There Will Be A 'Decrease In Covid If Employers Require Vaccines' 1

There Will Be A ‘Decrease In Covid If Employers Require Vaccines’


Professor at Boston University’s Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, and New York Times’ senior writer, David Leonhardt, highlight the most pressing questions about the Delta variant and explain the ways businesses can require vaccinations and keep their employees safe.

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    1. We’ll see. Hospitals and Universities are mandating and a small number of people are leaving. If you work in healthcare and won’t get vaccinated, then perhaps you shouldn’t be working in healthcare. Employers have to respond to customer concerns. If the restaurant or dentist says that all of their employees are vaccinated, then that provides a higher degree of comfort, actual and felt to customers. If I’m an employee, then I feel more comfortable going into the office if everyone else there is vaccinated. Conservative theory is that private companies can do whatever they want to. If they feel that it helps to increase long-term shareholder value, then mandate away.

    2. @Dale Hartley Interesting, but Fascist and Nazis are not the same thing. In the view that you present, then the US and the UK were Socialist since they were allied with the Soviet Union. A bit oxymoronic when you think about it, and down right ignorant and ill-informed.

    3. @Dale Hartley And there you go – calling republicans cultist. But then again you show your ignorance by using a lower case r instead of one in uppercase. And there is a difference, a major one at that. I am actually sorry that you are so ill educated that you do not know the difference. And with that, what you have stated is opinion that isn’t even based on factual information so it means nothing at all, except as a loud screech that needs to be silenced.

    4. @Trevor Thompson you either have security or freedom, cant have both. Most people are screaming for security

    1. @WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON I have no interest in evidence captured by someone who doesn’t understand basic sentence structure

    2. @Cars and Chris OK SO HOW IS YOUR COMMENT RELEVANT ******PERIOD*******?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? TRUST ME YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Cars and Chris What do you think about the Georgia Guide Stones ? About the depopulation of the world… Crazy too?

    1. @Pierre Shakespeare jabs for shots dude no kidding how bout a free ticket to some ball game we all can watch on live television like we just did threw the plan-demic pandemic right .

    2. If you not vaccinated right now you are not nearly as smart as Joe thought we are.
      How about those that got vaccinated and are now suffering from these never before they had reactions smart mouth Mr President with all do respect I will rather be dumb than be your mind yikes

    3. @CALI M3 JOKER don’t spread the false you can live without the shot yes we all should take safety precautions but It a lot that’s here and standing strong

    1. @Keith Walker LOL that’s hilarious actually. The chance of recovery from the virus is more than 97% for me and, well pretty much everyone except for elderly people and people with preexisting conditions. That’s definitely not “enormous.” Also, you have no realistic frame for the effectiveness of the vaccine and the dangers it poses. You have absolutely no idea how the nanoparticles will effect you long term. Funny enough, neither do the scientists that made these vaccines.

    2. @Keith Walker Also I know you were probably trying to be helpful and offer advice, but please do your research before you try to educate anyone on Covid. Your message was completely false.

    3. @Winston Marajh I don’t need the bed. Give it to someone else. If pointing out the obvious and warning people about the truth is something people get upset at me for, so be it. All I want is for people to make educated decisions for themselves. Instead of blindly following totalitarians.

    4. ​@Dan Evertt All of you idiots claim that this vaccine is so safe, but realistically you have absolutely no idea. Do you even know what you put into your body? Do you have any idea what nanoparticles are and how they can effect your body short and long term? Do you actually know anything or are you just spouting what you’ve been told? Educate yourself.

    5. @Leonard Melton No doubt about it They are up to something and they never got our consent.

  1. Ever Notice when a reporter asks a legit question and Biden gives a high school grade level derogatory answer ? Then he tucks tail and runs the other way or should we say stumbles !

    1. @sissy murphy All for votes ! But American’s must get the poison jab!??
      They think we will fall for it ! People who have gotten the shots STILL get covid !?!
      What the Crap is that they are injecting people with !!?? ALLOT of people have been fooled !!! Not me !!!

    2. @grassassin you can call Trump what you want but don’t act like these clowns running the country right now are a better choice….

  2. I can’t see how they can make you take the jab when it’s not approved by the FDA….we have drugs approved by the FDA that people are hesitant to take and that’s after years and years and years of testing just to find out it causes cancer or some other horrible side effect after taking it years down the road

    1. and yet now after 30 years of treating people. they found that ZANTAC and PRILOSEC, causes cancer, amongst other meds as well. and so much for fda doing their job in 10-15 years !

    2. @Bert Nijhof you believe what medical “proffesionals” say, who recieve money from the government to lie and twist it to their own narrative to brainwash the people… it’s basic Public knowledge that the media censors/controls everything you see….
      you and your “people” are the textbook definition of braindead

    3. @David Wethington I agree, if the people decide not to follow the advice of the science and if they don’t get a vaccination, they should pay for their own medical treatment, if they catch COVID.

      I had to give up my freedom of choice, when I got conscripted for the army in 1967. I remember I even got a number of vaccinations on the first day. The same happened all over the world between 1939 and 1942.

      There always has been a trade off between individual freedom and solidarity with the other citizens of the country. That is also, why some vaccinations are mandated like the measles, polio etc. If too many parents refuse those vaccinations, those illnesses will come back, as proven in some Muslim countries.

    1. @Nunu Rats The pharma companies have immunity from vaccine side effects. Employers are not protected by that immunity.

