Elephant And a about TWO years later the REPUBLICANS changed the 94 Crime Bill that was good for all Americans. They made it to fit their agenda but everyone forgets that & thinks the current bill is the one Biden wrote with the police but it’s not…
      A criminal justice system would of been so much better off if the morons AKA Republican Senators never changed the bill…

    4. @Demetria Karnavas I would love to know where the antifa instagram account is. You are not smart. But you’re a trump supporter so I’m not surprised

    1. And on TV too. They failed in every way. Like the rest of us in America would have accepted this. For God’s sake with out democracy we would be Russia. People in this country really want that. Fucked up

    1. @Chad Blankenhorn yeah a name says all of that right? You sound so incompetent I’m actually sad for you I hope you’re having a better day today

    2. Well, while I agree with the praise of Officer Dunn, the incel kid in the comments here isn’t totally wrong. When you present yourself covered in filters and face paint and hair dye like a computer drawn clown and call yourself dream queen, honesty isn’t something you probably easily recognize.

    3. he should have told the guy that told him to put his gun down why don’t you come back by yourself and I’ll show you what type of guy I am.

    1. @Pat Doyle Acknowledgement of the same conspiracy is typically an agreement! So let’s leave it at that. Infiltrators on both sides desperately trying to make each side look
      worse than the other, all the while leaving division, destruction and death in their wake! Hard to argue when in agreement………My the road rise up to meet you……..

      That is why sane people rely on EVIDENCE! And it does not support you. Lots of people agree that Earth is flat – they remain WRONG, despite their “agreement”.

      Here is the difference – while we know that right wing groups infiltrated BLM protests, no one is absolving any of those who rioted or looted based on that. But at a minimum, that is what the GOP is trying to do on 1/6 – either it was good, Trump loving people spurred on to do their crimes by infiltrators, or the whole thing was done by BKM/ANTIFA! Anything to avoid the truth!

      And we have solid evidence of right wing infiltrators in the BLM protests – almost NOTHING for 1/6.

      I know you would like to create a false equivalence here, but the evidence does not support you.

    1. @Kev Elephant Dem flood millions of illegal without passport or legal document……..or even a background check

    2. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Nope. Not at all. Try looking up info that isn’t from tucker carlson.. Or oann… Or newsmax.

    3. @George Pantazis Dem flood millions of illegal without passport or legal document……..or even a background check

  2. It’s alot of racist on here if it was reversed it would be “protect our police” people’s true colors i wish people wouldn’t hide behind screens and reveal themselves in real life

  3. This man is a HERO who fought terrorism at the Capital on January 6th 2021. He should be honored in American history!!!!

    1. @DJ Holliday ok.. what about the other service members? National guard showed up late but atleast they got there I guess. Thousands with flag poles, fire extinguishers, and the occasional van or two full of pipe bombs is not something we see a small crew of law enforcement go up against and manage to keep that many inserectionist at bay too often. Are you upset at these officers actions in a serious situation?

    2. @sgt scaryface These officers do not deserve to be categorized with WWII heroes, etc. A military award…Congressional Medal of Honor & pension is not appropriate. There was a Medal of Valor awarded to 9/11 1st responders. This event isn’t even in the same stratosphere of 9/11. It’s just not. The Capitol riot was wrong. I do not support it whatsoever, but there was opposition to these medals because they were awarded inappropriately.

    3. @DJ Holliday I understand where you’re coming from in regards of level of impact in comparison of 9/11 and your views between troops in area with potential skirmishes and casualties. This is hindsight knowing they failed at what ever attempt that was but I think about what if they succeeded in meeting any of the targets of their breech? We definitely know zip ties, a noose and a name of Mike Pence seemed to have been floating around but we know they had an agenda with other politicians.

    4. @sgt scaryface Everyone had an agenda and their own motives. Some took part, and some stood aside and allowed it to happen. Complete manipulation and corruption on both sides. The American people always pay the price for political games.

    5. @DJ Holliday I agree that we all suffer under political games since we know senators are hugely detached from normal society due to there wealth or personal interest.
      I am confused by the phrase “complete manipulation and corruption of both sides”. Who are the sides that are corrupting and in what context?
      P.s. sorry to OP for hijacking the reply section

  4. Highest level of respect Sir. God help those still stuck in white washing history. May we always outnumber them

    1. @Omg Giiirl you just made my head hurt. I’m glad I consider myself just black, because if I go through all the different peoples I came from, I’d go crazy. Whoo!!!

