Carol Leonnig: 'Donald Trump Wants That Alternate Reality Out There' 1

Carol Leonnig: ‘Donald Trump Wants That Alternate Reality Out There’


Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker join Morning Joe to discuss their new book 'I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year.'

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Carol Leonnig: 'Donald Trump wants that alternate reality out there'


    1. Okay folks, one more time.
      This is your brain.
      And Cody is your brain fkd up by the cancer of conservativsm.
      Don’t feed the troll just call him out on the thread.
      Any questions?

  1. So many American presidents have been confronted by a disaster. This was the first time the president himself was the disaster.

    1. @Pat Showers

      It’s noticable that you failed to mention where you neck of the woods is.

      You also failed to define what your opinion about what the word sick means to you.

      Are you referring to your belief that they are mentally I’ll or are they literally physically ill?

      Please be more specific.

    2. @Cody Biden did start with 14.8% unemployment rate.. Thanks to Biden it’s now only 5%.. Economy is looking great.. Inflation just means people are out there buying again cause they have money to do so.. It’s called Supply and Demand..

    3. @Sam Henry

      Referring to the situation at the border:

      On a block populated by Trump supporters had a broken water main they would insist that their officials delegate 100% of their effort bailing out their basements instead of first turning off the valve at the source.

      Harris is endeavoring to address of the problem while also addressing the consequences of the problem.

      Simpletons expect simple solutions for complex problems, and their impatience simply exacerbate the problems.

    1. Back in the 70’s he’d pretend to be a publicist named John Barron and call the media to get any scrap of attention he could weasel. PATHETIC!

    2. @Joy Flavell He did do that, and he started stupid rumors about himself in tabloids on a regular basis.
      He has always been a pathetic piece of loser seeking attention, scamming, conning, stealing, and grifting.

    1. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Biden was overwhelmingly elected president of the United’s by the people . Trump is the trash that was appointed by the electoral college whom Trump paid off hansomly to have him appointed president .

    2. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? this isn’t the venue for your inner war. Please go away. Be well, don’t fear.

    3. @Michele March It’s not a venue for communist brainwashing either, I tried to save you and still you resist. smh

    1. He has created small cults all over the world, he’s a fad for many uneducated white and angry people.

    2. Some people who used to have Jesus pictures on their walls, now have pictures of Donald.
      First of all….. he’s VERY gross…. And secondly, WHY do they think he’s their new Jesus??

    3. @Lee Rush … yes, Their racism is way bigger than any common sense! They’re scare of the replacement

  2. Okay DJ lets see all of your tape on the hugging and kissing… Just like your ‘fire-hose’ of voter fraud you couldn’t prove in a SIXTY different court rooms…

    1. I watched it too, and I saw no hugging and kissing, but lots of violent punching, crushing, yelling, and stuff being sprayed at police.
      If Donny has footage of the “hugging and kissing” … I’d like to see it.

    1. @Logan M I wonder what will happen to people like you when August comes and goes, and trump is still a has been. You gonna be ok?

    2. @Logan M
      I know this will be a waste of time, but please do explain to me what voter fraud is being revealed and by who? Because I have not seen one iota of evidence that there is actually significant voter fraud taking place anywhere. Name one judge, law-enforcement official or legislator/law maker that has proven that there was significant election fraud happening.

    3. @David Cat The Arizona State senate has proven it and the results will be handed over to the attorney general. Also there was a 60% error rate in the fulton county georgia audit.

    4. @Logan M the judges and supreme court tossed all the lawsuits out because no actual proof or evidence of vote fraud just delusional conspiracy theories and lies trump is spreading to scamming &major glifter stealing money from his supporters its doesn’t existed

    5. @Logan M
      So why hasn’t this “proof” been handed over to the attorney general yet? What are you waiting for?Just because you “think” that there was a 60% Error rate doesn’t mean there was one. Wasn’t Georgia re-counted three times? Nothing out of order was found? You people keep saying you have proof but it never ever ever gets presented.