    2. @Enzo Molinari less than 1% of vaccinated people are hospitalized, or die from, COVID 19. The hospitals are full of unvaccinated patients.

    3. @Octowuss 111 And did I say anything in my original reply that disputed the hospitalization statistics of the unvaccinated? No. I was merely trying to sarcastically point out the hypocrisy of hakuna matatda’s finger pointing before he had a good look in the mirror.

    1. those idiots should be TESTING PEOPLES BLOOD to see why these people havent gotten covid so they can figure it out and then make a factual vaccine. stupid idiots,

    1. @Mal Burch I own and operate a small trucking company out of Minnesota. I know what you mean. I dont particularly back the blue. I live in an area where cops are pro 2A though.

    2. @David Lucas the fact you still calling it conspiracy is what kills me yall still dont wanna look at the fax dmnnn

    1. @TheEvilChipmunk
      Half a million people did not die “of” covid but had a “positive test” upon their deaths. And with the cycle thresholds of the pcr test(which was never intended to be a diagnostic tool, per Kerry Mullis, the inventor who mysteriously died right before the plandemic) anyone could be tested “positive” for covid. Are you not paying attention?

    2. @Divine
      The message Trump sent was “I can infringe on the 2A, sign over trillions to the bankers and big pharma, expanded the surveillance state and fill my cabinet with my Wall Street cronies and as long as I say I’m working for the people they’ll accept it”.

    1. @goku kaioken lol. This comment is a great demonstration showing how disconnected people are from reality. Good luck getting all of your internet friends together to hold or take a position. How many neighbors do you actually know?

    2. I just want to know why they are trying to suppress side effects and why you’re seen as a leftist if you’re anti-vaccine?

  3. There will be a decrease in workers mostlikely.
    Demand to see their liability insurance. Emergency use only…should be a personal choice since there are only cases, not dead piling up in the homeless camps

    1. @aetiv4 and yet, 20% of people that are infected by covid need hospitalization.

      Seems like a free covid shot is cheaper than a double lung transplant.

      Remember 99% of new covid hospitalizations are from unvaxxed people.

    2. @nosuchthing8 “it’s going to touch everyone” now you’re being ridiculous…. how hyped and fear mongered, and if it does well looks like I have a 99.7% chance of surviving so I’ll trust my immune system Thank you very much, I haven’t had since the start haha I’m good your brainwashed

    3. @The accommodated yes, the pandemic will infect most people. That’s the history of pandemics.

      Second, covid is 2% lethal and has a 20% hospitalization rate.

      We have been in a pandemic for over a year. Take 5 minutes to get up to speed.

    4. @nosuchthing8 Cool story bro I don’t believe in covid, pls take the jab and stay out the way of people who aren’t scared thank you, and pls double mask until you choke youd be doing us a favor

  4. How can you mandate something that isn’t even approved? How tf did these “experts” not mention that.

    1. @nunya biznez Really? It appears that you did not pay attention in biology class either, and the teacher passed you so they would not have to deal with you and attendant problems again. You should know that ‘fungi’ are used as food and as a spice in food preparation. Or you don’t.
      Incidentally, where did penicillin originate from?
      It is also apparent that you know little to nothing about certain basics of healthcare or cooking either.

    2. i know.. we’re supposed to trust these emergency authorizations.. hilarious! shots first, understanding of side effects LATER !

    3. @Winston Marajh Now that is an interesting comment considering that is what Obamacare tried/tries to do.

      *Staying healthy is important for you and your family. Taking small steps, like eating a well-balanced diet, making time for physical activity, and getting enough sleep, will improve your lifestyle at home, work, and in the community.
      *Preventive services, like screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling, can help prevent illnesses, disease, and other health problems. They can also detect illness at an early stage when treatment is likely to work best.
      *Ask your provider which services are most beneficial to you. Preventive services are free when delivered by a doctor or other provider in your plan’s network.

      Works for me.
      Especially since the most prevalent comorbidities can be offset, reduced, and in a number of cases eliminated by a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise, which is the foundation of good health, no matter your age.

    1. Unfortunately not bc all countries will have to get their ppl to herd immunity as the vaccines become available in other countries. Covid vaccine is no different form mumps, measles, polio, chicken pox, etc or the vaccines our pets r required to have to live in a community. If u want to live in a society, there r going to be some rules and laws we need to abide by. If u don’t want to get vaccinated, then get a job u can do from ur house or go buy urself ur own island!

  5. I hope every employer thinks about this:
    “If I NEVER required my employees to get a flu shot for years, and if I NEVER required them to stay home when they are sick PERIOD..then why require them to get this shot?”

  6. “…swimming and riding in automobiles present a greater risk to a child’s health than COVID does” – about all you need to know there folks in regards to mandating vaccines in a Democratic society.

    1. @Guided Meditation yep but be careful they delete statistics a lot. The only misinformation comes from our media

    2. @Ron S Yeah, the YT Commies are out in force censoring people who can think for themselves.

    3. @Debra Bratz apparently they’re flagging account as misinformation. I had my account completely deleted even though I don’t upload videos. Anybody who doesn’t think that the government controls social media platforms is fooling themselves

    4. @Ron S Me too but I open another one and tell everyone that YouTube employees pray to the devil and eat poop

  7. “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.”
    Means a lot coming from a dementia patient like “Jim Crow Joe”.

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