Smerconish's epitaph for Trump's presidency 1

Smerconish’s epitaph for Trump’s presidency


CNN's Michael Smerconish examines the ways in which President Trump could have left office protecting or even polishing his legacy, but suggests that Trump's personality would not allow for that.
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  1. How ironic Graham is almost eaten alive by the monster he help create. Now that they all laid down with with dog they are now complaining about their fleas.

    1. He’ll have to console himself with the 6-3 conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court, which will shape America more than any congress or any president every could

    2. @Borneo Man The county has been a mess since Obama started bowing to China and Biden was laundering money from Ukraine to Hunter. The only reason is that Conservatives are sick of the media, Hollywood and other regressive leftists telling us how to be PC. I cannot see how looney leftists and conservatives can live together. Liberals can all move to California and Honduras where you can smoke dope in your transgender toilets together while supporting BLM riots

    1. In 2015 he called him a kook, and said if they nominate trump, he would destroy the Republican party, and in 2021 he said he tried and he’s had enough. Take out everything in between and Lady G is a good Republican.

    2. Agree– how can anyone care about what a senator says, when that same senator blamed Obama for the Iraq War?

    1. @bngr bngr You need better facts. She signed that away in an agreement years ago. So no. Not true… though she should have had a right to some of it.

    2. @Mike T I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Given how popular the orange menace still is he would win the primaries easily.
      And if the Democrats run with another catastrophe like Clinton, Trump will get his second term.

    3. @TV Junkie Myself along with the majority of Americans, some of who previously supported Trump now see what a disgrace he and his family truly are will see to it that he will never be elected again. You can count on it! Seriously, if Joe Biden can beat Trump, he doesn’t have a chance. Like I said 4 years ago, he is his own worst enemy and how his so called legacy ends proves my point. Not only will he not be elected again, he’ll have bigger more pressing issues to deal with once his presidential protections are gone.

    4. @TheBioExplorer the grandfather left part of his estate to his son, her dad, her father died before her grandfather died. So the grandfather left the estate to his surviving children. He never left the bulk of his estate directly to his grandchildren.

    1. There was a book I read where one of the characters said if you have to choose between fighting evil and fighting stupidity pick, evil every time. Evil only gets uppity every once in a while. Stupidity is every day of the week.

  2. We have the world’s most dangerous man living comfortably in the White House. If those people were from another country or blacks, you would be hunting them down.

    1. I wonder if Trump would have told them to go to school if they would have listened, because they seriously need it. Trump U

    2. @RuBaron715 You missed your calling ,should of been a comedian ,but your act would of flopped. Trump supporters know how to read the constitution ,something democrats obviously did not do or they would of known what they did in Pennsylvania was unconstitutional.

    3. @RuBaron715 The Pa. constitution states that all votes must be counted by midnight on election day and only state legislature can change election law but the secretary of state who is NOT eligible to change the law did so setting no time limit so to keep counting votes days afterwards until they FOUND enough votes for a Biden win. Also supreme court Judge Alito issued an order to sequester votes received and counted after election day which they ignored.

    4. @Lee Kumiega yet, that state alone was not enough for him to win. Too many people from both sides have counted and recounted the votes. He lost. Somebody would have found massive fraud in multiple states by now.

    1. @Mr. Rideshare You do have to give creepy joe credit for all the sniffing he’s done on women and children for 47 years.

    2. Twitter has actually DESTROYED or REMOVED ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE by banning Trump’s account, as their was A LOT of the evidence compiled on his twitter feed..
      Just sayin’..

  3. Lindsay Graham should be followed like this for the rest of his life. He’s a person who’s life has been to follow the direction of his personal interests and money never the American people

    1. @Steve Murray I’m stoking the fires because I think the election was stolen and I’m demanding proof it wasn’t ?

      You call that stoking the fires? Wanting legitimate proof is not stoking the fires…..

      You see I don’t believe that, in my eyes they have stolen an election of a Nation who prides itself on being free just and fair…… But now we are neither free or just or Fair….