    2. @Omg Giiirl Very well said. I often wonder how hard it is for POC to trust someone like me, a white female so your comment is informative & appreciated. Thank you.

    3. Another problem with the “mixed babies cure racism” statement is that it on a subliminal level implies that people who are percieved as “full blooded” ,especially the population who is not in social power, or favor is somehow flawed, incapable of any elevation, and incapable of solving thier own issues without the help of the “savior” population who is socially percieved to be in power and dominance. It takes the responsibility out of the hands of the aggressors and the people who are subjected to the aggreesion , and places the responsibility on resulting offspring who would still be suffering from the institutionalized bigotry, which unfair and problematic. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take steps to be anti racist, and hold ignorant people accountable and make it socially uncomfortable for bigotry to thrive. Anything less and the system will keep going. There must also be a real reckoning an authentic and candid look without excuses and correction. But babies are rarely the cure for most problems. We’re just people we don’t have super powers.

    1. @Robin Addis-Vaughn Judge you really are that stupid. From my first text I said wait till the investigation is over then we will have proof. Your the one calling all of them Trump people. The guy who sold cnn and msnbc video of what was going on. Was paid 35 000 by cnn and msnbc. You clearly see and hear him yelling out kill them bla bla when arrested he tried to act as if he was a legit reporter.cnn was quick to admit they did pay him. Claims he came to them
      .wanting to make it clear they bought the video after . He is a admitted EX BLM
      . NOW admits to be a anarchist. To be clear your saying it was NOT BLM RIOTING BURNING AND LOOTINGor did a read your sad attempt trying to use legal jargon. Your so sad. I found no proof a cop lost his eye, confused you are that would be the fed. Defending the court house and your pals using green lasers
      3 agents suffered damage . With one who lost so much sight he was unable to return to work
      Lady your not bullshitting me
      cnn and Snopes is for morons. . What state and county was it when you were a judge. Live how progressives play child like games. I get it works on each other.

    2. @Robin Addis-Vaughn OH man, now you got me scared. The new black panthers are coming. Again you make no sense, what are they waiting for, according to your news source PEACEFUL BLM Protesters are being killed ,attacked now. Lol you can’t be that stupid to claim it’s not BLM when tight here on U- tube are thousands of videos of them attacking along with Antifa
      . OMG you are most definitely TYT . So that makes you hopeless. I had hoped you were just cnn. Where were you a judge. I want to look you up. Again judge, flag poles ,fist are no match for Armed trained men
      Lol lol flag poles against 40 cal semi auto hand guns and 40 light machine guns. Lol lol you really can’t see how just plain ridiculous, you sound. Bear spray attacking a fortified position lol lol 6 hours of fighting, you did say 6 ours. Wow that must of been some fight.


    3. @Robin Addis-Vaughn Man has I reread your tyt induced comment. Sound just like cenk. Did tyt tell you they found a recording of TRUMPS CALL . Lol lol all but cnn admitted fault
      God tyt are so miss informed. Hey I’d like to debate cenks lies. How about the video he put out claiming he never said TRUMP COLLUDED during the election. See that one.??
      Don’t you ever wonder why they never have a 3rd party on tyt who has a different point of view. Cause a 15 yr old could disprove his daily lies.

    4. @Michael Armijo I don’t watch TYT, in fact, I actually research my information from other sources, other countries. But, you asked me legal questions, I answered. I asked you a question and you failed to answer which is a pretty good indicator of the non-existence of your balls. So, been fun, but blocking you now.

    5. @Robin Addis-Vaughn Lol what legal questions did I ask. I made statements. I answered every question you asked which. Your not fooling anyone. You don’t want to tell me where you were a judge. Lol lol everyone I showed your comment to laughed at how a fair judge with out any real proof could pass judgement. Not to mention you sound like a child. For someone who claims you don’t watch tyt you sure had a lot. On your channel. Progressives, cowards you people always run and hide when called out. You know how many of you claim to be Dr, space traveler, any thing but what you are. Beggars and thiefs. .. JUDGE I hope you learned something. So don’t feel to bad . I’ll come clean . Last 7 yrs while working I profiled people for a Very large Corporation. You never had a chance. Should of been honest.

    1. And Gosar, Johnson, Gaetz , Jordan, ALL of them need to go..Not one millimeter of space should be given to any racist in government.

    2. @Willie Williams He’s a hell of a lot better than a Pelosi or nut job Maxine Waters. What are you referring to when you said he does nothing? Sometimes doing nothing is the correct thing to do.

    3. @Elena Latici Racism was a catch phrase invented by communist’s here in America to create a divide, so they could sew the seeds of discontent.

