Capitol riot video appears to show attack on slain officer

CNN's Jessica Schneider reports on new video obtained by The New York Times that appears to show an attack on slain officer Brian Sicknick during the January 6 Capitol riot.

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    1. Donald trump ” it was antifa” ; ” no it was maga i know maga i was there” Kevin mcarthy😂😂😂

    2. @Jonathan Dale any service members wearing a MAGA hat are a disgrace to their uniforms, organization, and country.

    1. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes And they damn near accomplished it…Thank God they didn’t succeed, But they will succeed at their next job……On the chain gang picking vegetables for “The Project/Trailer Park” People….So don’t worry you will continue to get your fresh vegs.and other food you get from your food stamp card💳🥒🥕🥔🍅🍠& ur🍆😋🤣😂😎So go ahead thank God for The DOC👨‍💻👩‍💻 latest employees🚍👫👫🕺🕺🏢👮‍♀️🙏’😂🤣😅😍😎👍👍

    1. @Noneshere President Biden wasn’t even there that day. They were there to execute vice president Mike pence.

    2. @James Borden because the president is the only one who can activate the national guard because DC is not a state. Not yet anyhow. So it fell to pence as vice president. Flynn’s brother in the Pentagon probably obstructed it all. It’s under investigation.

    1. Thats how facism works kid, one political side can do whatever they want, the other political side isn’t allowed to defend itself, just like they did in 1930s Germany, and Italy

    2. @Don Nwzad 2 billion in damage caused by false flag right extremist posing as BLM? Lmao

      Miss us with that 3% of those protests became riots but faux news would never show you that 🤫 🤐

    1. @JWong I got law book so I know 😁 but thx if you passed a secret to another country is called spying not treason 😁

    2. While I don’t agree with riots from any side I’ll at least give these chumps credit for bringing their fight directly to the people they have grievances with. Not like the left, which were the cause of over 250 riots throughout the summer, that targeted diners, motorists, store owners etc. for beatings, robbery and even murder.
      And how about some of the same people in the senate and Congress that want to take away your right to own a gun calls up 25,000 armed soldiers to protect them after the riot?

    3. @oregon 1961 Her husband? I think she’s common law married to her brother or father. You know how inbred Trump supporters are.

    1. @Actual You’re the one playing whataboutism games. The location is not as important as the intentions. The seditionists intended to hang the former VP, take members of Congress hostage, and interrupt an official government proceeding with the goal of overturning an election. Now the “kracken” lawyer tells the truth that it was all a lie in court and you cant help yourself ignore those facts and instead blame others.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em I never said they were threatening them at the polls, but maybe they were. And acquitted means not enough evidence to convict ergo, innocent.

    3. @bennmaz You keep talking but nothing of value comes out. Also you can stop explaining what the capitol riot people did, I already know, and I already said I disagree with it. There is no comparison between the social and economic damage caused at the capitol and the the riots from leftists all of 2020. They leftists caused wayyyyyy more damage. I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy of people who think the capitol was worse, it objectively wasn’t on all levels: socially, economically, numerically, politically.

    4. @Actual you were implying they were harassing people at the polls, trump supporters also vandalized the homes of democrats. And acquitted is not innocent, especially in trumps case. Not enough evidence doesn’t mean innocent. How many times did Al Capone or John Gotti get off? We all know they were guilty of ,any crimes, not just the ones they were convicted of. Same goes for Trump. And in trumps case we had biased jurors who would acquit no matter what

    1. @James Chauvet The good news?
      Such things warn you ahead of time that whoever has it on is an imbecile, thus to be avoided.

    2. @Noneshere A “not guilty” verdict from a blatantly rigged jury is nowhere near “not guilty” and merely proves the complicity and corruption of those “jurors”.

    1. @odell daniel by weaponize, you mean actual law enforcment going after actual criminals, right??

  1. What puzzles me is the fact that people are brushing this whole Capitol riot off as no big deal when it truly _is_ a big deal.

    1. @kevin mcconnell Their actions led to what happened. Personal Responsibility. If you want equality then they are responsible for what happened. Shouldn’t have attacked a cop or reached into the car. That’s just dumb. Got what they asked for.

    2. @kevin mcconnell Well there was a woman that shot a cop because he found drugs on her. She resisted arrest,shot him ,and then left the scene where she crashed and died. The cop lived but because he was so nice about it he could have died. This is exactly why you don’t resist arrest. This is exactly why you don’t let criminals go into their car during a stop. You are the one making it about race lmao. I don’t believe Trump supporters are the ones that started the riots but even if they did this would be the first Trump supporters did riot. How many months did BLM and Antifa riot while Democrats cheered them on and let it happen? Nothing compared to what the Democrats did. Officer David Dorn died because of those riots. Y’all were saying f the police but all of a sudden now you care about the police at the Capitol haha y’all are so fake.

    3. @Stephanie Marie
      attacked what cop?
      Reached inside what car?

      I don’t want equality, I’m pretty damn happy with my make white privilege, why would I give that up for equality?
      If I’m walking at the front of a demonstration and a bad actor joins at the back, and then commits a crime,
      are you saying I too am guilty by association?

    4. Of course they want to brush it off, they are the type of people used to shrugging off their responsibility while simultaneously expecting and demanding the highest standards for nothing else but their own convenience.