    2. @Steve Murray I know how you feel Steve the machine hasn’t turned against you yet……
      Just give it time soon the chickens will come home to roost..
      Just wait until YouTube starts silencing your voice your opinion…

    3. 45% of republican voters support the insurrection? We have totally fallen. Social media, Rupert Murdoch and their minions have brought the downfall of one of the greatest democracies the world has ever known, all for a goddammed dollar. OK, trillions of dollars. Still, was it worth it?

  4. Trump knew exactly what he was telling the people so that they would act upon his request he says things in subliminal messages but people understand exactly what he’s saying.

    1. This why he said he ran Republican ( he was Democrat until 2008 or 2009), they are easy to rile up and influence.
      I bet you tRumpers don’t even know that fun fact.

    2. Giuliani called for “trial by combat” at the exact rally that protestors later pillaged capitol hill at. There is no way they’re gonna get away with this one.

    3. Twitter has actually DESTROYED or REMOVED ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE by banning Trump’s account, as their was A LOT of the evidence compiled on his twitter feed..
      Just sayin’..

  5. This is a lesson for all those who think “words” don’t matter. They do. And words of LIES can kill. Believe it now?

    1. Twitter has actually DESTROYED or REMOVED ELECTION FRAUD EVIDENCE by banning Trump’s account, as their was A LOT of the evidence compiled on his twitter feed..
      Just sayin’..

    2. @LEANDRO SANABRIA Patrice Cullors Co- Founder Of BLM – On NBC TV “We are very obsessed with property damage,property damage is seen as sort of like the pinnacle of destruction and violence”

    3. Patrice Cullors Co- Founder Of BLM – On NBC TV “We are very obsessed with property damage,property damage is seen as sort of like the pinnacle of destruction and violence”

    4. This is a lesson for all those who think “personal responsibility” doesn’t matter. It does. Personal responsibility can save. Believe it now? There, I fixed what you wrote.
      Also, anyone who advocates for censorship is an Anti-Humanist.

    1. Polish a criminal legacy?
      What world are these appeasement republicans living in? They are all making excuses for Trump.
      Treacherous Republican Party is killing America everday that they govern.
      ® ®

    2. @Jenny McHugh so this free country allows YOU to say what you want but I should shut my pie hole? The irony

    3. @Enevra Majestikah what crimes exactly? You mean doing backroom deals with China?
      Sending trump Jr to China, and setting Jr up in a Ukrainian company with no experience, while paying him millions in exchange for Whitehouse influence ?

      Cmon man, that was all Joe biden.

      You tried impeachment trump for exposing the corruption of your beloved biden, then Saint haha.

    4. @Jenny McHugh I feel like I’m arguing with my wife the best course of action is to agree and move on.
      Ok you’re right

  6. This was an organized inside job, the treasonous mob easily got in and walked around for hours with there confederate flags and freely walked out like they just had a fun day at Disneyland.

  7. ..”be strong…” meant : endure any bone spur pain to persevere at kickin’ down the doors and kickin’ in the windows illegally. but to not sell loose cigarettes cuz penalty for that – death

  8. I take issue with your premise “it didn’t have to end this way.”
    Knowing all we know about trump and his narcissism it was always going to end this way.

    1. @joe thompson Yep, but they want to believe the “big lie” they tell themselves, so there will be no real change in the Republican Party after Trump is gone.

      This happened before when Michael Steele was in charge of the GOP, they developed a strategy to get more minorities and women voters but they were afraid it would cost them their base. So they fired Steele, trashed his plan, and doubled down on getting more of their base out to vote instead.

      I expect more of the same … “rinse and repeat”

  9. Trump: I’ll see Biden in prison.
    Biden: What makes Trump believe that I would want to visit him in prison?

    1. @poolplayer poolplayer Will water ever stop being wet? will sky ever stop being blue? will politicians ever stop lying?

  10. After this terrible event whoever have said “traitors” whether they be from MAGA, QAnon, Proud boys or other Trump supporters. They have revealed themselves as the true traitors and terrorist of the country.

    1. the cult that is Trumpism is just sick, and all those people are delusional. Its not really their fault; they have been fed hate and lies for years.

    2. as Antifa and BLM continue having bible studies and spreading the word of Jesus. hey man your smokin the good stuff, can I have some

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