John Heilemann: ‘We All Know Who Hired The ‘Hit Man’ For The Jan 6th Riot’

Host and executive producer of Showtime’s “The Circus,” John Heilemann, reacts to the emotional sound from today’s congressional hearing on the January 6th Capitol Hill riot. He states that he has no understanding how so many GOP members are able to hear the Capitol Hill officers’ testimonies and continue to gaslight the officers’ experience.

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  1. Those spinning false versions are aiding and abetting. The officers are heroes. They put their lives on the line. No matter what some others failed to do… does not change what they did.

    1. @Kendall Peters
      Nah, I never thought that about
      Gloyd Feorge’s dad…👈😁…

      You could be right, though…👈😁

      Why don’t you go
      “research” it ?..👈😁👍

    2. @Deborah Freedman One side was fighting for the lives lost and the future of their children. The other side was holding an overthrow of their government based on the lies of their leader.

    3. @Cody Joined three months ago to spread lies? Enemy of America

      Authoritarians and all who support them must hang☺

    1. @Michael Beelby You act like the GOP is supposed to vote for it cause the Democrats want them to. Go back to sleep!

    2. @Michael Beelby And they’ll never get the 60 votes need to convict either, just another show. Wasting millions of our tax dollars again on another witch hunt when those millions could be used for a way better purpose for Americans. They could spend those millions giving all illegals the vaccine protecting Americans but they don’t care about Americans.

    3. @Jim Johnson Imagine that; Republicans not wanting to investigate their claims that BLM & Antifa were the ones that staged the coup. You’d think that if they really believed that, they’d be Screaming for investigations! But, no!!! The reason? They know WHO is responsible for it, and it ain’t who they’re trying to tar with it.

    4. @Long Strange Tripster Imagine that, Republicans not wanting to get caught up in another Democrat trap. Fool them once on Jan 6th, wont fool them twice

    5. @Long Strange Tripster I’ll give the Democrats credit, they found the election loophole. Can’t be mad at someone for finding the loophole and exploiting it. But dont get mad cause the loophole is being closed and you cant use it any more, that’s what’s annoying.

    1. Hey all you keyboard warriors, sitting behind your computer, in your parents basements, waiting for you next government check. Refusing to go to work because you are worth more than they will pay you. Make sure you send Nancy a check so she can stop the bad bad Republicans from disrupting her meal ticket. She has convinced you and the weak minded that her 40 plus years of total dominance and the left will give you a utopia. Just look at her district in California. With Democrats in charge we can have crime in our neighborhoods and poop in our streets. You are ok with that though, because half of you on here haven’t worked in a year and probably havent showered in days. So go ahead and mock us conservatives, because we are the only ones trying to get our country back to normal. As you open your box of cereal and drink your milk, thank a conservative for getting up early this morning and going to work so that you could have food on your table. Your welcome. Enjoy your season, because when the Demented Joe is done we will be the ones picking up the pieces.

    1. @RDubs Truth doesn’t matter to these republicans. All that matters is to protect the cult leader Trump.

    2. @Rwspal yeah, they literally have disconnected their brains from reality so they don’t have a negative thought about dear leader. It’s pathetic.

    3. No you can’t sweep it under the carpet, but it should be “hung by the balls”………………….which are useless now anyway!

    4. @Rodney Boehner A “Little Lie” turdette from “The Big Lie”. Guy Reffitt had a firearm and was arrested. Real thug of a guy. Threatened family if they were to report him. Google the name. Just wait till DOJ starts arresting others when all the videos, cell phones, etc are analyzed.

  2. There is a reason for republicans to down play Jan 6… once all the false dust clears we will discover that there are those in power involved with the insurrection and funded the plan. Vote wisely!

  3. It’s scary that this is being defended by any American. We all have eyes and saw Jan. 6th. Shameful! Wrong is wrong.

    1. @Yuck Footoob. . .Do you think Republic and Democracy are mutually exclusive? Can you name a Republic that isn’t a democracy? I’ll bet all your shoes HAVE to be velcro.

