1. they simply don’t make them like her anymore! she sang that song and it instantly took me back 40 plus years! love her!

  2. I’m almost 43 and I can remember watching Carol Burnett reruns with my mom. We still love her. Her, Betty White and Phyllis Diller (spelling?) are three of the funniest PEOPLE ever. We need more women comedians!!

  3. She really is a national treasure and the last of a dying breed. Bless you Carol Burnett! 😊🙏🏿❤️

  4. Miss Carol Burnett’s kind of clean, family friendly comedy shows. No vulgarity. Genuinely funny, gut-busting laughter.

    Similar to the Golden Girls. Scripts were so funny and relatable.

  5. Carol Burnett and her crew were absolutely hilarious! Crazy funny!! They could’ve played their skits forever, and I’d still be watching…

  6. There IS a pea under my mattress and it keeps me tossing and remembering her timeless performance 🎉❤

  7. I grew up watching Catil Burnett and her goodbye song always made me feel like I was saying goodbye to a friend and hearing it now and her tugging her ear to give a message to her grandma has brought so many tood memories

  8. You can believe what I have to say or not. Carol and I were close friends for about 13 years. When she visited New York, Carol always visited my pet supply store to get food and other things for her cat Mabel and that’s how our friendship began. Always had her seats to see her latest Broadway show. After the show was over I was invited to go backstage with my wife to visit her and she called me up first before so many other important theater producers and other famous people who were waiting to see her.

    Miss you Carol… Neil

  9. Carol Burnett has always been a class act. I’ve never heard anything but great things about her.

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