Carville And McKinnon Grade Biden's First 30 Days In Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Carville And McKinnon Grade Biden’s First 30 Days In Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Joe Biden has now been president for about a month. So how's he doing? We asked James Carville and Mark McKinnon for their thoughts. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Carville And McKinnon Grade Biden's First 30 Days In Office | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. ​@Gary Campbell Politics aside, this is not directly connected to POTUS (whoever they are). Seasonality based on region, supply, demand, competitor pricing, OPEC, market movement, state fuel taxes, and the station’s processing fees all dictate pricing and the impact to CPG. One day at the beginning and one day at the end doesn’t show movement. The trend over time does. Don’t forget that fueling stations have seen record penny profits on fuel the last year due to low cost (that wasn’t directly passed on to the consumer) and now as cost is gradually returning to normal, they are adjusting. The adjustment will not be kind to the consumer due to the inflated OPEX and overhead of COVID supplies and employee incentives for hazard pay. As consumer demand rises, pricing will stabilize. Crude oil is bigger than politics and their profits are bigger than nations.

    2. @Aaron Lee : All the more reason to be energy independent. Biden is proving he doesn’t want that. People are worried we will go back to $4/gal, so when they see it continue to go up they get concerned.

    3. @Aaron Lee truth here, but do you really think a qanon nut or donnie cultist is going to actually read this? Tap the glass but don’t bother feeding these trolls, they are beyond education.

    1. @L C do all “lefts” think the same. Why are you so divisive in your wording. I thought only the “right” did that? What kind of a 1st grade question is that? Do you even have your own thoughts?

    2. @OutdoorIndoorVariety No I’m pretty sure you’re actually describing a Republican oh and don’t forget to add shameless, grifters, cowards, inserectionists, seditionists, traitors, conspirators, white supremacists well I think you got the picture. And oh gotta mention those Republicans sure do love their orange kool-aid. LMAO

    1. @Red Man If you’re writing about the pipeline then you must know that 1k jobs were axed not millions. If you have other data, please share.

    2. @Robert Matthews do you get a large kick out of calling people names ? Is That something you usually practice on Social Media only . (I hope)

  1. Just remember: The people who told you that walls and guns don’t work have surrounded themselves with walls and guns.

    1. @Gui Vignon Have the antifa and blm that attacked congress affected YOU in any way?
      Or just crying out loud?
      Don’t lie and say itb was Trumps guys that was debunked already kiddo

    2. @Robby James Antifa and BLM never attacked Congress. That was Trump supporters. Saying that just proves that you are sheep who only believe what they want to.

    3. @Robby James debunked by who? I’d like to check it out. We all need to stop believing in fairy tales. Claiming they were all antifa doesn’t help one bit. It just makes you look nuts. Tell me where has this been proven. Everything I have seen has said there was maybe one antifa member. They were 99% Trump supporters.

    4. @bobby She climbed thru a window!?? That doesn’t sound “peaceful”? More like breaking and entering where she obviously knew, she wasn’t allowed in !!?

    5. @bobby an unarmed protester was murdered by a capital guard and no investigation or news follow-up on the incident.

  2. I still never got over “They gonna put ya’ll back in chains.” OMG. How could anybody stoop that low for votes?

    1. @Maestro don’t forget the major lock downs and blm riots were all dem areas too so even if thier were checks it would just be them fixing their mess

    1. Please lay off of the krystals Nicky. If you’d sober up you’d realize that your comment doesn’t make any sense

  3. He sent us back to Syria sooner than I expected he would, so there’s that. Back to endless regime change wars I see.

    1. Democrats never saw a war they didn’t like, including Afghanistan where they got mad at TRUMP when he said he was drawing down the troops.

    2. Of course, we all knew this would happen. It’s why The Swamp hates Trump, no new wars that make billions for them and their rich friends.

  4. Biden needs to go to Cancun and get help for Texas like the GOP riot inciting Ted Cruz.
    And F opinions about the presidency so early. Let’s see what happens with the pandemic and economy in the next 10 months

    1. And look what they’ve done to the upcoming generations with their indoctrination in our schools. Every university should be shut down until we purge the Commie crap.

  5. Does anyone watch this channel for any other reason than to mock it? Looking at the comments, this country is smarter than they think.

    1. It’s too bad you’re scared of progress. If not for progress, you wouldn’t be even able to write this message for everyone to see.

    2. @Daria Czarski-Jachimowicz progressive is political ideology; progress is evolution in a given context…much like democracy means the people have a voice, and Democrat means Same Speak (no room for difference of opinion).

  6. James Carville is like a less likable liberal version of Gny. Sgt. Hartman from ‘Full Metal Jacket’.

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