    2. @Tom Decuca. . .If you don’t trust any source of information, why did you develop an opinion? Just base everything on your feelings? I’m guessing you have no academic awards.

    3. @Katy JA the right is saying “let each individual choose for themselves”. It’s the left who think they’re morally obligated to violently force everyone on earth to obey them.
      The left arent any more “left” than Hitler was.
      The left arent any closer to “real socialism” than the “nationalist socialist german workers party” was.

    4. @D O democracy is evil. Its just mob rule. Youre advocating for slavery. What if 51% vote to bring back slavery? You’re not against democracy, are you?

      You’re already voting to force others to labor for you and provide you with free things.

    5. @Robert Box tgats literally what happens every single instence of a cop shooting. The media literally just lies and covers up half the story to enrage the leftist sycophants.
      EG the cop who “interfered with a normal teenage knife fight”.

  4. The testaments from the officer’s was honest and moving, the bravery shown on that day are acts of true patriotism, Bravo 👏

    1. The acting is so bad lol. these people are so full of crap LOL. i watched it with my husband and he said “why are they crying?”…I said i have no idea but they are laying the acting on too thick LOL. I watched the cell phone footage. I watched jan 6 live. these people are so full of it.

      I want people to understand, this is a committee. It has no legal authority. It is not a court, judge, jury, lawyer, or any agency authorized to press charges. This is some people who decided to come together and fuel the propaganda that jan 6 was an attack instead of it being a sabotaged protest by antifa and blm with nancy and the capitol polices help. too bad people were taping with their phones for them i guess. it makes them look stupid when they try SO HARD to get you to believe this was an attack LOL.

      They are trying to toss racism in there too! They are trying to hard because they don’t want to get caught. The truth will come out and china, russia, and iran will pay dearly. those who they bought out will too.

      They will pay for attacking our people, our freedoms, our history, and brainwashing and attacking our children. they will pay for engineering and releasing a virus onto the world that made them trillions. hope they are ready.

      Trump was actually about to win with the dueling electoral votes that were submitted. The crowd was just there for support during the rally. The Senators withdrew their signatures AFTER the so-called attack and it made the dueling electoral votes invalid. Apparently a staged entry into the capitol means recounted votes don’t matter. Trump didn’t lose until AFTER the entry into the capitol. People forget that. Media ignores that. I watched the entire night live. When Pence asked if they had a signature from the House and from the Senate, all but one Senator had withdrew their signature.

    2. @Jody Hunt
      From Europe
      Reading your comments and understanding that so many people in America share your misguided opinions makes me (and millions of others around the world) realise that sadly the USA of the past is now in ruins.

    3. Unbelievable to see such blatant willful ignorance. I guess if you can believe in one fairy tale you can believe in any fairy tale.

  5. He should have been placed in cuffs year’s ago… Sadly NO ONE has the balls to do the right thing.What a hold Trump has on America.

    1. His hold on American ended November 2020, now we’re ending a corrupt politicals party choke hold on America. Trump exposed them all to us, now WE are in the process of putting them out.

    2. Agreed. He should be in a cell awaiting trial. The U.S seems ok with giving him another crack at it.

  6. His words will forever ring in American history. This is how the children of our future will judge that fateful day because that is what happened. Not a love fest but insurrection brought directly about by our 45th President. Not my Democratic opinion. Just the sad facts in our American history. Fasism came to America from within.

    1. @FENTON MILLER not as ignorant as you are evidently. I wasnt talking to you anyway. You a little kid or something? You sound like a kid.

    2. And that was really Nothing !
      Remember USA c.i.a. in Latin America ! ? ….Sont présents le général Manuel Contreras (DINA chilienne), Jorge Casas (Argentine), le major Carlos Mena (Bolivie), le colonel Benito Guanes Serrano (Paraguay), le colonel José A.

    3. @Tom Decuca Do you not believe the Capital police officers and DC police officers who swore under oath to tell what happened? They WERE there along with other officers to protect the Capital and OUR DEMOCRACY..

