1. Dominion voting owns our elections. Does anyone really think it’s a good idea to have our voting system run by a private company? Nothing will change until this does.

    2. @MichaelDWhitted  I have, have you? Johnson was challenged. Kennedy challenged Carter, sanders throw his hands in against Obama but withdrew it. Pat Buchanan challenged g.w. bush, Reagan challenged Ford but lost and was many others.
      Where country are you from?

    3. @Michael Morningstarno one can possibly be beneath you,………you’re remark was gutter level. The audacity! Tut tut. Plus you have no idea who Robert Kennedy is. Ethics and integrity, R.F.K’s strong points are obviously over your head. You can fact check that.

  1. “Just to be clear, I will prosecute any official who engaged in criminal wrongdoing during the pandemic. Corrupt individuals are a small part of the problem. Our agencies have been captured by corporate power, but the vast majority of their staff are decent people. We need to get corporate influence out of *all* regulatory agencies so that they can serve the people honestly.” – RFK Jr

    1. @horusthehorse The more Biden and the media dislike RFK the more I like him. This Independent likes him.

    2. @TDD His voice is inherited. A ton of the Kennedy’s starting with Rose had it. His vocal cords don’t affect his brain or health. This Independent is going with RFK!! HONESTY is a good thing.

    1. Sure that his stammering, slurring and mental stalling have nothing to do with DECADES of substance abuse: Marijuana, LSD, mescaline, cocaine, heroine and who knows what else, Oh, and he says he believes he was born an alcoholic.

  2. Not having debates is NOT acceptable!! The current system is completely monopolized by a small group of insiders.

  3. I have to say, he is speaking a lot of sense. I’m really excited he’s running and will be following closely.

  4. RFK jr’s got my vote as of now. Finally someone speaking the truth and wants free speech and the better ideas to win out. We need debates. Dems will never recover. but im not sure they care

    1. @nolongerblocked If the dem party (not an individual) don’t have debates who will trust the party. who decides not to have debates? surly not RFKjr

    2. I’m an Independent and was leaning toward Trump because Biden is horrible. I have been listening to RFK and I believe he can get Dems, republicans, and independents. I like him, a lot!!

    1. @kay armstrong exactly, I’m a far left independent and I’d vote for him cuz his views on foreign policy and surveillance are leagues ahead of Biden and Trump

    2. @K X I like what RFK says. It has nothing to do with his last name. I also like that he’s a unifier, unlike trump or biden. Maybe you should do some more research on him because I think he’s what America is looking for.

    3. @Alex Wason I honestly believe he could get people from all sides. Just the fact that he’s honest and the media doesn’t want to cover him makes me like him more. I like his views on foreign policy as well. We spend more on financing other countries’ wars so that there is nothing left for Americans.

  5. I am encouraged to see RFK Jr .getting air time AND (in this particular interview) CNN’s Smerconish asked pertinent and fair questions. I felt RFK Jr. handled himself extremely well. Good exposure all around.

    1. @Sue Elliott I believe PubMed peer reviewed studies along with CDC publications are acceptable (where RFK Jr. sources most of his research). That’s the thing about a democracy, all information is allowed. It is up to the individual to research the available information and come to their own conclusion what they feel is best for themselves and family and I feel those decisions should be respected.

  6. I just finished listening to his announcement speech in Boston, and i am blown away. He’s spot on. I’m encouraged that the foundation of his views, observations and objectives is that of Love. I’m convinced this is what this country needs, and I think his message will transcend all party lines.

    He will have a rough road going against The Machine, but I have a feeling that if most Americans have an opportunity to listen to him in his own words, they will be impressed.

    1. He is someone who actually is a uniter. I’m a conservative-leaning independent and I’ve become a fan of him, too.

    2. I would agree Anne. I feel our country will not withstand to many more years of switching from far-left to far-right. In order for all to thrive, our country needs to be governed from the center. Center-right or center-left doesn’t matter as much as long as it’s governed from basically the center. Governing from the edges perpetuates fear, hate and division.

    3. I’m an Independent who was considering Trump, but I REALLY like RFK! I’ve heard other Independents and Republicans say the same.

  7. The machine showing its true colors acting tyrannical? Lets see a debate! I want to hear more of RFK he seems so logical in his thinking and views for the American future We need to pump the breaks from this train wreck!

  8. Thank you Michael for doing what your comrades won’t, be a real journalist and not a propaganda machine. I’m very grateful to finally hear some of RFK’s positions rather than the pure slander recorded in unison on the MSM. These lies and insults are why there is so much anger in our country and how the media lifted Trump into office. Keep up the good work!

    1. im glad that this journalist interviewed RFK however he certainly did not make it easy for him and interrupted him a lot. Odd considering hes a fan of RFK’s wife! 🧐. I think RFK would make a good democratic candidate. He represents real democracy unlike like the current party.

  9. Glad someone from this side finally had him on and let him speak. RFK Jr. is a great man with integrity and incredible courage. I voted Trump twice but would definitely consider voting democrat because of this man. Just take a look at the work of his uncle and father, there’s a reason why they weren’t allowed to continue on their journey. The fact that RFK Jr. understands those reasons and has decided to throw his hat in the ring anyways tells you all you need to know about his character.

    1. I agree, I don’t affiliate with a party. voted trump twice but will probably vote for Robert Kennedy jr. I’ve been listening to his speeches for the last several years and following his work. It’s impressive and he has already done so much to help Americans.

  10. See how the Media focuses on a single topic in an attempt to discredit rather than accept the much larger premise of political debate. Man, I hate what has happened to reason and truth in our Beautiful Country

    1. I noticed they use his family and wife against him, this is the second time i noticed them doing that, the first time was with that woman interviewer a few days ago

    2. @Art V. yep “oh his family isn’t on board and his wife disagrees with him!” Meanwhile Cheryll gave a great speech for him at his launch which had 20+ Kennedy family members in attendance 🤣 #Kennedy24 !

  11. The DEMS: “we are the party of democracy!”
    Also DEMS: “there will be no debates. We will inaugurate a king of our choosing”

    1. How? I have never heard of this legend until he announced his run 😅 please🤦🏾‍♀️… do you know the definition of legend?

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