Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison | MSNBC 1

Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison | MSNBC


Paul Allard Hodgkins has been sentenced to eight months in prison for his actions during the January 6 Capitol riot. NBC's Pete Williams reports on the charges and what this could mean as the first felony case related to the riot.

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Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison | MSNBC


  1. This light sentence will send a message to everyone who supports these seditious people that it is no big deal to resort to violence. Can’t wait for the show to begin.

  2. Cops lost their lives during this terrorist act, shouldn’t he be charged with conspiracy to commit?

  3. This guy was worried about his job and himself when it came to his sentencing. That shows no remorse for the deaths, injuries and damage done that day, of which he intentionally took part in with full intent and motive to to harm and damage. This is too low of a jail sentence for these domestic terrorist.

  4. He should have thought about his job before he decided to break the law. But 8 months? Seriously?

  5. He was caught up in the moment!!!!! (When he packed his rope and goggles on his visit to Washington DC.)

    1. As evidence of massive voter fraud is coming ,Paul will be exonerated as a true patriot and hero . Now all you supporters of joke briben you are also supporting censorship , cronyism and fake medias .I guess when finally cannibalism will arrive in your ghettos , it will wake you up . Now I would like to see what sentences had been given to antifa, blm and all those who rioted ,killed and destroyed millions of $ worth of property .

    2. @croton on hudson why weren’t you a true Patriot hero and geared up with some tactical gear, zip ties and a gas mask and stormed the capital. You could have made the difference. You now need to get out there and be a warrior for Trump! Don’t hide behind the keyboard, make it known what you stand for. Listen to the voice in your head.

  6. Donald Trump: “I’ll walk to the Capitol with you.”
    Translation: You are on your own, losers.

  7. Meanwhile, some very specific people caught 3 times with weed are serving decades in jail… SMFH

    1. @Dub Lightyears Anyone could lose to any kind of Fart, grief, burp if you cheat

    2. @Jina Ringhofer Yeah unfortunately YouTube is a Democrat owned company so they love to delete my account… Hello 👋🏻!!!

  8. There’s so many down-votes. I can only conclude that those who down-voted think he didn’t get enough time!

  9. “Now go home and memorize what you need to say to the judge…be sincere too…” This guy does not give a hoot about what he did…in fact, he will continue his BS in jail…

  10. Meanwhile, a Black woman like Kelley Williams-Bolar gets a 5-year prison sentence plus a $30,000 fine for using the wrong address to try to get her 2 kids into a better public school.

    1. & the $30,000 “fine” was tuition to the school she was ordered to pay because the “scholarships” her children were granted were privately funded scholarships only available to children in the district.

  11. So, let me get this straight. Black woman sleeping in her own bed = death penalty. Angry white guy actively participating in a coup to overthrow the government = 8 months in jail. We’ve lost our collective minds.

  12. I know someone who served 10 years for pulling out a gun for defense….. that’s it. These folks attacked police officers while trespassing the US Capitol. Atleast 20 years behind bar?

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