Lemon: Lindsey Graham downplays Trump’s dangerous rhetoric

CNN's Don Lemon reacts after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) downplays the role of former President Donald Trump's rhetoric in the rise of crimes against Asian-Americans.

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    1. @Brian Jones No,because he has big money donors backing him plus voter suppression,and gerrymandering

    2. @PIPE DOWN Lol Jamie had big donors too and gerrymandering isn’t that effective in statewide contest

    1. @Clevis Bernier fk…fox news number one for lying bs…that’s why they’re being sued. Murdoch’s media is fact twisting and manipulative …that’s why he has turds instead of people presenting. Apart from Wallace…can’t understand how he can work there.

    2. @pat lockwood no, CNN and MSNBC take the cake in that department. Their channel has been nothing but crazy conspiracy theories, fear mongering, and spreading hate since Donald Trump started running.

    3. @Bill Burgess Well inclusiveness is preferable to exclusiveness…why shouldn’t there be a balance to diversity…is that so bad?
      I don’t doubt what you’re saying…I just don’t know otherwise…but if Harris didn’t like Biden before but now they’re associates…friends whatever…is that so unusual…wouldn’t be the first time? There’s so much flip flopping going on everywhere! Look at the somersaulting, backflipping flipfloping Lindsey Graham has done in regards to the love of his life – trump. McCarthy, Mcconnell, Cruz…so many change their rhetoric to fit their agenda. Most of them are liars…I just think the republicans do it so easily.

      Or maybe she just changed her mind for justifiable reasons?
      But I’m watching and waiting before I’d make a such a sweeping statement as his administration is failing…early days yet.

  1. “Do you know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell” -Lindsey Graham 2015

    1. @D j mahaney you not right in head fuss with A Old Lady Have Respect oh I for got Your mom Did Not learn You No RESPECT for Older people 😜🤣

  2. This is one guy that has to keep himself relevant in everything. It is sad how bad this guy wants to be on t.v. all the time. He is pathetic traitor to his country. He should of squared up with those fools at the airport and shown people I stand up for myself

    1. Graham looks like he is on some kind of drug…all that lying is finally returning to haunt him…maybe?

    2. @DobyxRC the same as Obama constantly being blamed and he’s been out of office way longer than dumprump! Hypocrite


    1. You’re a racist, but don’t let that distract from the fact you can save 30% or more on car insurance through Geico.

    2. @Dean F. You know that. I know that. Most people following the pandemic should know that. Yet the most powerful man who was supposed to be leading America had no clue what it meant? This. This is him downplaying something and making it seem insignificant. What an absolute joke! This is why he was voted out. America HAS to learn from this.

  3. I just see fear in Lindsey’s eyes. Every time he talks anymore he looks like he has aged another couple of years. It is obvious that Trump is forcing Graham to say these things and you need to cut the rope Trump has on you Lindsey, for your health because what you are doing, obviously, you are not happy with it.

    1. @Gertjan Schaatsbergen 👈. It continues to baffle me how people like you think they know the person that they’re talking about and they are complete strangers? I’m very happy with my life, I love my family, I fly for a living, I see the world, and I just come here for entertainment. I don’t watch Fox news, I have no idea what you’re talking about with Tucker Carlson, and you just sound like you’re full of hot air.
      Biden‘s so-called press conference last night was an embarrassment to the world and I really think you know this. Preselected reporters, pre-rehearsed questions and answers, he even had answer cards in his hands, what kind of press conference is this? There were no hardball questions tossed at him. To the world watching him they were probably laughing their butts off. So you continue to be your little armchair psychologist but in Reality you are one reason I come here. Not just you personally but people like you for entertainment and you never seem to let me down.

    2. @M Hall if it is true you see the world, I wonder where you have been. Yes Biden is boring, no scandal to cover up a scandal. Just adult behavior getting things done. It is a breath of fresh air.

    3. @Gertjan Schaatsbergen 👈 I see Biden ruining the USA. Biden’s boring? It’s more than that, he is not all there. It amazes me that if all the smart sharp people in this world the demon picked they picked a racist demented old man closing in on 80 years old. It was a set up and most Americans are not stupid.
      Been everywhere. Last week and the were Texas, Florida, Ohio, Dulles, etc etc. Recent before this Narita, Tel Aviv, Shannon, etc etc.

