Captured Belarus Journalist Praises Dictator In Propaganda Video 1

Captured Belarus Journalist Praises Dictator In Propaganda Video


Belarus opposition journalist Roman Protasevich appeared on state television in a disturbing propaganda video where he condemned fellow opposition activists and lavished praise on authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko. Matt Bodner joins Ayman from St. Petersburg, Russia

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    1. It would be funny, if it wasn’t happening all over the world. The last time the world governments slipped into dictatorships we had a World War.

    1. @Lori Broadbent you know, you have read the reports, from those that made it out and from the bodies. im betting he is hoping she is ok, and we will find her body.

    2. @DAYBROK3 I hope she is alive, though god knows what shape she’s in. Canada and US need to either exert diplomatic pressure or mount a rescue of some kind. Argo is a good reference, although different circumstances would apply.

    1. Fox News: Freedom fighting Journalist hijacks plane & flies to into democratic leaders open arms!

  1. A forced hostage reading on video by terrorists = Stable Genius reading on camera, being held hostage by correct grammar.

  2. It’s time for Europe and America to step up and instigate more massive, severe sanctions on Belarus and their government!

  3. Should put sanctions on Belarus and their leader as the only way they can get someone to falsify their true feelings is with threats and torture or both.

    1. Nobody gives a flying f..k about your sanctions. They brought us closer and made us stronger. Instead of wasting tax payers billions on puppet regime installments you could have gave it to the poor with no food and water.

  4. Ppl who was spottet near demonstrations get sentence of 4-5years in work camps. Even couples. And their kids are moved to orphaneges. HOW CAN THE WORLD ALLOW SUCH REGIME ABUSE?
    Belarus need to be totally boycottet. Sure it will hurt ppl too, but this is only way. Import/export ban, totally isolation. And if stuff is traded trough Russia, huge fines for the companies.

  5. Hmm yes i must now believe the belarus president is a great man. Just like every well treated captured person in a dictatorship

    1. And yet he took every opportunity to talk to journalist lol. Unlike sleepy Joe! LOL. TDS much?

    2. @PC Principal Trump Derangement Syndrome = Trump Support

      Sorry to break the news to you.

    3. @Jesus Chroist I’m just happy we have Joe. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to find the vaccine on Mars.

  6. Is this kind of brutality what some sick Americans want?? They should thank God they escaped it narrowly!! Be wise folks,be wise!!

  7. Can these dictators be that naive to expect normal human beings to believe this video? Or are the Belarus citizens that fanatical?

  8. Everyone should do themselves a solid and review geopolitical and geoeconomics history, particularly the early 20th century. The similarities with current events is alarming.

  9. might be a little old for some people but this is so vietnam war, cold war, and other dictator run countries. he is being tortured.

    1. Not just Vietnam, but also Korea. US GIs, captured, then forced to denounce their country through torture.

  10. Just remember this is what Trump and his supporters want when they say they want to be more like Russia and kept attacking journalists.

  11. Seems to me to beg the question: why again does the free world not assassinate ANOTHER monster??? What’s wrong with us cowards?

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