  5. He’s a patriot and a hero in my eyes. I wish he could feel our love and gratitude as strongly as he felt their hate and ignorance.

    1. I join your wish~with my prayer. More praises and blessings be to them and their families and their fallen friends.

  6. I’m sure officer Dunn will never see this but, if he ever does, I want him to know that so many of us stand with him and the other brave individuals who defended our capital but more importantly the people within and each other. Regardless of party, race, gender…we are all human and should treat each other with kindness and respect, even when (actually especially when) we disagree.
    Especially given recent events, I hope everyone stays safe and my heart goes out to these honorable officers, victims of prejudice and everyone else

    1. The comparison between this officer and some of the “representatives” he was protecting is stark. Why those who are in power have only the fraction of this guy’s dignity and duty? Why do we have “leaders” and “lawmakers” who are many more times crappier than those they are supposed to serve and lead? It is bad.

    1. @Darrell Knott Another Democrat blaming Trump for everything. You blame Trump for the cages at the boarder that Obama and Biden built that’s right they built the cages.

    2. @Cat Cassie I agree with you. So sick of the far right comparing BLM to the attempt of the cultists to stop DEMOCRACY that was in process at OUR country’s Capitol.

    1. There were slaves on plantations who loved their so called owners who did not love them back

  7. A very emotional and thoughtful interview with a heroic defender of democracy #HenryDunn we <3 you!

    1. Nazis = National Socialist. Nazis were Socialists. Pretty basic historic fact. Sounds like you had the misfortune of receiving a modern college education.

    2. @M Campbell Yes I had a college education in the Netherlands and I lived 10 km from the German border! I know you lie, because the first people ending up in the Nazi concentration camps were the leaders of the communist party and the democratic socialist party.

      That name “Nationalsozialist” was a cheap but successful attempt to steal something of the popularity of the German socialists in the thirties.

      The Nazis were successful in fighting the depression, by enlarging the army, starting to produce many weapons and by developing the motorways, so that troops could move fast from one side of Germany to the other.

      But I see your issue, since you have to justify, that the USA spends more on the military and the military-industrial complex than the next 10 countries combined, just like the Nazis in the thirties. You need an enemy to sell it to your fellow peasants.

      However European democratic socialists have never seen excessive military expenditure as a solution to any (economic) issue. That is why we can afford (almost) free healthcare and higher education. Let’s not forget the 4 weeks of holidays and paid sick leave.

    3. @DJ Holliday Yes, Republicans are like the Nazis in Germany in the thirties, so both were anti-socialists. Both parties were racists, loved the military and were funded by the military-industrial complex. Both parties worshiped their Führer: Hitler and Trump. Both parties purged members with dissenting opinions. Both Führers loved to speak to their low-IQ peasants on rallies in Nuremberg or all over the USA. Both Führers were willing to sacrifice their second in command Ernst Röhm in 1934 and Mike Pence on Jan 6 2021 (Hang Pence). Both Führers used militia to reach their goals; the SA and the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, etc. Both Führers tried a failed amateurish coup; the Beer-hall putsch in Munich and the Capitol in Washington.

  8. I’m so sorry Officer Dunn for what you and your colleagues went through, absolutely horrifying !!!!! I pray for all of your healing ! WE DO LOVE YOU ! ! ! May all who do harm be brought to justice, and somehow cleanse their minds and hearts !!!

  9. Being an American and a veteran and living outside of the US, I can say that the professionalism and integrity shown by Mr Dunn has reinforced my sense of pride in American principles at a time when the US didn’t look too great. It is our privilege and honor to have such courageous people defending our values. Be damned those criminals that desecrate our hallowed halls and pay no more attention to their vile words. They are unworthy of another moment of your thoughts.

    1. @Maine Blanco I made mistakes in the past , not now..
      you are in the wrong now, but, you are as blind as can be, and narrow minded. I know i can not change your mind, but , i gave it a try.
      I am really sorry for you. keep putting people like me down, it is ok.
      i can take it. I took it from the crazy right, so, now i am taking it from the loney left. god bless , goodbye

    2. Dennis, thank you for your service to our country Sir. Your dedication and pride matter. Personally, I have always felt blessed to call the United States of America, Home.

    3. Really as a veteran are you concerned that they have not released the identity of the black capitol police officer who shot and killed an unarmed fellow veteran who was white and female?

  10. This is so sad. Such a shame how people will treat each other. Bravo to the brave officers that had to go through this from their own, fellow Americans.

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