    4. @M Hall the big lie has been debunked. Powell’s attorneys confirm (reasonable people would not believe her), 60 more lost court cases confirm, Giuliani’s statements in court confirm. Don’t feel like anything I write will change your mind though.

    5. @Gertjan Schaatsbergen oh, by the way, just because people are Trump supporters doesn’t make them white supremacists. They want a safe, loving America where they have their freedoms and rights for all people. Trump is not racist and many of his friends are of color. The corrupt media and democrats make you think that. You are part of the problem, everytime someone else is saying something that you disagree with you call them white supremacists. You say that you want equality but yet your words and new narrative of democrats are of hate towards others and divisive. Calling people out as racist is hateful. My comments had absolutely no racist comment in it. So maybe, you are the problem or you are going about expressing yourself wrong. Stop calling people white supremacists. THIS IS HATE

    1. True.. Spain was neutral in WW1 and was the only country that Allied News could report bad news from… with all the reports of flu deaths in Spain… it got labelled as Spanish even tho all of Europe had it… Thanks again.

  4. He is literally the closeted gay kid who acts like he believes in conservative politics to avoid the suspicion that he’s gay

    1. Really don’t like the name calling from anyone, the man has been corrupted by power and money and that the only relevant fact

    2. So I will say it, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, Now cry me a river Chinese News Network CNN, & btw this “Third world “Garbage” of a reporter should be ashamed of himself

    3. @Don Nwzad maybe insteada spending so much of your time and energy on hating people you could turn that negative energy into motivation to become a better member of society 👌

    4. Dem flood millions of illegal without passport or legal document……..or even a background check..

  5. Your journalists let them get off too easy … just interrupt and say “can you answer the question I asked please?”

    1. @Vicki Richardville your just hiding behind youtube saying that just stop and be a man who can think for himself. Learn how to question the truth even if your wrong. Live up to your mistakees.

    2. @Jake Espun I’ve been around for quite a while. I have children older than you. I’m actually a retired nurse from 39 years of working. You don’t have a clue. Trump can’t even read or spell and he knows nothing but how to cheat people out of their money. He allowed Putin to put bounties
      on our U.S.. soldiers and never once answered for it.

    3. @Vicki Richardville hahaha are you serious buddy lool did you watch biden speech idk man but dont compare slow Biden to trump.

    4. @Vicki Richardville yeah and what is happening around the world tell me do you know what china is doing the “CCP” (CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY) want world domination since biden was elected.

    1. So I will say it, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, Now cry me a river Chinese News Network CNN, & btw this “Third world “Garbage” of a reporter should be ashamed of himself

    2. @Nathan Bigsby would that be the same Nazi’s that the White Nationalist from this country aspouse to be? Would that be the same Nazi’s that White Nationalist from this country, flags where being carried during the insurrection of the American Government? Would that be the same Nazi Party, whose symbol was the design for the CPAC stage? As I remember, the Nazi’s where concerned with taking not only guns, but the valubles and lives of the Jews and Gypsys. REPUBLIKKKAN talking points are PATHETIC.

    3. @Howard Holloman keep in mind what ultimately happened to the nazi’s. They were annihilated by people like my great uncle in WW2. Nazi’s AlWAYS end up on the wrong side of history-as will the trump-faux wannab, traitor nazi’s.

  6. Photos will come out with him at Mar-a-Lago… in kneepads and dog collar, with Capt. $750 in front and Putin from the rear.

    1. So I will say it, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, Now cry me a river Chinese News Network CNN, & btw this “Third world “Garbage” of a reporter should be ashamed of himself

  7. The Spanish Flu started in Kansas. Read more about how it “became” the “Spanish Flu.” History matters.

    1. ​@goeast12 Nope, not what I’m saying at all. Also, comparing Thomas Jefferson to Adolf Hitler is a little off.

    2. @Bradley Gleason No one has ever threatened to take Thomas Jefferson or fellow slave owner George Washington off of Mount Rushmore. They are too central to the founding of this country, even though they were hypocritical, cruel and sadistic and they knew slavery was wrong. Now a shitty treasonous confederate general is something totally different. We should pull their monuments down and then give the fellow treasonous bastards that stormed the capital on Jan 6th nice long prison sentences.

    3. @goeast12 What about the rest of the rioters from 2020-2021 (Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, etc.)? Same punishment for them? Or are they somehow justified in the destruction of the country?

