Capitol Police Officers Deliver ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Testimony In 1/6 Hearing

Congressional reporter for the New York Times Luke Broadwater, White House Correspondent for PBS NewsHour Yamiche Alcindor, and founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd react to Capitol police officers recounting the violence and trauma they experienced on January 6 during testimony on Capitol Hill

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    1. @A B They point out the hypocrisy – blm’s 570 + burn loot and murder and children from Actual violent commands of the left politicians , praised and bailed immediately ” to do more ” per your vp, for od , drug loving drug dealing , armed robbers for fun , women and children abusers ( I like women and children ) and lies that caused it and caused fear in people and Children’s faces . VS All legal American Votes , which I suppose would include Yours , even if what you wanted you got , You should care about What eyewitness’ saw and that they were dissed . that took an incredible amount of bravery > considering mobs would be at their door and job loss ( which both happened FOR STATING WHAT THEY SAW ) . You could be dissed next. Obviously , the dems do not care about Your safety , they don’t care about democracy just to allow recounts of dirty ballots, and their media control of info . Keep this straight in your mind : the democrats want to defund the police , tho now they try to say repubs, the dems refused Nat’l Guard assistance and statement hmm screams Pres. Trump is a nazi For trying to protect lives and business and towns and help the police in those areas , till their continued sham show FOR THEM ! And even with that they made the Nat’l Guard sleep in a parking garage . And when Trump offered his hotel to the Nat’l Guard – guess who was in his hotel , the dc/capitol police = they have homes there for one. And the fbi upon being told NO Officer died on or because of jan. 6 2021 Was , we will keep trying . The left needed jan 6 , they NEED to try and make it match what they commanded for what over a year at least with violent commands and bogus rhetoric , and they needed to STOP States from asking for their certifications back.

    2. @DD2225 Not a troll. Boebert was texting Pelosi’s position, and despite the Capital being closed because of COVID, other GOP members were giving tours the day before and contacting those demonstrating. Maybe they didn’t expect the Capital to be breached, but they should be investigated.

  1. We all know who “incited” and “encouraged” those rioters to “march to and seize” the Capitol. The owner of the audio recorded voice clearly said to them. If your didn’t hear his voice but nonetheless went into the Capitol, or if your didn’t hear this voice but still defended the rioters, then you don’t have a cognitive ability to recognize the crime.

    1. Yes exactly this time I hope they bring everything out in the open never let anything out nd Lock them up

  2. Russians are salty in the comments here. It’s okay guys alexi will be back soon you can go round 2 shortly

    1. Ha.
      You can call us anything you like.
      It doesn’t have any effect.
      You are traitors and people have realized it.

  3. I thank the courage of these officers and all other PD. I do not feel the same about all law enforcement.


  4. Can you imagine how these officers felt when Clyde said it was like a normal tour day and Trump says there was hugging and a lot of love? And this is how they support the police? Wow.

  5. There is very little humanity in the Pro-Insurrectionist Party. Outnumbered, undermanned, ignored, they stood their ground.

  6. The folks need to stop the lies. We all saw what happened. This must end. Enough is Enough. The liars and deceivers need to crawl back under a rock and leave those of us that want PEACE and LOVE toward our fellow brothers and sisters alone. STOP ALL THE FOOLERY, STOP BEING STUPID GO SOMEWHERE AND LEAVE US ALONE. BUNCH OF LYING DEMONS!

    1. Never gonna happen if police are allowed to protect without ignorant trump racists roaming the streets. Disguised as adults with common sense and children they care about.

  7. What gets me is that those cops, if they were well enough to return to work, would protect those Republicans if there was another insurrection. They are better people than I because I would not, given their attitude towards those valiant men.

    1. Tell us how you really feel Bob? What would you do to those Republicans? Be as graphic as possible.

    2. Amen Bob! Especially after hearing yesterday about the janitor that had to clean the traitors feces they had smeared on the walls. Those ppl are not fit to live in any civilized country. Least of all the greatest country on the planet, THE USA!

  8. After hearing the testimony of my brothers in blue, there’s can be no question that those responsible for this terrorist attack need to go to prison.

  9. I could never figure out why the American League always has a DH hitter and the national league doesn’t. Just feels wrong. I can’t be the only one thinking about this.

  10. Shame. Having not payed attention but knew people blindedly believed what theyd want. This is terrible to see in people elected, so keenly aware of the damage but so concerned about elections…

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