    1. @Hmm I have to disagree with you on that one. 45 cheated so bad that made it looked like that many people voted for him and that’s why he’s screaming rigged election. He rigged it and still LOST…

    2. People are still talking about him there should be a total black-out of everything he says and does

    3. If the media stops talking on any way or form about 45 probably we could get rid of this man once for all.

    4. Exactly!!! Quit giving him airspace. If we cut off his oxygen we all know what would happen.

  3. “catastrophic” is certainly the best way to describe the Dumpster Administration and the final year with the failed blogger from MaraLardo and Covid

    1. What are his “failures” ?

      Peace in the middle ? Secure borders ? Booming economy ? Tweets that hurt you feelings ?

    2. The American economy is prospering under Biden’s competent leadership and reasonable policies.

  4. when news that the american capitol was breached on 1, 6, that was already shocking to the world. now we find out there could even have been a military coup attempt!

    1. There would never have been a military coup attempt. General Milly would never have gone alone with that.

    2. What’s even scarier than that is the fact that trump supporters believe still it was just people wanting to take selfies and nothing more. It had to be BLM and Antifa that did this all this violence dressed as trump supporters.

    3. @SIDEWINDER As if, Anyone with a functioning Brain would drop ‘good money’ for any* of the $icKening & repulsive, Trumbolina FLAGS I’ve seen!!!

  5. trump 2024 – is just a money grab, now!
    Why not just say, “hold your wallets, until i announce my candidacy, for the 2024 presidential election?

    1. @Jean Gonzales I’m starting to get worried at this point if the brainwashed have left their houses to Dumpty in their wills.

    1. @Pamela Feeney I wonder what if and kind of medicine he’s on to treat his narcissism and pyschopathy.

    2. @Christopher Barrett oh, he’s not on anything. And is proud of it. His pathology requires him to think of any kind of help as weakness.

  6. Adolf Hitler blamed all of his generals for failing him and ultimately blamed the German people for not being worthy of his vision. Frightening.

    1. Trump blames them to, thats why he tells them covid vaccines are fake. He kills them off in droves, like lemmings off a cliff. Sad really, it feels like he enjoys knowing he caused people to die no matter who it is.

    2. Just like Adolf appealed to the people of his time so does Trump do to his followers. Similarities are strikingly the same. That’s why history could repeat itself if this guy makes a comeback or something like him reappears into mainstream politics. Unfortunately we are living in dangerous times.

  7. Mitch McConnell needs to be disciplined….removed from office.
    He is why this crap continues on and on…

    1. @oldschoolfunkster1 % agree the gop needs to be gutted and rebuilt. We need at least a 2 party system for real democracy to get closer to the most perfect union.

    2. @New Usurname America needs and Independent as POTUS. Which also means NOT corporate owned. Jesse Ventura is that person who could easily win if enough people researched his political beliefs and his proven track record of beating both party by 2/3rds, with a fraction of the money, because he represented the people who’ve lost all faith in both corporate owned parties America has today. We have good politicians muzzled by their own party and a TRUE Independent, who is against ANY form of corporate ownership, and understands the TRUE cost of war mongering because they are a combat veteran. Here is a great “introduction” to Jesse Ventura for those who’ve never really knew anything about him:

      Jesse Ventura: I could win presidential election

    3. @Calista Mitsy you may be right, but his wife is in trouble and he appears to have some health issues. But Mitch could return as a powerful and dangerous player.

    1. @john smith in what way is trump a dictator?
      give me just one example
      maybe u need to lookup the definition of dictator?

    2. @Cid Sapient you’re naive if you think he’s not still dictating from his limited pulpit…

    3. @anthony matthews u cannot dictate without authority
      u still havent given one example yet either
      none of u have

    4. @Logan M One persons “Prophesy” does not outweigh the 80million votes cast by the American People to oust the Orange Sphincter. God has washed his hands of this

    5. @Logan M Of course man can stop god. All we have to do is invent a new god.

      We once cared what zeus or apollo thought, but nobody cares about them anymore.

    1. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize, he has been spewing (with the help of Faux/Fox news), that very thing, for years

    1. cyrus the same with me I can’t find not even one good reason why idiots vote for dempnRats knowing the states run by them are destroyed, califonia, chigago, etc.etc.

    2. @Gregg Robinson They are the victim too, just show America needs to improve its Education system and separating Religion from State.

    3. Within the Republican party there are gullible Trump followers and some devious people who concider him a useful fool.

      The Republican Party is currently a sorry sight to behold.

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