Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob

Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob – Wednesday 6, January

Powering a police force and entering one of the most sacred federal government buildings in the United States,  the capitol police chief has resigned as the officers union called the bridged a failure in leadership.

The associated press reporting that the capitol police department turned down offers assistance in the days leading up to Wednesday’s siege of the US capital.

News coming as officials try to answer two questions how did this happen, and what kind of consequences will take place.

The siege of the US capital led to the death of one capitol police officers injured in Wednesday’s incident.

The agency failed to protect capitol hill even as many rioters posted on social media exactly what they were planning to do then live-streamed as they did.

The rioters breached the US Capital after violently confronting police securing the electoral vote count about to begin inside by the time reinforcements arrived.

The D.C. police and the national guard congressional offices had been ransacked lawmakers, and the media evacuated officers had barricaded the House Chamber guns pointed at the doors.

Four people died as a result of the rioter.

The metropolitan police department went into a situation that was already out of control. It got that way almost immediately as federal law enforcement was completely caught off guard by the sheer number of people who stormed capitol hill.

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