    5. @Zippy Doo they do that because the two things have nothing to do with each other. It is a good example of unintentionally telling everyone that you’re a racist piece of trash though when you constantly try to equate them.

    1. These guys aren’t going to flip. They believe they will get pardoned in 2024 when their god remounts the gold plated toilet he puts in the white house. Then receive medals. They’ll try to flip when he loses and reality sets in.

    2. @Sophia Estella that was the lose plan. Thank the almighty it didn’t happen. But, more is to come. Let’s be strong? Victory to the light. So that darkness never prevails?

    3. @Mountain Scribbler You just may be right. I keep underestimating their level of stupidity/being brainwashed. 😏

  2. Wow.. all that evidence and the suspects are still being “investigated”. Imagine if the insurrection were antifa/BLM.

    1. @Sniffy Joe As they invariably are… before the police wade in with their batons and tear gas to provoke violence

  3. *Common sense:* It takes something VERY POTENT to stop a bear from attack. * And If a chemical deterrant agent is made for use on a *very large animal* such as a bear and an ignorant violent person brought it with intent on using it against security and law enforcement and it kills someone, then he’s not just an ignorant violent person, he’s a killer. There’s a reason why we don’t give children the same dose of meds as adults and we don’t use the same amount of elephant or horse tranquilizers on humans. Same line of reasoning.

    1. @eric brosofske I thought I may have heard something like normal human pepper spray being designed to hurt humans so more potent for humans. Thanks for the info

    2. @Bill Casey Hes actually right. I just looked into it & found this:
      “Although pepper spray and bear spray contain the same active chemical, they are not the same thing. Bear spray has a much lower concentration of oleoresin capsicum, and should only be used as a bear deterrent.
      Pepper spray is a self defense weapon intended to incapacitate human threats, and it is very effective at doing this due to its higher concentration of oleoresin capsicum. If you are serious about self defense, go purchase some pepper spray. If you are a hiker or camper in bear country, buy some bear spray.”

      If bear spray has a lower concentration of the active ingredient used to incapacitate people then it has to be weaker because the active ingredient is the only thing that really matters. The rest is filler. OP was right in general about stuff like that but this seems to be the exception to the rule

    3. @eric brosofske
      You were right, and I was not.
      Maybe bear spray is stickier? I’ve heard that the sprays that actually come out as a gel are harder to deal with …

  4. Um… can we just go ahead and label these groups as terrorist groups and send the convicted to Guantanamo??

    1. @Jon Mord BLM didn’t cause an insurrection, and is not a grassroots militia. Cry more fascist. Your tears are delicious.

    2. @DriveInFreak I’m not scared of ICP. Juggalos. I was just pointing out. If our government can label Juggalos as a gang. They should do the same for, Proud Boys, oath keepers, 3%, Antifa, KKK, etc.
      What is the difference between them and bikers, mobsters, or street gangs fighting over turf?
      Ur a dumbass. I didn’t say we should label Juggalos as a gang. The government did that. But the Juggalos marched on Washington, and had it reversed.

  5. If sedition is not the offence these people are changed with, there is no such thing as sedition. This was not all fun and games, people died.

    1. @A T show me the footage of ANY BLM protestor storming a government building

      Or attempting to kidnap a US governor.

      YOU CAN’T bc it never happened

    2. Forget Sedition.. every single neaderthug in that blgd should be charged w accessory to Capitol Felony Murder.. since a cop DIED in commission of the crime..

  6. I say give them all the entire weight of the law, throw the book at them, every single one of those people! Make examples out of every single person, all of them!

    1. @Lem Lovel you guys are too uneducated to even know what word means…I would say read a book on civil rights…but we both know that’s not going happen

    2. @William Springer You can’t name one racist. You fall for the same fascist propaganda you always fall for.

    1. Imagine if they listen to what they were “allowed” to do, they wouldn’t of stormed the capitol.

    2. @Le Semen Demon
      I think they didn’t want to risk getting stopped and arrested before they could get to the capitol.
      I suspect they thought if they didn’t have guns what they did to get inside wouldn’t be charged as a crime.
      They don’t want to shoot fellow Drmpf supporters and despite the attempt to blame them, they knew BLM wouldn’t venture into that white sea of people, who would be there to “accidentally” shoot?
      I’m serious.
      White supremacists loud and proud.
      They knew the batons, bear spray, and other weapons could do a lot of damage but allow an
      “all I had was a flag”
      “I had it for protection from antifa”
      It wasn’t obeying the law it was strategy for some, fear of trouble for many others.

    3. @missy uneek Yeah, that is nonsense. If an insurrection were the goal, we all know the entire crowd would have been armed to the teeth. The could have easily just shot there way to the capital.
      They would still be in there to this day.

      That is a neat story you have there. But you need to separate your imagination from it.

  7. It’s sad. This guy made the ultimate sacrifice and was one of the few people who did the right thing that day.

    1. there were a few taking selfies with the traitors but i think for the most part, the Capitol police were doing the right thing that day.

  8. Meggs -“DC is no guns. So mace and gas masks.” In another locale they would have brought guns and this could have been much more deadly. DC has gun control restrictions and they appear to have worked to saved lives.

    1. @Spencer PhilippineDream not really all you’ve done is fuled the concept of we need guns to make sure the goverment not corrupt. I’m pro gun but I’m no trump supporter lol

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