    4. @Bradley Gleason Did they commit treason? No. Did they attack our democracy, which is the very foundation of this country? No. Did they try to overturn a fair and legitimate election? No. Instead, after once again seeing on film a black man being murdered by the cops, and we have a very long history of murdering black people, they took a stand against our almost 400 years of psychotic and pathological behavior.

    5. @goeast12 Twice as many white people were killed by cops in 2020 than black people. Also, many more killings of black people are committed by fellow community members than they are by police officers, and most of the fellow community members are not white. This is reality.

  8. You can tell by the look on his face, even Lindsey Graham is disgusted by the lies that pour out of Lindsey’s Lie-Hole.

    1. I’m glad you both see that too, by Lindseys facial expressions I would swear someone is holding the guy at gunpoint!

    2. Senator Graham is not a liar. He is an honest and honorable Christian family man, and a patriotic American hero.

  9. Lindsey Graham’s face is melting, I think trumps presidency was harder on Lindsey than on trump.

    1. @Ginger Miller What you said about Kinzinger spot on. But it is odd to see a republican act normal or even sane.

    2. Perhaps Graham is having trouble following the political winds, as he is prone to do. That is why he flip-flopped on Trump so much over the last few years. He must now be having trouble dealing with that huge low pressure area at Mar-A-Largo that keeps sucking him in to do Trump’s bidding. The days of thinking he could be the “Trump whisperer” are over.

  10. I am from Spain and would like you all to know, that the Flu of 1918, originated in Kansas…that’s what we call it!!!

    1. @Terry Mckenna no one has ever said it came from china, if so can you supply any evidence as that is the first time i’ve ever heard that…..sounds like trump BS

    2. It was called the Spanish Flu because the Spanish were not involved in the WW1(busy with their own dictator), thus had no reason to minimize the number of their citizens dying of the Spanish Flu. Countries(UK, Germany, US, etc….) involved in the war intentionally censored their own media(radio, newspaper) coverage to hide the devastation experienced(national security issue, could not appear vulnerable to their enemies).
      I also remember this flu was traced back to a pig farm in Kansas(an enlisted man), was spread from his farm to a military base(that was overcrowded, an unprepared for the number of enlisted men diverted to this base). These same soliders were transported overseas, quite a few did not survive to fight in WW1.
      Viruses come from anywhere in our natural or increasingly unnatural(man-manipulated) world. We are surrounded by pathogens, where a virus comes from does not matter, we are all human, should treat each other humanly, with respect and dignity.
      Stay safe, be kind.

    1. @Yahoo Admin Was wondering if you get a divorce from your wife, will you still be brother and sister?

  11. The party that crows about “personal responsibility” sure hates to take ANY responsibility for their words and actions.

    1. When all the incompetent far right senator’s talk it’s like watching a comedy show. Keeps me laughin though cant lie

    2. People stop watching CNN let’s put them out of business. To this point they have lost 50% of there viewers if they keep it up they have no choice then to fold or change there attitude.

    3. @Joe Watson C’mon Joe, it’s like telling people to stop listening to the truth. CNN is based off of facts and only facts, it’s time to face the truth and accept it.

  12. These idiots. So many times I’ve heard them mention “Spainish flu” are they aware where Spainish flu originated? Kansas…yes, in the USA.

    1. Exactly. I believe the only reason it’s called the Spanish flu is because the Spanish press reported it first but you’re correct that it originated from Kansas.

    2. the Americans covered up the flu in 1918 . the Spanish broke the news . so the Americans called it the Spanish flu to distract from themselves

    3. To be fair, nobody really knew for sure where it originated from, but they definitely knew people were infected with it well before anyone in Spain contracted the disease.

    4. First known cases of the Spanish Flu were recorded in an army training base in Kansas in 1917. At the time doctors were monitoring a Typhus outbreak among the troops.
      Those troops shipped to Europe in 1917 and the flu spread to allied British and French troops, then to the German and Austrians after Allied troops were captured. It was an epidemic in 1918 but wartime censorship mean that no nation wanted to report on large numbers of troops getting ill.
      Spain was neutral so had little wartime censorship and the first newspaper reporting of this new influenza strain was in Spain in 1918. By the end of 1918, early 1919 the troops in Europe were sent home and they took this ‘Spanish Flu” to all corners of the globe.

      So while no-one knows where this flu originated because it was first recorded in Kansas by the logic of the GOP it should be called the Kansas flu or the American virus. (“dumb flu” in honour of MAGA cultists!!)

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