    1. If you support trump you know nothing about the HONEST expression of truth.
      What’s his rightous anger about, the anger because he lost? What’s rightous about a grown man trying to burn down the country because he lost the election and for the first time in our history we saw a wanna be dictator refuse the peaceful exchange of power.He called on his worshiper to wage war on the very country he once led, very poorly I might add.

    1. One unarmed person was killed by one of those coward cops. Blm and antifa , now they were the cause of countless murders and real riots and looting and burning . they need to be arrested too. No more black privilege.

  7. McCarthy is realizing how big an error he made in not having a voice in this hearing. It’s his funeral. LOL

    1. @Max Headroom Arrival and Contact are my favorite alien movies for one reason…the aliens aren’t humanoid based. Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson brought it up during an interview and he was questioning why do the aliens always have human bipedal features, and they should look so radically different from us just based on them coming from another planet, with different environmental conditions.

    2. @phanatic215 Then Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson finally said something that makes more sense. The GOOD UFO community trashed him hard after his comments about the released UFO/UAP Non-Findings. We knew what they were going to release. Sometimes I think Neil really enjoys his fame a bit too much. I don’t care a rip about the UFO community that wants Elvis To Return and wears the wonky costumes….(Taken from Contact..Oiiiii…those people are funky!! *Shivers* HAHA!)
      Have you been keeping tabs on “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”??

    3. @Max Headroom no, but someone was talking to me about Skinwalkers just last week. What a coincidence that you brought that up.

  8. After listening to these 4 Officers today it is now imperative that TRUMP be called to testify under oath and explain to us ‘all the Love that he saw’, and excuses are not acceptable…

    1. Sadly there wont be any treason yam trumputin testifying, he wont have to or he will fight it drag it out for years.

    2. He needs to be put in the hot seat and confronted with his lies. For how ever many hours it takes.

    3. After seeing and listening to the 4 officers, it’s now clear that GOP has become a party of hitmen. Telling the truth is not hard unless GOP is hiding something from the public.i wonder why people keep on voting these people

    4. @George Onyango your just as bad…. the right has their faults but the lefts brainwashing going on is clear as day to those who can still see both sides objectively… werent you guys just asking to de-fund the police?? but now that doesnt fit your narrative? so you parade these lefty officers around like heroes? what about the riots last summer? i wonder what kind of tune you were singing than? whatever the left told you to im guessing.

    1. Did ANY of what most Americans actually saw on television unfolding before their eyes on January 6, 2021 look like that mob was there to “hug and kiss” anybody, even each other? THEY KILLED FOUR OF THEIR OWN. The coward Proud Boys tried to shove a woman through the broken window into the Chamber first because they mistakenly thought that the people guarding our Senators and Congress Reps inside wouldn’t shoot a woman; three other people were killed in the mob – one of whom died from being trampled to death, one from what I believe was a heart attack and one from perhaps a drug overdose! That doesn’t include the Capitol Police officer who died after he was smashed in the head with a fire extinguisher by those “hugging and kissing tourists,” or the two officers who committed suicide within days of the attack. And that doesn’t include the more than 140 officers who were injured by those “hugging and kissing tourists,” many of them sustaining serious life-changing injuries, and many now suffering post-traumatic stress.

    2. GASLIGHTING pure and simple- the whole world was witness to Trump’s attempted COUP. DICTATORSHIP was always his goal.

  9. As if we needed the testimony of these heroes to “prove” that it was more than “just another peaceful day”. Disgusting behavior by Republicans.

  10. this is exactly why the Republican Senators did not want this to happen. now their lies and plotting will all be exposed.

    1. Real coups from the c.i.a : Sont présents le général Manuel Contreras (DINA chilienne), Jorge Casas (Argentine), le major Carlos Mena (Bolivie), le colonel Benito Guanes Serrano (Paraguay), le colonel José A.

    1. Because he is a COWARD. He dodged the draft. He hides behind his lawyers. He lies to save his own skin. He will sacrifice his own family to save himself. Trump is not even a man let alone a leader.

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