Swalwell: ‘McCarthy And Trump Trying To Erase Heroism’ Of Capitol Police

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who has been an advocate for Capitol police officers, reacts to their testimony in the Jan. 6 select committee hearing and discusses the possible next steps in the committee' investigation.

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    1. @Jeff Libby He was investigated 7 years ago when that story came out and he was subsequently cleared, What a feeble pathetic attempt at trolling, try to keep up with current events you are beating a dead horse and that is ancient news.

    2. @Hunter Roberts Hunter have you bedded the shag spy also. When done did you speak Chinese or had a taste for fried rice.

    3. He (Swallwell) is the most untrustworthy and creepiest person in congress. The left is so deceitful and evil, he literally had a Chinese spy girlfriend and another Chinese spy working in his office, and he was on the Intel committee, while married at the same time. He used congressional money to spend on himself and his girlfriend, with lavish dinners and presents. But sleeping with the enemy and exposing our top secrets, just the look on him makes one’s skin crawl. I didn’t think there was someone worse than Cuomo, but this one might be it. This is the Democratic Party, just look what they did to our cities in 2020, every large city with major crime and drug issues are run by Democrats. Case closed, they are a disease to the country

  1. Erase heroism? They tried to over through Congress! Call it what it was, An insurrection! Why is Trump not in shackles?

    1. It is most likely because although he had a certain rhetoric, you can’t say he told them to enter the Capitol. One thing that also helps him I guess is that he told those people to leave.

    2. @Cindy Walz Well if you wanna make that point why isn’t the entire Dump family not in prison…oh wait their day is coming very soon!!!

  2. McCarthy should be made to appear before the committee and answer to the recordings of what he said to the house shortly after 6th January and about his conversation with Trump. All this is on record and he needs to be made to answer for its dumping down ever since

  3. First of all It was trash that called for the stop the steal rally that told the rioters to rush the Capital to trash it and try to stop the certification from happening. All caught on video! THOSE OFFICERS THAT DEFFENDED THE CAPITAL ARE HEROS!

    1. Shot and killed an unarmed lady, some HEROES. This guy should be jailed for sleeping with a Chinese spy, he is also a real HERO.

    2. All this jabbing and masking is unauthorized also. We going to drain the swamp with bullet holes. Capital police will be first in line. That’s why they are crying as they lie to Congress about their heroism. Even trash can pull a trigger on an unarmed woman behind a closed door. The real trash is crying trying to protect Nancy.

    3. Their ‘statements’ are all scripted. They don’t even know how to pronounce some of the words they ‘wrote’.
      There is no reason to create theater here. But the democrats can’t help themselves. They just can’t.

  4. Just Make sure your VOTE is counted in 2022 and 2024. Do whatever it takes to make YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Suppressing your vote has already been started by republicans under the cover of YOUR ‘voting protection laws’. They don’t want you to vote. They want to SILENCE your vote.

    1. @mike briganti Don’t you find it a bit odd that Republicans won back seats while trunt lost? People didn’t vote against the republican party, they voted against trunt. You can’t possibly be so dumb…

    1. They also voted to DEFUND the DC police . . . Hypocrisy is a lifestyle choice for the trump Qult. 🙄

    2. @Mike Andrews : Yet, if you, “believed,” your own bollox, you wouldn’t be here, crying to us about it, huh, Karen? 🤦‍♂️🙄🤤

    3. @Dean F. trump said he loves the uneducated , and you can see why. They are so easily mislead. They can’t think for themselves. How sad.

    4. @Mike Andrews … Feel free to post “ANY” video link showing this happening. Then, explain how you can ignore “hours” of video evidence showing “your” Trump buddies destroying one of our most sacred buildings, while mercilessly beating the police who were sworn to protect it and our chosen representatives within!

  5. I still don’t know why trump wasn’t charged for treason against the United States for trying to overthrow the United States

    1. Trump should of been charged with treason when he sided with Putin over his own national security. Yet here we are.

    2. Exactly he broke his oath to the Constitution and he should be tried for treason!!
      I mean I can understand him breaking the constitution because he doesn’t know anything about it but with all these Republicans though that are standing behind him because they want his influence so they can stay in power it’s just disgusting!!

  6. If January the 6th doesn’t exist then why was the Republicans hiding? 🤔 Why were they stacking chairs and tables in front of the doors. Why didn’t trump walk with them. They need to stop trying to hide the truth

    1. @sofakings2pid Expecting truth from all involved is a grown up mentality. Pelosi was responsible for the Capital Police ….. You will find yourself left behind if you don’t do the research cupcake. MSNBC, CNN , NBC and FOX lie to you.

    2. @Heritage Karma If you wanted a more bipartisan committee, you should be mad at Republicans for blocking one that was voted on lol

    3. That’s because trump and his family were watching everything on TV at the white house laughing and having fun drinking

    4. @Heritage Karma ok I’ll bite…..show me one false report from CNN MSNBC NBC….there are plenty on FOX

  7. They were all in it together. The Republicans and trump. Who gave a tour the day before. So many questions.

    1. @Law Wat Pelosi can keep eating sh*t for the rest of her life. She’s doomed to history’s hall of shame. She could have been a contender. She sold out long ago. RIP Nancy.

    2. @prometheus5700 Is that all you got? Here’s an educated comment for you.
      Republicans don’t want to lose their supporters by what’s coming out so they’re lying to you about the respected Pelosi that came out yesterday.
      She was not a chair or administrator of any committee supervising the Capitol Police at the time of the insurrection. She’s not listed on any of those committees websites today either. She does not appoint members to the Capitol Police board EITHER.
      Is this the order of stupid Trump? And gullible people believe them? Wow! The ignorance is astounding lmao!

  8. Now you know how heartless they are. Those police officers are suffering. “WHERE IS THE LAW AND ORDER “you were talking about?

  9. Trump and the Republicans are literally trying to rewrite an event that was largely recorded in videos.

  10. Let’s hear form Steven Sund, the DC police chief who called 6 times for national guard troops and was ignored 6 times.

    1. @konaono There is a video where an orange insurrectionist is seen throwing a fire extinguisher towards the head of a police officer.
      The officer goes down, and that was Sicknick.
      They are smoothing things out to avoid more violence from proud bois, or similar groups that might resort to tRumpian terrorism.

    2. @Brett Barnes Those insurrectionists were intent on hanging then U.S. vice-president Mike Pence and others.
      Didn’t the Orange insurrectionists erect a gallow’s pole in plain sight while chanting those homicidal slogans?

    3. @Rickest of the ricks You are here as a joker?
      You have the joker skills of a mule.
      But, if that makes you feel realized, hahaha.
      Hoooow fuuuunny, ahhhhmmm.

  11. To paraphrase Laurel & Hardy: “Well, Donald, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into…”

  12. This commission is vital for the life of our republic.I pray that the truth comes out and that those who are responsible get what they deserve.I predict that republican members of congress will be exposed as to helping the attackers.

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